Dec 5, 2023

Tuesday December 5th~

Smile in the mirror. Do that every morning and
 you’ll start to see a big difference in your life...

It does not take much to make me happy. 
 Got my fruit and that made it a great day.

We enjoyed a good lunch at on of our favorite restaurants 
with a good friend. That made us both happy.  When we are 
in FTL we love the view of the yachts passing by, but not the
 traffic anymore. Our marina in Fort Myers was destroyed 
by Hurricane Ian, so we hardly see many boats passing by.

It was good to get back home where Sniff was waiting for
 us and where things run on a slightly more relaxed tone.  Guess
 age is catching up with us.  Life in Fort Myers is peaceful.

To all a good day and stay warm wherever it is you are. I like Florida.
 Everything is in the ’80s. The temperatures, the ages, and the IQs 😂

In Florida, we salt margaritas, not sidewalks...


Dec 4, 2023

Monday December 4th ~ New Week

You may have to fight a battle more than
 once to win it.  Make today your masterpiece...

 December is already taking off.  Both Arvid and I
 have upcoming doctors appointments, but for me it's really 
an "easy" week as far as doctors go.  I guess I am nearing 
the end of my follow ups, and that sure feels really good.

Cruising through downtown.  Bright streets pretty cars.  
Everyone is ready to have a jolly December to remember.

Today Arvid and I take a trip into Fort Lauderdale to meet up
 with an friend.  I don't really care for the drive, but I look forward 
to going to The swap Shop and getting my coconuts and coconut water. 
 Also will be good to go to one of our very favorite restaurants.  

I can't really say if I miss living in Fort Lauderdale or not.  We are both 
liking it in Fort Myers right now, but I always worry that Arvid will 
get one of his "brilliant" ideas and our lives will be disrupted again.
Fort Lauderdale is always going to hold unforgettable memories.

For now it's nice to make the trip.  Do a few things we like and 
see friends.   We always say we will spend the night, but when the
 day comes, we realize we really don't want to spend the night. but
 I like it best when we turn around and drive back home, where 
Sniff is waiting and where our life is good.  Happy Monday all
 and may this be a productive and happy week for all of us.

All that being said, Fort Lauderdale is where 
Arvid and I have lived most of our lives in Florida. 
 It will always hold that special attraction and pull, 
no matter where we are.  So the question is are we 
moving back?  I just want stability and some.

Memories are timeless treasures of the heart.
 Happy times come and go, but the memories stay 
forever. A photograph keeps a moment from running
 away. A photograph is the pause button of life

Some memories are unforgettable, remaining 
ever vivid and heartwarming.   Nothing can ever
 take away a love the heart holds dear...


Dec 3, 2023

Sunday December 3rd ~

The moments of happiness we enjoy take us by surprise...

It's the most wonderful time of the year.  Christmas makes me happy.  
I attribute this to my childhood and growing up in Puerto Rico.  We didn't 
have everything we wanted but we neve lacked love and friendship.

The other day our walk took us through protected cat trails.
  There were signs everywhere letting everyone know that cats
 lived here and to please drive carefully.  I like that.

Last night we had our little downtown outing.  Of course 
pizza was involved.  It's beautiful right now with all the 
Christmas lights and the feel of Christmas in the air.

Friday evening as we were leaving the concert.  The moon was guiding us.

Today we will be "discovering" another waterfront restaurant.  
Have not decided on where we will go as yet, but working on it. 
 Little not know fact: Cape Coral has more canals than Venice, Italy.  
It also has 400+ miles of canals which means it has around 100 miles
 more of canals than Fort Lauderdale.  Was news to me. Cape Coral,
 more canals than any other city in the world. Most of the canals
 are navigable and some have access to the Gulf of Mexico.

The weather is beautiful and Arvid and I are enjoying being in 
Fort Myers.  I'm always hoping this will be the place we stay.
I just want to be in one spot.  No more moves.  Stability.

To all a very good day.  Here at home it's soccer and relaxation mode.

Take the time to enjoy the little things, for one day you
 may look back and realize they were the big things...


Dec 2, 2023

Saturday December 2nd ~

Moments 'in time' are the real heartbeat of all living things. 
 The moment in between what you once were, and who you are
 now becoming, is where the dance of life really takes place...
Today would have been Paul Michael Riley's birthday. 
 He was my first husband and my first love.  They say a girl never
 forgets her first love.  Today I am a different woman than I was so
 many years ago.  I could not now imagine life without Arvid.

