Jan 31, 2022

New Week ~

It happens to everyone as they grow up.
 You find out who you are and what you want, and
 then you realize that people you’ve known forever
 don’t see things the way you do. So you keep the
 wonderful memories, but find yourself moving on... 

The week could not have started out any better.
  Sunny and warm weather.  Clear blue skies everywhere.

That being said, Sniff still finds comfort on his heating bed.  
I keep it warm all day long, even when he's taking a break from it.

Feeling much better now compared to the last few days.
I think I am back on track and on the way to recovery. 

To all a very good week coming up.

If there’s a single lesson that life teaches us, 
it’s that wishing doesn’t make it so...


Jan 28, 2022

January 28th ~

Always pray to have eyes that sees the best,
 a heart that forgives the worst, a mind that forgets
 the bad, and a soul that never loses faith. 

It's not like I plan on missing you.  It just happens.

Never stop learning because life never stops teaching.

Sometimes painful things can teach us
 lessons we didn't think we needed to know.

Yesterday was a good day.  I saw a 
few of my old tenants from Almost Home
 and one of Arvid's from 76 Inn.  It was 
good to cook a few things for them, and
 to enjoy a little time together.

The beautiful thing about memories is 
that they are yours; whether they are good,
 bad, or indifferent. They belong to you,
 no matter where you are now...


Jan 27, 2022

January 27th ~

You just can't let life happen to you, 
you have to make life happen... 

Sniff and I have been awake for over two hours. 
 We are both early risers.  Sniff has had a mild case
 of depression the last few days.  Not eating, not
 getting out of his bed. Of course I'm worried.

 Of course I know why, but still was very concerned. 
 This morning he was a little more like himself, but 
already back on his heating bed. Still progress.

Sniff loves his room because he knows there is 
always fresh laundry there.  Mainly all his linens.  He
 loves to sleep on it while they are still warm and 
yes, I have already done one load of his laundry.

It warms the heart.  The picture above and I'm still smiling.  
Wish I could also be holding this little one right now.

Good morning everyone. It's going to be a beautiful day.
Lots of birds to look at.  The squirrel is taking over 
the bird house/feeder.  He eats all day long and 
sometimes just hangs out in the bird house.

Your sacred space is where you can 
find yourself over and over again...


Jan 26, 2022

Wednesday January 26th ~

One kind word can warm three winter months... 

It is once again cold, and neither Sniff nor I are crazy about it.

But we find ways to stay warm.  For Sniff it's his heating bed, 
the vents and of course he's always covered up.  Both Arvid
 and I pamper him.  Arvid usually tucks Sniff  up at nights.

I was out walking already.  Super cold.  The lake is 
freezing as is the rest of my body, but I do feel good. 
 Good morning and a happy day to all.  Stay warm.

Every mile is two in the winter...


Jan 25, 2022

Tuesday January 25th ~

Our culture runs on coffee and gasoline,
 the first often tasting like the second πŸ˜‚ 

The smell of fresh made coffee has definitely got to be 
one of the world's greatest inventions.  And you know what
 they say, "Never trust anyone who does not drink coffeeπŸ˜‚."

It has been said that science may never come up with a
 better office communication system than the coffee break.

Very cold days ahead, but so far no snow 
and hopefully the ice on the road is all gone.

To all a good day.  Stay warm and bundle up, unless you
 are in the Sunshine State, then party and have fun in the sun.

Be faithful in small things because
 it is in them that your strength lies...


Jan 24, 2022

January 24th ~

I used to have all these plans and think 'Ah, I 
have my whole life figured out', but then I realized
 no matter how much I plan: life happens!
 So I find myself living day to day trying
 to do my best, embracing every moment
 as a learning opportunity and chance
 to get to know myself a little more... 

The longest month is looming ahead of us.  Both
 Arvid and I will handle it the best way we can.  Life
 sometimes does not give you the choices you want, but 
we make the most, and the best of what it throws at us.

No matter what life throws at us, Sniff is always by my side, 
and he makes me happy.  I love him with all my heart.

A new day, a new week.  Life goes on and we do the 
best we can with what we have.  Happy day to all.

