Dec 3, 2022

Saturday December 3rd ~

Music expresses that which cannot be
 said and on which it is impossible to be silent... 

After a very long time we will finally be seeing one of
 our favorite Blues artists to in The Bradenton Blues Festival,
 and yes, I also like Albert Castiglia very much. He's good. 

When Brutus died, Arvid wrote a song for him. 
 Yes for Brutus, based on a Blues song.  Arvid asked Albert
to sing the song for us.  He did.  Aside from, that Albert
 is a great Blues/Rock and Roll  musician.

Yesterday we went to Fort Lauderdale.  Also for a concert. 
 Some one called Tab Benoit.  Arvid loves his music and I enjoy 
the outings.  I may not love the music as much as Arvid, but I sure 
always have a good time just by being out and seeing happy people 
having a great time.  One sure gets caught up in this vibe.

We also took the opportunity to go to a favorite restaurant 
of ours.  Always good to go to the place we called
 home for so many years.  It sure is beautiful.

With each passing day Sniff is becoming bolder and bolder.  
What may seem like nothing for most cats is a big deal for Sniff.  
Each accomplishment is a happy moment for me.  Sniff is slowly
discovering more of the "outdoors" meaning the balcony πŸ˜‚

Definitely making his mama proud.  Arvid is the one who 
really keeps a close eye on Sniff when he's "outside"

Here in Fort Myers there is so much debris not only 
from boats but everything, trees, furniture, office items.  You
 name it, it's there waiting to be removed.  It's a slow process,
 even though there are people working on it everyday.  The
 damage is more than one can imagine, and it is prioritized 

Everywhere you turn there is debris.  Still a sad site.

The cleanup process is slow.

But at the end of each day, a beautiful sunset.

Good morning and to all a good day.  I'm loving my festive nails.

No one can help your soul if you aren’t 
willing to be your true color, to be the real you... 


Dec 2, 2022

Friday December 2nd ~

 Life is a journey and only you hold the map...

Some days Sniff is brave;  yesterday was one of those days. 
 The temperature was nice and cool so we had the door to the 
balcony open.  Every so often Sniff would go out, but would run 
in right away.  But once Arvid was there he felt safe and
 together they watched the boats and I watched them πŸ’™

Friday, always something to look forward to.  Even more 
so than most days.  Arvid says his "workweek" is over, although 
I will say that is not so.  His "workweek" is never over, but it 
makes us, mostly him feel good.  Everything seems to 
come more alive once the weekend begins.

  The downtown is buzzing with activities, music, people 
and just a happy time.  Time to have some extra fun times. 
 The above is the sunset from our pool deck. Love.

Good morning to all may you be happy with yourself and may 
you find joy in the simple pleasures in life.  Here at home the job
 to remove the boats is still on ongoing and long process.

The boys continue to enjoy time on the balcony.  The boats are slowly
 getting refloated and being towed away.  At least the ones in the water.
  The ones on land, like the above ones...well that's another story.

I have my schedule for my radiation treatment.  If all goes
 well I will only have 16 treatments, but according to my doctor
 that we will know more towards the end of the treatment.  I was
also given a little comfort hat knitted by one of the very kind
 volunteers at the cancer treatment center.  I got a really cute one.

Not in doing what you like, but in liking 
what you do is the secret of happiness...


Dec 1, 2022

December 1st, 2022 New Month

 December is a simple wish that brings spectacular moments...

The last month in 2022.  Boy so much has happened this year.
  Both good and bad. We received 2022 in Branson, Missouri.  That was
 a good time.  Arvid's mom died January 21st, 2022.  The year took a turn, and
 from that point on things got complicated.  Not all bad.  Not all good.  
Just life reminding us to never take anything/anyone for granted.

Though many not so good things have happened during this year, it has 
also been a very good year for us.  It took us back to Branson, and we
 both discovered that we really enjoy living there.  It's not a big city. 
 There are no malls so to speak of, and there are no beaches.  Even so
 it has its attraction for us, and we both look forward to going back.

