Jun 5, 2023

June 5th ~ New Week Begins

There is strange comfort in knowing that no matter 
what happens today, the Sun will rise again tomorrow...

 As a new week begins make one that when you 
look back all you can say is, "I have no regrets."  Does not 
necessarily mean you have accomplished everything you set out
 to do, but for sure you give it your best shot and will continue 
to achieve what you want.  One step at a time. At the end of 
the day, let there be no excuses, no explanations, no regrets.

It's the little things in life that make us the happiest,
 at least for me.  Just enjoying the beautiful day and having 
ice cream as we watch people pass by was enough to
 make it a perfect ending to the weekend.

As the new week begins, Arvid more than me is getting restless.
  He's just about all done with his "job" in the basement.  Now
 to find something else to do.  Both Arvid and I need to always 
stay busy otherwise the day sure goes on and on and on...

In the meantime, Sniff enjoys sitting on the just washed towels. 
 He loves warm, fresh, clean laundry.  No matter where he is, once
 I'm done with the laundry, he's right on top of it.  Yeah, we let him sleep 
on it until he wants.  His favorite are Arvid's work tops.  They are very 
soft.  Arvid would even  lay it out and let Sniff sleep on them.

It’s the ‘everyday’ experiences we encounter 
along the journey to who we wanna be that will
 define who we are when we get there...


Jun 4, 2023

Sunday June 4th~

Every time I go to a movies it's magic,
 no matter, what the movie is about...

 The weekend continues to keep us very entertained.
  Yesterday evening we went to the movies.  We also have
 movie night at home the evening before.  We all had a good time. 
 Sniff enjoyed it as much as we did.  He enjoyed his popcorn 🍿

We had a great time at the movies.  The movie kept us 
enthralled the entire 2hours and 21 minutes.  The fact 
that just about everything in the movie was too fantastic 
to even be true did not matter one bit.  If you want action 
with not much reality, then it's a good watch 🎥.

It's looking like another beautiful day to be outdoors, 
soak in the views and enjoy a good meal.  Definitely 
I hear The Landing calling us.  Again and again.

Sniff  is chilling like every other day.  For him everyday 
is Sunday.  He relaxes.  He is fed, played with and loved 
always 💛  He is also always entertained by the wildlife.

Wishing everyone a relaxing day.  It is always good to 
take time for oneself.  Taking a break from all the chaos in
 life helps you to think better and perform better in your
 personal life as much as in your profession/business.

Take your time. Recharge and come back stronger...


Jun 3, 2023

Saturday June 3rd~

A ruffled mind makes a restless pillow...

 A little outing, a little checking out a car.  So far the 
weekend has been good to us.  And it is just beginning.

Here in Branson you find cool cars just about everywhere.

Arvid had his favorite, the soup and breadsticks.  With just that 
he was happy.  I had my salad and a pasta dish.  Was happy also.

Not sure what we will do today.  It all depends on how fast we
 get bored, and that is a big problem for us.  We are too easily "restless"

 Last night I heard a song and before you know it I was transported
 back to when Brutus died, to when Paul died and all I felt was an
 intense anger.  After a good cry I felt "better"  There will be days
 like these.  The good thing is that it does not linger for too long.
It has taken me years to get to where  this loss is bearable❤

Wishing everyone a very good day. I can feel it; 
there is a restless feeling knocking on my door today.

Nowhere can mind find a quieter or more 
untroubled retreat than in his own soul...


Jun 2, 2023

Friday June 2nd~

 If my boss knew how unproductive I am on
 Fridays, he wouldn’t want me here either...

The last few weeks I have been waking up to
 some pretty amazing sunrises.  I have way too many 
pictures of them, yet I can't seem to stop taking a
 few more every morning.  You can see why.

Sniff has been "working" overtime lately.  The birdies do not give
 him time to take naps, and we're loving it.  Always something to see.

Our backyard wildlife has grown.  We now have about 4 rabbits. 
 Maybe 10 squirrels, about 5-8 chipmunks, several turtles of different sizes
 4 Geralds that we have seen at one time.  Tons of birds of all varieties, and the
 deers are now finally coming for visits.  They look at me when I talk to them.

And the birds keep pestering Sniff.  Not that he's complaining.