Today is the 35th Annual Fort Myers Beach Christmas 
Boat Parade.  Just like in Fort Lauderdale. I would like to have a 
look, but so far not sure if we will make it.  Back in Fort Lauderdale
 we just stepped out on our balcony and saw the entire parade. 
 After a few years we  lost interest in the parade.  This is one
 of the boats here in Fort Myers from a previous year.

There is always something happening downtown, and I 
am always ready to take pictures.  Keeps me entertained and
 a good laugh is always the best medicine for anything.

I find humor in most things in life.  Do not take life too seriously

Sniff is happy that its warming up again.  He loves his 
heating bed but he loves being in the sunshine even more.

Arvid and I went to a concert last night.  First time 
we are checking out the Hertz Arena here in Fort Myers. 
 I'm sure we will be seeing more of it as well.

While waiting in line to get in, we met 2 older gentlemen.  Arvid 
chatted music with them.  They asked where we were from.  I said Arvid 
is from Norway.  Next thing you know, one of the men started telling us 
about his trip to Norway some many years ago.  He toured the Fjords,
 and was very impressed with the Norwegian women's beauty.

Arvid also found out that these two men knew Joe Bonamassa's
 guitar player Josh Smith.  It so happens Arvid has known Josh Smith 
since he Josh was 13 years old and playing in Fort Lauderdale at a 
place Called Cheers.  One of Arvid's frequent hangout before
 we met.  Of course he took me there many a times as well.  

Why is it that weeks and months and years go by
 so quickly, all in a blur, but moments last forever...


Dec 1, 2023

New Month ~ December 1st

Ah, December… our last chance to make 
the best of the year.  December is the perfect time 
of year for reflecting and setting intentions...

December, a month of lights, snow, coziness, and
 feasts; time to make amends and tie up loose ends; finish 
what you started and make your wishes come true. Here in 
Florida it's sure the best place to be weatherwise. This is
 life at the beach.  More specifically Fort Myers Beach.

It's the last month of the year, and for very evident reason, everyone
 loves it! December has a lot to offer – it's the time for year-end 
celebrations, vacations, family-time, exchanging gifts and the
 time for new promises and embarking on new journeys!

I feel Christmas in the air, and as I always say, Christmas is my 
favorite time of the year.  Still trying to get Arvid into the spirit but 
difficult.  The only time I saw him liking Christmas was when we 
lived in Puerto Rico.  We were at my sisters, and Arvid was helping
 Kimsy put up the Christmas lights.  He was actually laughing and
 having a good time.  Puerto Rico was an amazing time for us.

Every year my sister Rima and family go the day after Thanksgiving 
and cut their own Christmas tree.  This year was no exception.  I love the
 smell of a real tree.  Fake ones are pretty, but still fake.  We tried once
 when we had Brutus to have a real tree.  Didn't work.  The tree became a
 "problem" since then we do not put out anything that might be considered 
dangerous to Sniff.  Below Rima's tree waiting to be decorated 🎄

We do not do that much for Christmas unless of course my
 family is visiting, but I love Christmas and I still have the best 
memories of it growing up in Puerto Rico.  My parents always had 
a real tree. We all did a little to make it the best tree every year.

May every day in December be filled with hope, love, 
sunshine, and energy. Let there be joy, fun, and laughter.

The other day I came across some pictures of Brutus
 from 2010.   It took me back to that time and how I missed 
him then.  Brutus, I'll miss you for the rest of my life.

You will always be my baby Brutus. Some days I just sit and remember.

December is a simple wish that brings spectacular moments.


Nov 30, 2023

Thursday November 30th~

The most beautiful things are not associated
 with money; they are memories and moments...

 I keep sorting and deleting pictures from my old folders.  
I have more than I ever imagined, at the same time I find it very 
difficult to do much deleting.  This week I have been "working" 
on pictures involving mostly Brutus.  As you may imagine,
 hardly any are deleted.  But seeing them brings back every 
moment so vividly.  How we miss that little dude.

There is a song that played on the radio station and
 it brought back so many memories.  Happy ones and some
 heart breaking ones.  Life, never what you expect.

Era mi vida él, mi primavera él y mi mañana
Mi cielo siempre azul, mi corazón, mi beso y mi 
palabra.  Y un día se marchó y todo terminó
 Y me dejó esperando en la ventana

It is still cold today , but the warm up will begin by early afternoon. 
 It's NOTHING compared to what our families in other parts of
 the USA and in Norway are experiencing, but when you live
 in  Florida anything below 70 degrees (21C) is COLD.