There is something about the start of a new month that is so
 special and inspires you to look at new beginnings.  Hopefully
 December will be the month where we achieve some of the 
goals we have set for ourselves.  May December remind us 
all that everyday is a miracle and a privilege to be alive.

Come 2023, it get's closer for the time we get to see these 
3 little ones and the rest of the family.  I have not been to Norway 
since 2019, and I have not seen any of them since 2020.  It's been
 too long, but the time is getting nearer and nearer.

As the new month begins I look forward to welcoming Christmas.
  No doing anything special nor spectacular, but I love Christmas, the 
lights, the decorations and seeing all the happy people everywhere.  

I know for many the holidays are depressing and sad, but luckily 
for me I have beautiful memories with my family, and they will forever
 make this the most wonderful time of the year.  The fact that Arvid 
dislikes Christmas does not lessen my excitement.  Not anymore. 
 I have always loved Christmas and I always will love it.

We all have many reasons why we can be sad/depressed every 
so often.  We're not perfect, but we also have so many more reasons
 to be happy and grateful.  I choose to be thankful and happy, instead 
of bitter, angry and depressed no matter what life throws my way.  
And trust me, I do have many days I feel angry and at times 
bitter, but they don't become a permanent fixture in my life.

December, being the last month of the year, cannot
 help but make us think of what is to comeπŸŽ„

As we close one chapter, the pen is gradually 
inking up, preparing itself to write the next..


Nov 30, 2022

Wednesday November 30th ~

 Once you make the decision to move on, don't look back. 
 Your destiny will never be found in the rear view mirror...

I'm ready for the holidays.  The festivities are about to begin.

I made Arvid one of his favorite.  Favorite since we lived in Puerto Rico.
  It's called pastelon.  In other words it's lasagna but instead made with
 pasta/lasagna noodles it's made with ripe plantains. It was delicious.

Arvid's day was a mixture of soccer, boat watching and 
some  "real" work.  Yesterday was a good day for the USA
 soccer team the beat Iran.  Made us both happy.

With this win over Iran, the USA advances to knockout stage.
Yes the United States is on their way to the Round of 16 πŸ‘

Wednesday already.  The days are just flying by. 
 Another doctor's appointment tomorrow.  I'm really 
getting tired of all these doctors appointments.

Sniff is still catching up on sleep.  He's not sure if to get out of 
his bed or not.  Quiet day today.  More soccer and hopefully no
 doctors office will call me telling me I need to do so and so.

Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, 
shift your energy to what you can create...


Nov 29, 2022

Tuesday November 29th ~

 However difficult life may seem, there is 
always something you can do and succeed at...

I just don't feel good today.  For the last 10 days or so I have 
been experiencing discomfort,  Not pain just an annoying, constant
 discomfort on the breast that I had surgery on.  All clothing right
now is bothersome and at times it makes me very irritable.  I know,
 part of the healing process and it will get better.  But it sure is really
 uncomfortable.  It feels as if someone punched me in the ribs.  

There are days I am just tired at not being able to do all the things 
I want to do, but then I remind myself that it could have been worse. 
 Something simple as doing light weight (as in very light weights), is
 not allowed for 4-6 months.  Not a big deal, but today this irritated me.  
Go figure.  I guess today is not my day, but the day is still young.

When I feel a little "run down" I look at Sniff and I brush him. 
 He cheers me up without him even knowing he does.  Arvid
 always makes me laugh, and he does everything to make me
 feel better when I'm down.  I'm fortunate to have them.

Tuesday.  This month is just about over.  Looking forward
 to December.  Hopefully my treatment begins and I can get it 
over with by the New Year.  2023 definitely has to be better.

Find your focus by seeking all that is good in your life...


Nov 28, 2022

November 28th ~ New Week

 The week is yours, own it...

