Sep 30, 2014

NYC Engagement...And Some Memories

There is something in the New York air that makes sleep useless.
Perhaps it is that the heart beats faster here than elsewhere....

We have some very cool friends visiting from Norway together with their kids and grand kids.
Whenever they visit we always go out to dinner and most times it is to Kaluz, as we
did last week and most likely one more time before they leave.  They are just great 
people and I have gotten to know them quite well and like them very much.

As the grand parents and aunt take care of the kids these two love birds snuck away to 
NYC for a 5 day getaway.  Yesterday they posted this amazing picture, no one can
 mistake that city, the skyscrapers are one of a kind.  See that smile on her face?
Yes, they got engaged in the city that never sleeps.  New York,
 the city of dreams.  CONGRATULATIONS again!!!!!

What I like about them is that anytime they visit Fort Lauderdale they always check 
out another state  in the USA.  They told me that what's the point of 
travelling when you will always see the same thing/place only.  
Like their way of thinking.  Young couple with 2 kids.

Seeing that brought back memories of a time long ago.  Long ago I was also 
engaged and got married in NYC.  Also, long ago I had dinner at the same restaurant. 

To all a good day, remember that sometimes you may never know 
the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.

Memories are timeless treasures of the heart....


Sep 29, 2014

Sunset Catch...Review

Try something different today,
you might find it oddly satisfying...

One of the many things we enjoy here in Fort Lauderdale is the many choices 
of restaurants to choose from.  Arvid and I are the kind that when we find 
something we like we hardly detour from it.  Today for our Sunday meal 
we decided to try something new in the restaurant scene.

The restaurant is perched above the Marina at Sands Harbor in Pompano Beach.
Sunset Catch offers great fresh seafood, authentic Italian specialties, and succulent chops,
 dine as you enjoy the panoramic views of Florida’s magnificent Intracoastal Waterways. 

Before going to the restaurant, we read the reviews.  It had very good ones which 
made  us even more eager to try it out.  Best thing also is that we 
enjoy watching the boats pass  by as we eat.

The most amazing feature as far as I was concerned was the sunset.  AMAZING!!!

As far as we are concerned this was not one of our favorites.  The appetizers were good, but we
 were not that crazy about the main course.  My Bellini was super good and the views 
were awesome.  Most likely we will not be going back there in the very near future.

But for all of you I will say, don't be afraid of change.  You may lose 
something good, but you may gain something better.

Wishing you all a good day and may the new week bring prosperity
 and new filled hope for all of us.

Never be afraid to try something new.
Remember, amateurs built the ark; professionals built the Titanic....


Sep 28, 2014

To All A Good Day....

There is no use trying to rush fate,
because the best things in life are worth the wait...

Happy today because last week I showed the apartment to a man and we really hit it off.  
Now he will be our new tenant and both Arvid and I are pleased because we
 both like him. We had received few offers to rent the apartment, but 
being fussy and not wanting too much wear and tear we were 
very selective.  Obviously the wait paid off.  

A few morning chores as usual; 
always something to do, and Arvid loves staying busy.

So I found him a chore.  Our grocery cart needed assembling so once again
as he says "I'm your man for the job."  Brutus never far away.

Again it has been a difficult morning for Brutus and I.  Why he fights so much I do not
 understand, but he sure does not make this an easy chore. Good thing though is 
that  I have knocked down the time from 40 minutes to about 25 minutes to
 give him his pill.  As far as I can tell that is a HUGE accomplishment. 
 So what if he does not really swallow every bit of it?  The way
 I see it at least he gets some.  Better than nothing.

The good thing about Brutus is that he never holds a grudge.  He keeps coming to me 
when I call him.  I always brush him after giving him meds.  He loves it.
He is a very good boy.  The best as Arvid says.

We did go to Hollywood yesterday and it was very good.  Different.
As we were leaving Arvid said to me, "now I really want for us to go to Mexico.
Where no one can reach me and I can just relax away from phones, laptops, everything."

He was not too happy the past week because every time he sat down to watch one of
his soccer games the phone rang.  Sometimes I think Arvid would be happier in a world without
technology, that ain't happening, but at least when we go on vacation he gets his wish for a little :)

To all a good day.
 Remember, people are designed to do almost anything.

The greatest thing about where our life is right now is it's very relaxed and chill.
We're  just hanging out, being ourselves and doing our stuff...


