Apr 21, 2024

Sunday April 21st~

Participate in life instead of just watching it pass you by...

 Some days it's just too beautiful a day to just sit at home 
and do nothing.  Yesterday was another of those days.  We had our
 walk downtown and ended up at the ice-cream store.  Best ice-cream. 
 I have had the pralines and cream from HΓ€agen-Dazs  and other places, 
but this one takes the cake.  So good.  Always a special treat 🍦

Most Friday evenings we usually have our slice of pizza.
  Another treat we look forward to all week. It's so good.

It's been a while since I last posted
 some Florida humor.  Well here it comes.

Under Florida's "stand your ground" law, it is legal to shoot 
anybody for any reason as long as you are standing on the groundπŸ˜‚

In some other state, a person might say to himself, "I believe I 
shall pose as Superman by the side of the road!" But in Florida, that 
person is also going to say, "But first, I shall remove my pants!

Just a little more and our Sniff will be 9 years old.

The soon to be birthday boy is hungry.  Nothing gets 
between Sniff and his foodies.  Healthy boy.  Healthy appetite.

Wishing everyone a very good day.  Arvid and I had our 
little downtown outing yesterday.  As always a very good time. 
 A little walk a little nibble, some music.  Makes us happy

The good life is one inspired 
by love and guided by knowledge...


Apr 20, 2024

Saturday April 20th~

Taurus motto Don't talk, act! Don't say, 
show! Don't promise, prove!

 There is a saying about those born under the sign of Taurus. 
 Goes like this: Never ever start a fight, but when the time
 comes, always stand up for yourself, Always finish it.
Our Sniff was born under this sign, as is Arvid πŸ’™

Both boys celebrate their birthdays on the same day.  
Could not be any better than that.  My two favorite guysπŸŽ‰
born under the sign of Taurus.  Taurus knows how to have a 
good time, so they are fun and always-up-for-it company.

Birthday for these two same day next week.  Lucky me.

This was from our Reggae trip the other night.

Arvid and I continue to enjoy life in Fort Myers, and
 everyday we find more reasons to love where we live.

To all a very good day.   Always remember 
to enjoy your life – to be happy. 

It’s no use going back to yesterday, 
because I was a different person then...


Sunday April 14th~ (Late Post)

Some people have lives; some people have music.
   Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, 
flight to the imagination, and life to everything...

I was supposed to post this on Sunday April 14th.  
Got caught up with stuff and just noticed it.
  Here it goes, a little late but still accurate.

 The annual Tampa Bay Blues Festival returns to 
Vinoy Park on the waterfront for three days, and Arvid
 and I will be right there.  We won't be doing all 3 days 
because it's way too hot to be in the sun all day long.  

Years ago we would go for all three days.  We would
 come back home all crisp and sunburnt.  Especially Arvid. 
 He's just too white after all.  No matter how much protection 
we had against the sun, it was just too hot for so many days.

All of that being said, both Arvid and I are looking forward 
very much to the festival today.  It will be hot most of the day,
 but at night it sure gets cold.  We get a taste of it all, and best of 
all there is the music and the beautiful surroundings around us.

  It's a universal language that anyone can understand. 
It has the power to change lives. It's not a requirement to
 be able to play an instrument to appreciate it. Music 
is the ultimate gift, both to give and receive...


Apr 19, 2024

Friday April 19th~

Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway...

 Our little Sniff is getting braver and braver.  Like the
 big boy he is, he's less and less afraid of his tunnel πŸ˜‚  
For most acts this may be an easy peasy thing.  For 
Sniff it's a challenge to accept new things and 
to actually enjoy them.  As in play with it.

Yesterday Arvid and I did something out of the
 "norm" as in norm for us.  We went on a little sunset
 cruise to the beat of Reggae music vibrations 🎡.

These bracelets I have are older than I thought.  I have 
had them for over 35 years.  Last night many asked if I would
 sell it to them.  Of course I said no.  They have a special 
meaning, and no money in the world is worth that 😍 

The pirate ship we sailed in had people from all over 
the USA, Canada and Europe.  That's when I shouted out
 that Arvid was from Norway.  After that everyone wanted to
 talk to him especially after he also said that he saw Bob Marley
 live in 1978.  Another lady there from Cape Cod also saw 
Bob Marley live in 1977.  Right here in the USA.

There was dancing and there was just a good 
vibe with everyone having a great time.

Pirate girl even shot a cannon into the sunset.

I am so happy I came across this Reggae Cruise.  We see the
 pirate ship all the time in Fort Myers Beach, but I never 
knew they had a Reggae night.  Now we do 😜

The sunset was quite impressive.  From start to finish.

That's all for today.  It's been a busy day.  Time to 
relax and have quality time with Arvid and Sniff.

Nothing ever fatigues me, but doing what I do not like...


Apr 18, 2024

Thursday April 18th~

At every phase in our life, we make memories that we
 cherish all our lives.  Some memories are realities, and are
 better than anything that can ever happen to one again...