Life happens; attitude finds a way...


Jan 23, 2022

January 23 ~ Time To Move On

 Life has to move forward.  Everything 
has its time and everything ends...

One of Arvid's “favorite” things to say to me is, 
“why do you have to always disagree with me.”  
Always is a little strong; but you get the drift. There are 
quite a few things we don’t see eye to eye about.  Not big 
things, just a few “minor” things.  I believe that this
 is where our upbringing comes into place.

I think Arvid is used to hearing what he wants 
to hear.  Then supposedly everything is OK; but with
 me it’s not always the case. I disagree with him on what
 I feel strongly about and what I feel is the right thing,
 but at the end of the day, he and Sniff are what I need.

 That being said, it has never become an issue more
 like an annoying habit as he would say. I strongly
 believe that by agreeing all the time with a person just
 because you think that this person wants to hear that
 he or she is right, is the same as lying to that person.

  I should know it has gotten me in hot water many
 a times. Do I listen? No. Not because I want to be stubborn, 
but because I cannot just lie to someone just to make them 
feel that everything is all right, he knows I love him, and I 
don't mind when he tells me a few hard truths as well.

A few people in your life may “disappear” then 
the question I ask myself is this, “what’s the point
 of saying something to you knowing it’s not what
 I believe is right?”  Does this make you a bad person?

As of last night Arvid was more or less packed,
 but not really feeling it.  Today he said he's ready to go
 and to take care of what needs to be done.  It's not easy. 
 I actually can imagine what it would be to walk into
 his moms apartment and it's empty, but knowing 
Arvid, he will stay busy and not dwell on things.

On a good note, there is something about Arvid 
and his culture.  They have the ability to process things 
and move on faster than I ever could.  Maybe in the 
long run they are better off than I will ever be. 

My heart remembers and feels too much.  Not always
 the best.  It takes me a much longer time to move on. Maybe 
not to my advantage.  I remember to much, too often.

Courage is not having the strength to go on; 
it's going on when you don't have the strength... 


Jan 22, 2022

Molly June 11th 1928- January 21st 2022

 Whatever you want to do do it today, 
there are only so many tomorrows...

After 93 years and seven months the light faded from 
Molly's eyes.  Yesterday,  Arvid's mother took her last breath.  
Holding her hands to the very end was her son, Arvid's younger
 brother. Arvid did not make it in time to see his mother one 
last time.  To hold her, and say "I love you mom 😒"

Molly's three granddaughters were a constant presence
 by her side, as was her grandson Michael.  They never 
let go of her hand.  She felt safe, and as much
 as one can be ready to die, Molly was.  

Does not make it any less heartbreaking.  I only 
wished she would have held on until Arvid was there.  
 Until he was able to hold her and hug her one more time.
  That didn't happen.  Two brothers.  Arvid is the eldest. 

Arvid is watching soccer and Sniff refuses to move.
How does your day look.  Still very cold here.

Death is the end of a lifetime.  
Not the end of a relationship...


Jan 21, 2022

πŸ₯Ά January 21 πŸ₯Ά ~

Happiness is a hot drink on a cold day...

πŸ₯Ά There ain't no more to say πŸ₯Ά, and again, I
 wonder what we were thinking of.  I do not think we 
have had such cold weather in Branson when we lived 
here before.  It's been days now we have not been able
 to get out, due to icy roads. Not happy with that πŸ₯Ά.

Can't go walking because I am scared I will fall again.
  My sister said I should get some cleats for my shoes.  Says she
 wore them in Vermont when she went walking and it stopped 
her from slipping and falling.  Guess I have to look into it.

They do look a little fierce, and knowing me I
 would probably end up hurting myself more than not πŸ™„.

Wishing everyone a much warmer day than we are
 having right now.  All good here just cold.  Last night 
Arvid was sad, he said, "I really wish you were coming
 with me.  I need you by my side."  I wish I could
 be there with him and everyone as well πŸ–€ .

  On a good note, Arvid gets to see everyone again. 
 He will hold our youngest granddaughter, Amelia
for the very first time.  I wish I could alsoπŸ’—.

The days are getting colder, have a warm heart...