Sep 27, 2014


When a new day begins, dare to smile gratefully...

So far the day has been a combination of many little chores, which at times
can get very exhausting that's why in the middle of it all I took a couple of hours to do 
something fun.  For me it was just a little trip to Bed bath and Beyond.  Love browsing there.

Almost impossible to go there and not come home with a few items. 
 Made me happy just to get out and walk around a bit.

Today started out pretty much gloomy.  First it got all dark and then it poured.

Arvid always makes sure to carry Brutus around and to talk gently to him.  Telling
him that everything is OK and to not be afraid of the rain and thunder. 

As I have always mentioned, when it rains in Florida it rains hard and fast.
So the downpour was brief and ever since the day has been a boaters Paradise.
It's been boat after boats passing by all day long.  Always something to do and I am always 
running out to the balcony taking pictures of them.  Makes me happy even if I delete most.

My favorite shot so far for today was this one taken from the living room. Too many
 Soccer games on today so in between chores Arvid is busy.  Now he finally said
 he was tired of watching Soccer so it's time to sit out in the balcony and watch the boats.

Hopefully later on today we will head down to the Hollywood Beach Boardwalk.
Many years ago before I met Arvid this was where I lived and it was my "backyard"
  Also the first night Arvid and I went out, after dinner we went to
 the Boardwalk.  Fun memories always.

Wishing you all a good day.  For Brutus everyday is still a struggle to take his medication. 
 Me I have a few extra scratches, but as long as he gets his pills I can live with that.  
Soon it's time for his second dosage of the day. Even so, it's a beautiful 
day and I can't stop myself from smiling.

Have a magnificent day, challenge yourself, 
Stay awesome and remember to love without limits...!


Sep 26, 2014


Never mind those failures till yesterday.
 Each new day is a sequel of a wonderful life; gifted with hopes to succeed..,

Ever since I have had thyroid surgery, and had all my thyroids removed my body has been 
really going through some extreme changes.  Most are not to my liking.  My 
metabolism has slowed down, I mean way slow.  I am constantly tired and 
have no desire to do much or to go anywhere.  Have ZERO energy.

Like as if this is not bad enough, I have been gaining weight.  Probably have gained a little 
over 10lbs since I started the new dosage of my thyroid medication. This is really
 frustrating because I just don't have the energy to even use our elliptical machine. 
 I go on it and in 10 minutes I just want to collapse and sit down.

As if that was not enough, I have developed rashes on my body.  Dry, dry is my skin. 
 Arvid who always said I had the softest of skins will soon have to change his mind on that.

My next blood test is coming up soon.  Hopefully the doctor will be better able to 
get me the right dosage on my medication.  I have heard from many who have already 
gone through this that it takes a while before that balance is established.  I have to learn 
like everyone to wait and to accept that some things cannot be rushed.  Difficult for me,
but not impossible.  In the meantime, I hope in one of my mood swings I don't kill someone.

Currently I just feel ugly, fat and irritated a lot.  On a good note, it is Friday already.
Brutus has already taken his first dosage of his pill so that struggle is done with until later
 this afternoon.  I feel so terrible doing this to him, but I keep telling myself its for his own good.

We have had an early start of the weekend.  Dinner with friends at our
favorite restaurant always brightens up ones perspective.

Friday morning.  Not sure what the weekend holds, but I am sure that we
will have a good time.  Brutus has already had his morning pills
so that means that the day is already looking good.

To all a good weekend.  It's a brand new day
filled with all kinds of possibilities.

Man starts over again everyday, 
in spite of all he knows, against all he knows...


Sep 25, 2014


It has become appallingly obvious that our technology
has exceeded our humanity...

Not like anyone pays much attention to these things, but they do make headlines.
  Apple sells a record 10 million IPhones in its debut weekend. Sales surpassed
 last year's 9 million units when the iPhone 5s and 5c were introduced.  If you 
did not buy stocks in Apple, then like me you are SOL.

Everything with the brand name Apple is golden right now.
My only Apple gadgets are my iPad and my phone which is not the current model.
Does not matter because mine works really well and until the day it does not I am happy with it.

In the news we have been hearing a lot about products containing 
Cocamide DEA.  Bad for you.

It's been inn the news for the last few days.  Arvid is especially concerned with 
all the warnings issued on Shamppos.  Just last night he read all the ingredients in the
10+ bottles of Shampoos I have.  He said, "you have to get rid of all of the shampoos 
because they all contain Cocamide DEA."   He says he did not want me to get cancer again.

Cocamide Dea is authoritatively recognized to cause cancer, 
according to the State of California (Proposition 65).

Cocamide Dea is suspected of causing immunotoxicity, 
according to sources compiled by Scorecard (

Cocamide Dea is suspected of causing cancer, 
according to sources compiled by Scorecard 

Cocamide Dea is suspected of causing skin or sense organ toxicity, 
according to sources compiled by Scorecard

Someone I once loved very much always use to tell me that 
KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.  He was right, the more we know the better off we can 
protect ourselves and the ones we love.  The better off we are also able to make good choices.

On another note, my eldest nephew Maximilian Dyal was just accepted into Duke University
to do his Doctorate in Physical Therapy.  Max is only 21 years old!!! Our entire family
 is happy happy.  Truth is I never doubted he would be accepted. Max is hard
 working, determined and with a desire to succeed.
Nothing stops him.  Go MAX!!!!!

To all a god day.  Remember also the other side of too much knowledge is that,
knowing too much of your future is never a good thing either.  

Never mistake knowledge for wisdom.
One helps you make a living; the other helps you make a life...


Sep 23, 2014

Start Of 10 Rough Days...

Some days you tame the tiger. 
And some days the tiger has you for lunch...

Going to the vet is always a traumatic event.  Not sure for who more, Brutus, myself or
Arvid.  Yesterday's visit started out fairly easy.  Brutus was asleep underdog the covers,
 I grabbed him, put him in his carrier and off we went.  Not even a meow came out of him.

Arvid cancelled his appointment to go with us to the vet.  Was happy for that.
Arvid always carries Brutus and always tells him in a comforting tone
that all is going to be OK.  We both do so Brutus is less stressed.

Of course even at the vet the waiting is "normal."  Our 12:00 appointment became 
closer to a 1:00 appointment.  Nothing we can do about this.  Brutus who is normally a 
very calm and docile little kitty becomes ferocious at the vet hissing at everyone who 
comes close to him. His nose gets pinker by the minute when he's all scared
 and his entire body shakes.  Poor thing is always so afraid of the vet.

He had his regular checkup but because he has an active infection going on, he could
 not be vaccinated.  Doctor said it was not recommended, as for the swelling
 to the paw the doctor prescribed him yet another pill.  This one huge.
Now we have to give him this one 2 times a day; in addition to his 
regular pill.  Not going to be an easy time ahead of us, but
has to be done so it will be done.

Because of the swelling in his paw, the doctor thought it would be a good idea
to gently poke it and have it drain out on its own.  Well the thing is the did poke it;
now it looks really swollen and very painful.  Unfortunately the infection is spread out
so with just one poking not much was accomplished.  Brutus came home and first thing he did
was rip off the bandage that he had on.  Then it was time to eat foodies, use the little and nap.

When Brutus is happy so are we.  The next 10 days will be very challenging with this new
pill.  Yesterday evening was my first attempt to give it to him.  Let's just say id did not go
well at all.  What usually takes less than a minute with his"old" pill took me half hour.
Very traumatic for all of us, but I have to do it for his own good.

This morning it took me a good 40 minutes to give him his pill.  He takes one tablet
 a day twice a day.  The pill is so big so each day day he takes 8 pieces. Every
piece is a struggle.  He spits it out all the time so I have to keep on trying.
  He seems to thiink I am punishing him, but it's for his best even
 it it pains me to do it.  Arvid nowhere while I do this.
This goes on for 10 days.  Two times a day.

Good morning everyone.  My morning is not starting out that great, but at least
Brutus has had his first dosage of the day.  Was a struggle, but I managed.
 That alone makes it a good day already.

Hopefully his second dosage goes down better.  Rainy day  today, apartment showing
and dinner with friends tonight.  Kaluz here we come.

We all have life storms, and when we get the rough times and we recover from them,
we should celebrate that we got through it. No matter how bad it may seem, 
there's always something beautiful that you can find....

Wet Tuesday Calling...

Kindness is the sunshine of social life...

Taking Brutus to the vet today.  General check up and unfortunately swelling once again
 to his paw.  As I mentioned before, he has been biting quite a lot on it and as usual I 
am very worried because the "toe" is purple and very puffy/swollen.

Brutus seems to know that something is going on because since he woke up he has been on 
the alert.  He expects something to happen, just does not know what as yet.  We never 
take out his carrier until the very last moment.  Anyway that being said hope 
all works out good and soon he is back to feeling better.

Yesterday evening I got my weekly update on Kairi, my virtually adopted kitty. 
 I really love reading about her and her brave existence so far.  She is something 
else and I really hope to meet her one day.

Below is my Kairi update for the week: 

After Kairi's initial rescue mission, we placed her and her brother into our master 
bathroom to share along with our socializer bunny named Zeus. We use Zeus 
to socialize all new kitties into our household, as he keeps them company
 and shows them the do's and the don'ts, he shares his bed with them, 
he even helps litter train them (he's a very clean bunny lol.) 

Over the course of about 2 weeks we knew that Kairi's eye was beyond saving, it looked 
ike it had become infected from an upper respitory infection, which both of them 
were suffering from. So plans were made for both of them to go into surgery 
together, Rikku was there to support his sister every step of the way. 
Once she was finally under and prepped for surgery, he to
 was put under, and both were spayed and neutered, but Kairi...
well she also had to have her badly damaged eye removed. 

The two were never far apart from each other, as they awoke from
 their surgeries together. Rikku comforted his sister every step.

 Even in the animal kingdom sibling love is a special thing.  Siblings defend
and protect each other against all obstacles.  Another busy day awaits us.  Today though our
 main concern is Brutus and him feeling better.  We really don't like to travel knowing
 he is hurting.  He had his meds this morning and is now pacing around not
 knowing what is going on,mouth knowing something is coming. 
 He's not sure if to hide or just hang around.

For now time to start breakfast and get going.  Lot of things to do.
It's already looking very dark here and most likely it will be another wet day.

Good morning everyone.  If you are like us getting caught in the rain,
make sure your umbrella is handy.  Don't be like me, who has an umbrella, but it
is usually nice and dry somewhere tucked away.  Somewhere when I need it I just cant find it.

The best thing one can do when it's raining is to let it rain..

Sep 22, 2014

A New Week...

Each new day is a blank page in the diary of your life. 
The secret of success is in turning that diary into the best story you possibly can...

Yesterday ended on a very wet note.  Here in Florida when it rains it pours heavily for about
half hour and then it clears up again.  Last night it rained for quite some time with lightning
and thunder.  Poor Brutus was not sure if to hide or just hang out.  Finally he decided to
 seek covers underdog the bed sheets.  I tried to take a few pictures of the lightning,
 but ended up getting soaking wet.  Was worth the try.
Now it's a new day and a new week.

Today we have a few people coming to see the apartment. At least two, as of right now.  Yesterday
I showed it also.  Truth is I really enjoy what I do.  In the last 10 days we have met some
very interesting people.  One of the customers from yesterday even told me that if I was
ever in the need for furniture he was the guy to call.
We actually hit it off right away.

Last night as the thunder eased off Brutus finally came out of his hiding spot.  Where does he go?  
He jumps right onto Arvids lap and took another siesta.  Brutus is always so comfy on
 Arvid and I really enjoy watching them together.

Lunch at Houston's yesterday was as always delicious and enjoyable.  The views are 
awesome and the food always delicious.  Both of us really enjoy our Sunday outings.  
It's our alone time. Something that we really enjoy.

Lots of things to do today so hoping to get an early start on things. Brutus and I have been 
awake a little before 6 watching the sunrise.  Today t is unusually beautiful. Even Brutus 
had to take a minute to watch it with me.  He has the best view from his condo.

Have many things to do today; as always Mondays somehow seem to always 
be a little extra busy.  Always good to get an early start as well.

Our day here in Fort Lauderdale so far is looking pretty amazing.  The sun is shining
the boats are already whizzing by, yes activity has begun.  Loving it!!!

Good morning to all and may you all have a great week ahead.
Remember friends there is always something to be grateful for.

No matter how good or bad you have it, wake up each day thankful for your life. 
Someone somewhere else is desperately fighting for theirs...


Sep 21, 2014

Relaxing Sunday...

I keep myself busy with things to do,
but every time I pause I still think of you...

Sunday here already.  Boy the weekend sure is going by fast.  Good thing is we got to do a few
fun stuff and today is still young.  Arvid is as he says done catching up with  family.
 All good in that department and as usual always good to hear what has been going on
in the last week. The cutest thing is that Arvid's mom was given an iPad for
her birthday.  She wanted to check everyone out on FB, but as she tells
 Arvid what she does the most on the iPad is play games and she
never misses my blogs.  Made me happy.  This way she gets to see
 a little of what we are up to without having to wait for Sundays only.

Last night we went to the bar Inauguration party.  As Sue, the wife said, "any reason for
Jim to have a party is good enough."  And as the night rolled on more and more
people kept popping in.  With wine, liquor, food and all sorts of yummies.
As far as the food goes the party was a success.  Lots to choose from.

No matter what, Arvid never eats anything when we go to other people's
homes.  I will try some of it as long as others have not touched it.

Already the day has gotten hectic.  Yesterday I showed the aprtment quite
a lot.  Today seems the same.  Yep!!  a good day especially when we
do what we really like.  Busy bees we are right now :)

Happy Sunday to all.  Make it count and remember,
if you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done.

Sundays are for relaxing and that is exactly what we have in mind to do.
My mom's way of relaxing is to watch the birds as they
come to their home and eat from the feeder.


Taking time to do nothing often brings everything into perspective...

Sep 20, 2014

Good Things...

Life is not just about the good things or not just about the bad things. 
It is both. It all depends where you focus your attention...

I feel great.  Kairi the little kitty I adopted virtually is officially mine.  I even have the
certificate to prove it and I also had my first weekly update on her together with more pictures.
I already love little Kairi and I am trying to get Arvid involved in us donating something so that
the organization can use it to raffle and make some more money.  A talk to our accountant
will decide how that goes.  To all of you, remember all your donations are tax deductible.
 Give it a try.

My first update was as follows:
Here is your first official update on Kairi.

The day we rescued her, is one that I will never forget. We had originally received a phone call 
about an elderly couple that had a few dogs in their house, and couldn't afford to care for
them any longer and were wanting to move away. Not knowing exactly what we 
were stepping into, we told them that we would take the case. The second we reached
the property, I felt a stinging sensation in my stomach and my heart sank. 

The property was debilitated, there were cats running everywhere, there was trash everywhere. 
I had to keep my guys outside for safety reasons, as the trailor in question was falling 
apart from lack of care. Once I stepped inside of the trailor i had to step back out. 
I couldn't breath. The amount of feces and urine was ridiculous, there was 
a total of 21 dogs inside of the home, and they...had never been outside.

The floors were rotted out, the walls were damaged and the ceiling was caving in. 
It took us hours to round them all up as they were all very feral, and one of 
them even attacked me, leaving a nice bite on my side. Once all of the 
dogs were rounded up, my volunteers worked on loading them up
into their cars. We had a total of 5 vehicles, and our destination
was 5 hours away. So we drove through the night to get the dogs
to a larger facility that was equipped to take them on.

The mission didn't stop there though, over the course of the next few weeks we started 
catching the cats, and working with another organization to spay and neuter the 
majority of them. Several of the cats were extremely feral, so we drove 
them another 3 hours away to a governed colony, the friendly ones
were vetted and placed up for adoption. On one of our trips out to
the property, we saw Kairi and her brother Rikku.

They were hanging around on the edge of the property. Rikku eventually walked 
right up to us, to eat what food we had placed out for him. As for Kairi, 
we could see that she like her brother were struggling to survive. 

Her eye was badly infected, from either an injury or from an upper respiratory 
infection which most of the cats seemed to of had. It was getting late 
in the evening, and the bugs were biting bad, I knew that if I left 
off that property that night without her in hand, 
that I would never forgive myself, so i laid 
in the grass, the trash, and amongst

the bugs for hours, slowly belly crawling closer and closer to her.
At one point I was laying in a patch of poison oak, a plant that I am not fond of for
 obvious reasons. Then she finally was within arms reach of my husband, 
who was close by. I told him whatever you have to do, grab her! 
So with one swift scoop he had her by the scruff, and into the kennel she went!

On another good note, we had a very good time with friends at one of
our favorite restaurants... Flannigans

After that we took off to the Seminole Hard Rock Cafe.
There we had a very good time at The Jimmy Hendrick Experience.

Our day is goinng to be showing the apartment, some in between chores and later
today we are invited to a Bar Inauguration party. Sounds interesting.
Have not been to one of those, well not with with that heading.

Getting busy here. Have to go show the unit.  
For now have a good day and make the weekend count!

I will say yes to all good things coming my way...