 There is this thing about Facebook that once 
posted it always come up as a reminder the following 
year and years to come.  A friend of mine posted this 
years ago and the other day it popped up again. 
 NYC EMS, one of the best times in my life. 

 I loved every minute of that job.  What made it 
even better were my partners.  One being Tracy Allen 
 pictured above, and who died many years ago, and the
 other being Jennifer G pictured below.  To this day we 
laugh about all the crazy stuff we saw and we did.

Last night as we were watching TV, Sniff was 
sleeping between my legs and without thinking I said,
 "you did it Brutus, you did it."  I corrected myself real fast, but
 I just could not help the tears that followed.  In that moment 
I missed our Brutus so so much,  and how I love our Sniff.  

Our Sniff is one more day closer to being nine years old. 

 Yesterday evening our condo hosted what they 
called a swing fling.  It was music from the 60’s, 
70’s and 80’s by the pool.  Many were dancing to the 
tunes under a sunset sky.  The evening was beautiful.
 Arvid and I made an appearance for about an hour  

There was finger food which of course we 
didn’t try.  Arvid and I rarely eat anything that
 hundreds of people flock over. Also, we rarely
 do anything sponsored by the condo.  Not only
 here but in any of the ones we lived before. 

Whenever the condos we lived in before had a
 gathering, Arvid and I would take that as the perfect
 time for a mini getaway.  I guess you can say we are
 not very social when it comes to certain things.

There was a time I would have considered
 myself very social, but little by little being with
 someone who isn’t rubs off on you 🀨. No complaints,
 when I am alone I am social. When with Arvid I
 am reserved.  I have no problem with that. 

It's a beautiful day in our neighborhood.  We hear
 men at work.  Hopefully Legacy Marina which is right 
next to us will one day be developed again,  Hurricane Ian 
destroyed it in September of 2022.  Time for something new.

I cherish my entire life. I've been blessed 
with a life full of good memories.  Take care of all 
your memories. For you cannot relive them.


Apr 17, 2024

Wednesday April 17th ~

 Never regret anything that made you smile...

More from these two from yesterday.  Neither seemed 
to care about the game on TV.  Arvid was busy in his world 
of google and Sniff was happy to be sleeping on freshly
 washed laundry.  Sniff loves his ratty looking blankies.
  No matter how many times I try to throw them
 away, I keep saving them.  I just can't do it.

Sniff got a new plaything from Chewy yesterday.  
It didn't take him long to check it out and hang out a bit in it.  
As with most cats, Sniff is very cautious with anything new.

He checked it out a little then got bored with it, 
but at least I know he's not scared of it.

In just under six days our Sniff will turn nine years old.
  Our Brutus only lived to be nine.  I pray every day that our 
Sniff is with us for always.  He's healthy and he's loved.
Happy very early birthday wishes to our Sniff.

I have been lucky and happy that I get to feed a
 few wildlife friends here in Fort Myers.  Always 
makes for even better more enjoyable walks.

Every time Arvid wears his hat Sniff sorts of freaks out. 
 According to Arvid, "he knows we are heading out."  Sniff
 then gets extra pets and comforting words from his dada.

A good day to all.  Below is a Fort Myers
 sunset taken by me on one of our walks.

The secret to being happy is to find peace where you 
are even if you’re not yet where you want to be...


Apr 16, 2024

Tuesday April 16th~

It's really not about what you have. It's about
 how you're able to enjoy life in general...

 Arvid and I chose to go to the Tampa Bay Blues Festival
 on day three.  The last day because the musicians on this 
day were the ones Arvid wanted to hear play the most.

Usually the temperatures can get all the way to the 90F
 and higher (32C)  This year we were "lucky" because the highs 
were in the lower 80F (26C) and cooling down in the evenings
 to the 60F (15C) which is nice.  But even so the heat was too much, 
especially when there was not a single cloud in the sky.  Was brutal.
We had on hats, long sleeves, but the heat was just too much 🌞

To stay hydrated I had lemonade, which was mostly water.  
Lots of ice and of course more water.  Arvid hydrated with beer,
 and ended the evening with a coke.  Said he had enough beer.

Every so often we would go and cool off by the water
 and also hoping to catch a glimpse of the dolphins.

By evening the temperatures cooled down nicely.  You 
can tell right away who was Floridian.  We all started to put 
sweaters on and the temperature was still around 72F (22C)

Most cities are beautiful at nights, and St. Pete is no exception.

During one of our last strolls by the water we did see the dolphins,
 and boy did he put on a little show for us.  He kept turning upside
 down and swimming back and fort next to us.  Made up for the heat.

This may have been our last Tampa Bay Blues Festival, 
but I know we will go back to St. Pete.  It is a cool and
 hip place in the evenings, and just so beautiful.  
The Pier definitely stands out at nights.

After all is said and done, Vinoy Park
 is a beautiful setting for the Blues Festival.

Wishing everyone a very good day.  Arvid and I 
were a bit tired and over heated yesterday.  Today we
 are back to being ready to be on the move again.  

Lighten up, just enjoy life, smile more, laugh more, 
and don't get so worked up about things...