It's the last Monday in November 2022.  No sure that
 is significant, but worth mentioning.  For me it means another 
visit to another doctors office.  Lucky me πŸ˜‚  I'm still waiting
 to hear from my doctor as to when my radiation treatment
 begins.  I just want to start so that it will end.  The start
 is always the hardest part, after that it's a breeze.

Once again Arvid watched 3 soccer matches yesterday.  Today will
 be the same, but every so often he has to get up and take a peek
 at what's going on with the refloating and removal of all
 the sunken boats.  As he likes to say, "I'm so busy."

As the new week begins, I look for positivity in people.  
There are so many reasons to be negative, but so many more 
to see life in a positive way and to face each day with an optimistic
 and good attitude.  I will admit to being too frank/honest, but
 at least I don't lie to anyone.  I tell it as it is and sometimes 
I believe I can and should be a little softer in the way 
I say things.  Not everyone can handle it well πŸ˜“

I look forward to a week with hopefully no drama.  
I have enough to deal with in my life right now, any thing
 else I can  do without.  To all a good week ahead.  Please find 
the positive in each day, even if you have to look a little harder.

Food makes me happy and if it comes with truffle fries 
even happier.  I can feel that it will be a good week.  Hope the
 same for you.  Tell yourself it is going to be a good week.

Once again no sleep for us.  On the positive side, I 
can take a nap during one of the soccer games πŸ˜‚

May your week be filled with good thoughts, 
kind people and happy moments...


Nov 27, 2022

Sunday November 27th ~

 Every moment is a fresh beginning...

Sniff knows exactly what to do to make Arvid do his bidding. 
 It's not as if Arvid complains either.  According to him, it gives him
 a chance to get up and move around a little.  Everyone is happy.

Arvid used to take Brutus with him when he took out the trash. 
 He now does it with Sniff.  There is no way Sniff and get out because
 we have our own "private" elevator.  Meaning no one else can get
 off on our floor.  Sniff enjoys time in this little foyer and has
 his favorite bench there.  It was also Brutus' bench.  Shadow 
never had enough time to have a favorite of anything. 

Three soccer matches on today so it will be "busy" for Arvid.
  Sniff will watch and nap together with his dada.  I will catch up on 
some reading.  Works for us.  To all a good day and time to start 
getting ready for Christmas.  November is just about over.

Don’t settle for what life gives you; make
 life better and build something...


Nov 26, 2022

Saturday November 26th_

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are…

Friday started out with an appointment to do another scan. 
I had to have an IV with iodine.  Called for a contrast CT scan. 
 The iodine part made me nauseous during the day, but it sure
 didn’t stop me from enjoying my food πŸ™ƒnot much does.

Yesterday USA played England in the FIFA World Cup.
 Of course I am going for USA.  Arvid England.  We had a bet. 
 Neither won, since it was a draw.  The USA though the 
didn't win sure gave England a run for their money.

I spent part of the day watching Christmas movies. 
Arvid and I watched one together the other night. Just light
 and funny. Not much substance but on the other hand 
you don’t have to concentrate much.  Sniff of course
 was sleeping with us the through out the movie.

On Fridays we have discovered a little place called 
Hideaway Sports Bar.  There is live music from 5:30 to 7:30. 
 Cool little place and it will become a little Friday hangout.  After
 that we walk around and there is always more music elsewhere 
and people just loving and enjoying life.  We are loving it.

Last night as we were listening to music there was this beautiful dog.  
He garnered more attention than anyone else.   Not a single
 person was able to resist touching him.  Me included.

I am very surprised at how much we are enjoying 
being in Fort Myers.  I am even more surprised that Arvid
 is really loving it as well.  I had thought we would miss 
Fort Lauderdale more.  So far we haven't.  

When I lived in Ft. Myers so many hears ago, I got tired 
of it because it was just to quiet for me, which at the time
 was the reason I had moved here.  It has changed so
 much from that time to now.  It's now a vibrant city.

Life is like a wave; sometimes we feel up and happy
 and some other times we feel down and sad. The important 
thing to remember is that we should not let the sad times 
overwhelm us and rob us of our positive energy...