The weekend is looking great.  Maybe a scenic drive is 
called for.  Arvid is already getting the car all spiffed up.

It's Friday night. Time to be a hero and
 rescue some wine trapped in a bottle...


Jun 1, 2023

June 1st A New Month Begins ~

 How different every hour is from the one before...

With each new month I choose to start it with a picture of my
 Brutus, Shadow and Sniff.  Nothing has made me happier
 than them.  Actually my 5 California kitties also brought 
happiness into my life.  They started my love for cats.

Let's welcome this new month of and make it a month of 
love, peace, joy, happiness, and gorgeous things.  May this new
 month bring you all the good things you deserve in life. Forget
 the bad memories and know that no matter, what life goes on.

You may not be able to control what happens in life 
but you can control how you respond to it.  Happy 
new month and may we all achieve many of the
 goals (if not all) we set out to accomplish.  

As a new month begins my wish is that 
Victoria and Michael will get through this grief 
period faster than than I did.  Grief is not good, and I hate
 the thought of what they are going through.  Yes, I know the 
world has overwhelming grief, but right now my world 
is the world where the ones I care for are hurting, and for me
 that's all that matters right now.  Because I can feel their grief, 
their anger, their hearts breaking, and I don't like it 💔.

Everyone means well.  I know that, but remember,
 YOU did not lose a part of your heart.  You can say 
you understand (and I know you mean well),
 but your heart was not ripped apart. 

 Your heart was not shattered.  So be kind.  Grief is
 different for everyone.  To this day I mourn my Brutus and 
Shadow,  My Brutus took a part of me I will never get back. 

 Little Loffen took a piece of Victoria and Michael's heart 
as well.  No matter how much time goes by.  That will 
not change.  Death ends a life, not a relationship.  With
 time though, the grief will become bearable.

As the saying goes: Grief is like the ocean; it comes 
on waves ebbing and flowing. Sometimes the water is calm, 
and sometimes it is overwhelming. All we can do is learn
 to swim. There is no grief like the grief that does not speak.

Every day is a new beginning, because you can’t turn
 the clock back.  All great beginnings start in the dark...


May 31, 2023

Wednesday May 31st~

Sometimes life's most important moments 
are quiet, a decision made quick and calm...

 When it comes to basking n the sunshine no one beats Sniff. 
 Wherever there is a ray of sunshine Sniff is right there.  Yesterday the
 sun did not come out too much, but in the afternoon it graced us with 
its presence and Sniff was right there.  All stretched out and relaxed.

My mom and sisters call Sniff the model.  And I can
 see why.  Not only is he perfect, but he is just the most 
beautiful little dude.  Obviously I am NOT biased 😂

With almost no more soccer games to watch, 
Arvid is getting restless.  Thankfully we can watch
 the Florida Panthers vs Vegas Golden Knights 
faceoff in the Stanley Cup finals. 

 Hockey time is here.  LET'S GO PANTHERS!!!
 and just like that, we are halfway into the week.  
Time sure is moving along FAST I will to say.

To all a good day. Well it seems as if I am going to be
 going to have a few more visits with the doctors.  I definitely
 need to get home to Fort Myers.  I need to keep all these doctors
 in one location only.  Already tests are overlapping and there 
is not much I can do about.  Every doctor wants to have their
 own tests performed on me.  I am but a guinea pig here.

I can think of worse things than being used as guinea pigs...


May 29, 2023

Monday May 29th ~

Extraordinary things are always hiding 
in places people never think to look...

 Any day that begins with a sunrise as beautiful as this, is 
definitely going to be a good one.  Feeling good and I look 
forward to the new week.  As always Arvid and I are always up 
for something to do, and he always finds a project.  Keeps him
 busy and happy.  Keeps me from causing trouble as well.

This past week has been really good for us.  Much
 has gotten accomplished.  Arvid and I are still 
smiling and of course Sniff is oblivious of all
 except that he's loved and loved more.

Over the weekend we had another great time at The Landing.  
This time we also had the opportunity to show it to a colleague
 visiting from another state.  As always it did not disappoint.

Back in Fort Myers, Florida,  dad M15 and his boy E22 continue 
to captivate audiences.  They have followers from all over the 
world.  The picture below is taken from their Facebook Page

Happy Memorial Day.  America, home of the free, because of the brave.

All you need is the plan, the road map, and 
the courage to press on to your destination...


May 28, 2023

Quiet Sunday ~

 Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax...

Sunday.  A day to just do as little as possible.  At least we 
will try.  Sniff is already doing his best and succeeding at it.

Sunsets from our deck are also AMAZING.  I took these
 yesterday evening as I was brining in the bird feeders.

Even I am impressed with these pictures.

The day begins beautifully.  Could not ask for much more.  
As I have always said, sunsets and sunrises, no matter 
where we are never disappoint.  Looking forward to
 seeing the sunrise and sunsets in Norway soon again.

A quiet day awaits us.  That is always good.  Arvid has been
working like a madman all week long.  Now he's a bit tired both mentally
 and physically.  Many things going on at the same time of course we like it,
 but it does take its toll.  Today we relax and have our outing later when it 
warms up.  A happy Sunday to all and a happy Memorial Day Weekend.

And I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free. 
And I won’t forget the men who died, who gave that right to me...


May 27, 2023

Saturday May 27th ~

 You don't have to be positive all the time.  It's perfectly okay
 to feel sad, angry, frustrated, scared, or anxious.  Having feelings
 doesn't make you a "negative person."  It makes you human...

It's looking to be a beautiful day here.  The sun will be out 
and the day will be warm.  The nights are still cold,  and yes 
we do still keep the heat on.  Very strange weather we have been
 having.  Maybe that's why my bronchitis is still lingering on 😟, 
but at least my chest x-rays did not show anything too bad.

As far as Sniff goes all is well.  He has no worries in this world.  
He is well cared for and loved every single minute of his life. Arvid 
and I enjoy spending time at The Landing.  Always pretty and the
 many restaurants and shops makes it a great attraction all year long.

We have not tried the Zipline as yet. Who know, 
I might develop bravery before we leave this fall.

The days are beautiful.  Weather is great and being able to go 
to The Landing makes it more enjoyable when in Branson.

Good morning world.  Sniff's basking in sunshine.

Dear mind please stop thinking so much at night, I need sleep...


May 26, 2023

Friday May 26th~

 Yesterday ended last night, today
 is a brand new day.  And it's yours..

Fridays make us happy, not as if it's different than any
 other day, but for us it means that the "work week" is over, 
although in our case that is never so.  Just makes it feel like we 
can take off a little on a Friday evening and do some fun stuff.
Never need a reason to celebrate, but when there is on 💙

On Fridays we like to go to The Landing, walk around a
 bit and have a little nibble and something to drink.  I go for
 the drinks with umbrellas and Arvid sticks to beer.

When in Fort Myers we go downtown.  Both Arvid and I miss our Friday pizza.

A good day to all and may the weekend be filled with 
all things good.  Whether you are looking forward to a relaxing
 day, heading out for an adventure or have a big night planned, 
make sure you have a good time. For many this is a three
 day weekend.  Happy Memorial Day Weekend.

It’s not necessarily the amount of time you spend at practice
 that counts; it’s what you put into the practice.  Hockey,
 another thing Arvid introduced me to 💛 Happy.

Every weekend should be a three-day weekend. 
 The only thing better than a long weekend is 
that it’s followed by a short work week...


May 25, 2023

Thursday May 25th ~

The truth is you don't know what is going to happen
 tomorrow.  Life is a crazy ride, and nothing is guaranteed...

I follow an Eagle family in Fort Myers.   I am so in love with
 them that it's not funny.  Their story is one that has survived many 
a difficult times, including Hurricane Ian.  Tragedy of course is at
 the core of it, but over all it is an amazing story of an AMAZING
 Eagle family and of one SUPER dad M15.  SWFL EagleCam

And because of that I had to share it once again.  Soon the cameras 
following them will be turned off.  That will be a really tough day 
for SW Florida and so many following this family.  Me included.

Yesterday was back to doing lab works and chest x-rays. 
 I'm sure it's nothing serious, but I'm really tired of being tired.

As the new day begins Arvid, Sniff, and I are excited to see what it brings.

Good morning all.   Live your life from your heart. Share from
 your heart. And your story will touch and heal people's souls.

Life consists not in holding good cards
 but in playing those you hold well.,,