Christmas is everywhere.  My favorite season has arrived.

There are moments in life when you are truly happy and ecstatic. 
Everything in the world seems to go right. The best moments 
lie not just in big things that happen, but oftentimes in the simple
 things that never receives our acknowledgment or appreciation....


Nov 29, 2023

Coffee Makes My Day Better ~

 A bad day with coffee is better than a good day without it...
Winter has arrived to Southwest Florida.  Sniff is on his heating
 bed and Arvid is bundled up to the hilt, and yes in our apartment
 the heat may soon be turned on if Arvid gets his way.

I did not drink coffee until I turned 30.  And now I just
 can't imagine starting my day without a good cup of coffee.  
Coffee makes everything better and makes me happy.

Sadly coffee is something my stomach does not tolerate 
right now.  I know it's not the end of the world, but I loved 
waking up in the mornings and having my coffee with
 Sniff while Arvid was still asleep.  Now I have a small
 cup of black tea.  Still good, but not the same.  

Mornings are my favorite time of the day.  When 
I am the only one awake.  I sit, relax, think and enjoy some 
alone time with my cafe.  No matter what time it is a good 
cup of coffee is always a bright spot in my day.  Hopefully 
I will get back to enjoying my cafe in the mornings.

Good morning everyone.  Good vibes.  Good coffee.
It's the simple things in life that gives us the most pleasure.

Adventure in life is good; consistency
 in coffee even better.  Good morning...


Nov 28, 2023

Tuesday November 28th~

Always give without remembering
 and always receive without forgetting...

 A beautiful day awaits us, at least that's how I will look at it.
  Can be gloomy, raining, but at the end of the day I woke up and 
I have much to be grateful for.  As I say often, I do not have
 everything I want, I I do have everything I need.

Arvid and I are still unpacking the last of the boxes we brought
 from Branson.  So far we have donated many boxes filled with clothes,
 kitchen stuff, linens and randomness items.  After working all day it's always
 a pleasure to go out for a walk.  Downtown is looking really beautiful.

 Goodwill is happy, and so are we.  I have donated many 
purses/handbags I have had throughout the years, took me a while
 to finally give them up.  Some were hardly used.  I figure someone 
else will love them and make better use of them than I was.

Arvid always says to me, "why don't you put your handbags
 up for sale?  You can make some good money."  The way
 I see it is I paid quite a bit for them; I won't get that back,
 but if I donate it someone else can then also enjoy it without 
having to pay premium for it."  Makes me feel good.

The temperatures are dropping for us in Florid it's
 going to be very cold.  At the same time the sun is shining
 brightly and Sniff never misses a chance to bask in it.

It’s easier to take than to give. It’s nobler 
to give than to take. The thrill of taking lasts a day. 
The thrill of giving lasts a lifetime...


Nov 27, 2023

New Week ~ Monday November 27th

If you don't like the road you're walking, start paving another one...

So far this is a quiet week as far as doctors appointments go.
  November is soon over and we have already been back two months
 now in Florida.  Loving it.  Loving it.  I hope we never move again. 
 Sniff loves his spots in the sun, on the other hand in Branson he 
also loved all his spots. He's just a very happy boy.

The fog is still lingering around.  Makes for an interesting morning.

Our week begins with hopes that F23 lays another egg.  What 
can I say I am also hooked on these two bald eagles just like
so many all over the world and of course the nation 🦅

Life is the only game which has no pause, no resume and no restart...


Nov 26, 2023

Sunday November 26th~

 May we live in interesting times...

The last few days the sky has been interesting 
to say the least.  Luckily I was able to capture some
 and some was captured by the local news.

Branson 2017, our start at Almost Home Lodge and at the time 
76 Inn.  Arvid had the reins at 76 Inn and I at Almost Home.  To this day 
Almost Home is like my baby and I always be there when needed.

Yesterday we did not make it downtown.  I was awake at 3am
 so by 6pm I was exhausted and had no desire to go downtown.  A 
slice of pizza did not even entice me.  Arvid was also okay with that.  
I guess he watched too many soccer games and was worn out 😂

Once again the fog is rolling in.  Morning fog will bring afternoon sunshine.

My body may be tired, but my soul is energized...