Jan 20, 2022

January 20th ~

Life imposes things on you that you 
can’t control, but you still have the choice
 of how you’re going to live through this...

Not much to talk about.  Have been missing
 the sunshine and the palm trees 🌴.

Suddenly I get a Snap from Michael in Norway. 
 Boy did it break my heart.  I debated so much before 
showing it to Arvid, not because I didn't want to but 
because seeing his mom this way it not easy 😒

Molly, one of the most resilient women I have 
come across in my lifetime, and for me it was not 
easy to see her this way either.  Yes we must all die 
one day, but it sure is hard on those left behind.

Icy roads today.  Another day of going NOWHERE!
 Sure miss the sunshine, and my mornings in Puerto Rico 
with "my" kitties.  Seems like such a long time ago.

Wishing everyone a good day.  Stay clear from the ice 
on the roads.  Puerto Rico, Florida, no such things 
as icy roads.  What were we thinking of?

Sniff takes no chances.  He will be warm no matter what.

Life is never easy. There is work to
 be done and obligations to be met...


Jan 19, 2022

Wednesday January 19th ~

 Faith is taking the first step even when
 you don't see the whole staircase...

Every morning without fail, Sniff comes into the
 bedroom a little before 6:00AM crying and crying.  
I’m usually awake, but still in bed. Its as if it’s my cue 
to get up.  I wait a minute or so and without fail, 
Arvid would “yell” go to sleep. Stop crying.”  

This is him, Arvid talking to Sniff πŸ˜‚. Maybe
 Sniff understands because he will be quiet for a few
 seconds, but picks up right back with the crying.  

He’s used to me getting up early.  He wants his
 brushing and he wants it by 6:00AM.  I am an early
 riser so for me it’s not a problem to get up early. 

Mornings with Sniff are the best ways to
 start my day.  Arvid would sleep in for another
 almost 2 hours so all is good.  Sniff is happy and 
would also sleep in again after being brushed.

Yesterdays walk did not go so good. I slipped on the
 icy road and on the third slip I actually fell.  Most of
 the fall was absorbed by my knees, and the palm of my
 hand causing me to most likely also hurt my shoulder.  This 
is what happens if you don’t listen to me said Arvid 🀭

I guess that though there is no snow on the road, 
there is still a thin layer of ice 🀷🏻‍♀️ will be more careful
 next time.  Can’t have my hand, shoulder and 
my knees all injured at the same time πŸ™ˆ, 

Both Arvid and I are not ones to listen to the other 
complain about how much this or that hurts.  You just
 have to deal with it and move on.  That's one of Arvid's 
famous phrases, "deal with it and let's move on 🀭."  It
 applies to all situations in life as far as he's concerned.

A few little things here that needs taking care of, 
so Arvid and Sniff are busy.  I do help of course, 
but someone has to take the pictures also 🀷🏻‍♀️πŸ™ˆ

Wishing everyone a good day.  Enjoy your life
 and life everyday to the fullest, for we never know
 what tomorrow holds.  I hear the words, but I can't
 say it always works.  Time is what really heals.

If we fail to adapt, we fail to move forward...


Jan 18, 2022

Tuesday January 18th ~

 Don't let it break you, no matter
 how hard it gets, life goes on...

Yesterday was your typical cold day in Branson. 
Today temperatures will be warmer.  We are looking 
forward to that.  Everyday Arvid says we are going home to 
warmer climate πŸ˜‚  He definitely does not like the cold.

Yesterday I made a snowman ☃️ with the 
leftover snow from Saturday. Looked pretty 
cool and scared if I may say so πŸ˜‚ myself.

Arvid stays busy doing what Arvid likes best.
 One of his favorite things to do is calculations. Keeps him 
busy  🀷🏻‍♀️ then his mind is focused on other things.

Sniff does his usual. Sleeps quite a lot and then 
suddenly runs around like as if the devil himself was
 chasing him 😈 It's funny to see, and it's everyday.

Warmer today so hopefully we will get 
out a little.  So boring to be in all the time 😷 
Hope everyone is having a good week so far.

No matter what happens, and how bad it seems today,
life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow...