Jul 31, 2018

A Little Sad Today ~

You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid 
the consequences of avoiding reality...

Good morning all.  Just a thought for today.  Have a good 
day and remember what they say"moral indignation is just 
jealousy with a halo" before you start thinking about how 
others should change and live their lives first focus 
on how you can change and become a better you!  

Today as I went to Almost Home, I felt a little sad.
Miss Wynette and little Sissy no longer are there. They 
left about the same time we went t Norway.

 She livened up our days.  I will miss her very much,
 but at the same time I am very happy she moved
 onto the next chapter in her life.  Her first stop is
 Colorado, from there she goes to Belize.  We wish
 her and Sissy all the best in this journey.

She called me while we were in Norway.  It was good 
talking to her and knowing that they happy and well.

Have a great day all and may you never stop dreaming.  Be nice 
to people on your way up because you meet them on your way down

Try to learn something about everything and everything about something... 
 When you do the common things in life in an uncommon way, 
you will command the attention of the world...


Jul 30, 2018

Happy To Be Home ~

Home a place your feet may leave but your heart will always be...

We got home to a water leak under the Jacuzzi tub. 
 Not the best reception after being gone for so long, but 
Sniff was there just happy to be around us and
 following us everywhere.  He still is.

  Every time Arvid worked to fix the leak, Sniff of course
 was there.  Checking everything out.  Just the same way 
Brutus used to do. Sniff is now Dada's little helper.  

For the first time I heard Arvid say to Sniff, "you're going to 
help your dada fix the leak?"  That was only reserved for Brutus.
  Happy, happy to have heard Arvid talk like that to Sniff.

I don't want to repeat it, but why not?  We are home,
 and we could not be happier. Home is where our story begins.

Your home should tell the story of who you are,
and be a collection of what you love.  We are home....


Jul 29, 2018

Back Home~

There is no place like home...

Finally we are back home, and we couldn't be happier.  There
 is no place like home. We have had some very good times with family. 
 No questions about that.  Memories made that will last a lifetime.  
As always time spent with family is never wasted.

That being said, I could not wait to leave Norway.  It is definitely not 
my cuppa tea.  For me being in Norway is similar to being in limbo.  
Yes, that's how boring I find it.  This is definitely not an accurate 
description if you were going to Norway as a visitor.  

I am 100% certain that anyone who visits Norway will absolute fall in
 love with this beautiful country.  It is scenic beyond words.  For 2 
days I had a glimpse of that beauty.  It was just breathtaking.

So why is it I find Norway boring?  The minute we land we are 
on the run.  There is not time to even get over the jet lag before 
we start running from one place to another.  Don't get me wrong,
 family is great, but how many spend their almost 3 weeks
 every year just running from place to place?  We do.

We land exhausted and when we leave we are even more exhausted.
This summer in Norway was HOT!  There is no air conditioning
 anywhere.  Being used to a few more amenities here in the
 USA made for a very uncomfortable time weather wise.

No matter where we stayed we had no Internet.
 You tell me how would you like to go to a foreign country,
 and not be connected to everyone.  Though there was Internet
 access at the places we stayed, the signal was so weak we
were unable to connect.  That alone is a nightmare.

That being said I just LOVE being home.  Arvid, Sniff and I.
 It's quiet.  As Arvid said we can enjoy what we like at our own pace.
 The best of all is that it's peaceful, quiet and relaxing.

The other side to this is that, we had excellent times
with all the family.  Nothing will ever take that away.
 For time spent with family is always good.

I am grateful for all the good times shared with family.
  For the new experiences I have had and for being part of
 Michelle and Emil's wedding.  All of that was wonderful,
but NOTHING beats being home in the USA!!!!

Home is where you hang your heart...


Jul 27, 2018

Life Lessons ~

In every situation you can either be an asset or a liability...

The question is which one best describes you?

I can say that I have mastered two of the three.  For me
 forgetting is the difficult one.  There are days I wish I could forget 
so many thing and just move on like so many do, unfortunately 
it is not happening right now for me.  A blessing at time,
 and definitely a curse as well.  It's called life and
 you take the good with the bad.  It is what it is.

To all a good day and may we not forget 
that an obstacle is often a stepping stone.

My life motto is "do my best so that 
I can't blame myself for anything...."


Jul 26, 2018

Heading Home To The USA ~ YES! YES! YES!

No matter what road I travel heading home is my favorite...

This says it all.  Homewards bound we are.

As always we have had a great time in Norway.  As always the 
best part of any vacation is going home.  We're going home
 and could not be happier.  Yes it is always sad to leave.  

Leaving loved ones is not easy, but knowing that we have
 made great memories, had a great time makes it all worth it.  Home 
to Sniff is where we are headed and I could not be happier.

Do more of what makes you happy..


Jul 24, 2018

~Soon Home ~

Every day is a going to be a memory. 
Make good ones and take pictures...

We have just a few days left here in Norway.  Suddenly time
 is escaping us and it has become real that we will soon 
be leaving.  Bittersweet like always, but so special.

One looks forward to going home, but when the actual moment 
is so near makes you sad.  So far this has been an amazing summer 
in Norway. We have spent the time making lasting memories.  

We saw little Michelle get married, and I have had 
the opportunity to visit Norway's West Coast.  Overall 
an amazing time, and still a few more days to go.

Good morning everyone.  Wishing you a very good start 
of your day. Unfortunately July is the month almost the entire county of 
Norway shuts down.  Just about everyone is on vacation so there 
is not that much going on in little Horten. Of course the day
 we leave everything starts happening once again

 Soon we will have to get back in "home" mode and,
start gearing up for "reality"  sounds just perfect to me.  We
 are looking forward to going back to"normal" life again.  Getting
 back into our routines.  Strange how we miss our routines.

As Arvid said to me this morning, “two more nights and we are gone”
Yes, I can’t wait to touch American soil. Then and only
then I know we are truly home.  Home is where my heart is.

There is so much to do once we get back home to Branson. 
 The best part of going home is seeing little Sniff.  
I am missing his so very much.  I'm sure he
 wonders why we left him all alone.

The beautiful thing about memories is that they are yours; 
whether they are good, bad, or indifferent. They 
belong to you, no matter where you are... 


Jul 22, 2018

One Of Those Days ~

We are never further apart from those we love
than our ability to remember their presence...

No matter where we are, you are never far 
from my thoughts and my heart.  When you were alive, going to Norway was always traumatic for me. 
 Why?  You always needed to be medicated and I 
was just about the only one who
 knew how to give it to you.  

Brutus it always broke my heart when we had
 to go away from you.  
Travelling these days is easier.  Sniff is healthy.  I 
would do it all again
 just to have you back with us.  Brutus how I miss you.

I want you to know that we love Sniff.  He is such a good boy.  
I wish you could have been here to play with him, but for now you
 are with Shadow.  Please take care of each other and always
 know that mama loves you both and misses you.

Not a day goes by that my thoughts do not include you.

I know life goes on, but it's not the same without you.
I miss you so very much my Brutus.  You took a part of me with you...


Jul 21, 2018

July 21st The Wedding ~

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times,
 always with the same person. May this marriage be
 full of laughter, our every day in paradise...

The wait is finally over.  Today Michelle and Emil will finally
become husband and wife.  Wedding bells will soon be ringing.

The excitement everyone is experiencing is palpable. 
 Arvid is happy.  His little girl is getting married.

Michelle barely seven when Arvid and I got together. 
 I have seen her grown from child to woman to mother, and now soon 
a wife.  She is one of the most amazing young women I know.

She has a quiet strength and fierceness that is not all that 
common in one so young.  Her calm in handling 2 little girls
 is something that always amazes me.  I always tell Arvid if 
that's how she handles most situations in life then one
 better watch out.  The girl is a force on her own.

Her beauty lies not only externally.  Without question 
she is gorgeous. She does not need makeup for 
she is one of those rare natural beauties.

  But aside from her being gorgeous on the outside, her inner 
strength, her calmness and her quiet determination is what makes
 her beautiful in my eyes.  She does not need the approval of 
anyone, but her own.  That for me is what makes you 
an amazing person.

A new chapter begins in her life together with Emil and their 2 
little girls, our granddaughters.  All I can say is thank you for making 
me a part of this journey that is your life.  Your dad and I could not
 be more proud of you and Emil.  Together you have made 
a wonderful life for the 4 of you.  

May this journey called life always be one filled with
 love, laughter, kindness to each other and always the 
desire to go and explore what lays ahead of you.

He stole my heart and I am planning revenge.  I am going to take
 his last name.  The adventure called marriage just begins.  Your future 
is any and everything you want it to be.  Congratulations to both on this new
 chapter in your lives.  Every once in a while right in the middle of
 ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale. Enjoy yours.

Michelle and Emil, may this be the start of more
amazing things to come.  And so begins a new chapter...

I'm getting married because I'm in love with a boy and 
want to spend my life with him.  All because two people fell in love.
The heart wants what the heart wants...


Jul 20, 2018

Just Another Day ~

Another day that passes is another day closer to seeing you...

A typical day for us in Norway goes as follows.  Get up. 
Have my coffee and relax little on my own before Arvid wakes up. 
 In between my being up and Arvid waking up, Molly his
 mother wakes up.  Takes her pill and has a little breakfast.
  She then goes to bed for another hour or so.

Arvid wakes up.  We make breakfast and as we are finishing
 up his mother gets out of bed again.  We maker her another breakfast
 and either tea of cafe.  I clean up the dishes and we then 
sit for a little before we start running around
 either with chores or visiting family.

Every single day it is the exact same thing.  The day goes
 on like this until about 8 pm at times.  In this entire
 day Arvid and I do not have much alone time.  

When we’re out doing chores he meets up with friends.
  When we don’t meet up with friends we are with his family.  
Anyway you look at it there is always someone around.

When we’re not running we’re with his mother.  None of 
this is unpleasant, but it is really exhausting. . Exhausting to
 the point where all I want to do is cry and cry some more.  I tell
 myself that next year I will not be coming for so long. I tell 
myself this every year, yet here I am. I guess after all, I do like it.

I love the grand kids. Seeing them is always such a pleasure.  
I enjoy talking to Michelle and Victoria.  They make this
 trip doable and that’s why I keep coming because I want to 
see them and spend time with them.  Even so just going from
 one home to another every single day sure can wear one out.

I’m sure Norway is a beautiful country,and this year I got 
to see some of it.. I saw a little of Norway’s West Coast.
  I’m grateful for that, but honestly I don’t know if I can continue 
doing this year after year.  When a person goes on a vacation,
 it’s not supposed to be so much work.  I’m so tired.  All I can
 do is count down the days until we go home.

On the other hand, we have some very exciting days ahead of us.
The wedding/  Another trip to VM, seeing the little ones and yes
 being a little busy doing a few chores to help Michelle and 
Emil.  Looking forward to all of that.  That is all fun.

At the end of the day I am thankful that 
my-blessings are bigger than my problems...


Jul 18, 2018

Our Norway West Coast Getaway ~

Relax, Recharge and Reflect. Sometimes it’s OK to do nothing...

For two days Arvid and I had a little getaway on our own. 
 For the first time in my 18 years coming to Norway, I gt to see 
some place different from Arvid's hometown of Horten.

Horten is beautiful, but it is very good to see other places,
 especially after I have been coming here for 18 years.

The drive up to the West Coast was beautiful.  Mountains everywhere
 and on either side you have a lake or the Fjord.  I loved every moment of it.

Arvid was pretty calm the entire time and we even got out and checked
 out the scenery.  Now I can really say, "Norway is beautiful."

We went o a place called Songndal.  We had our very own little cabin.

It's great to see family, but at the same time it's very relaxing to have
 some alone time.  We relaxed.  We watched TV, we had good food 
and we did a lot of sightseeing.  Overall we had a great time..

We have recharged our batteries.  Now it's soon time to head
 back to Horten.  We have some pretty good days coming up.  Michelle
and Emil's wedding.  Another outing at Victoria and Michael's. Yay!
 More time with the 2 little girls.  Yes, we are rested and ready 
once again to be on the run.  "Vacation"  Isn't it wonderful?

Sometimes I need to go off on my own.  I'm not sad.
I'm not angry.  I'm recharging my batteries.

What  amazing beauty we experienced in Norway's West Coast.

Make and take the time to relax, recharge,
 find your peace and look after yourself. Your life and 
everyone in it will be thankful you did...


Jul 17, 2018

Beautiful Norway ~

Nature always wears the colors of the spirit...

I have been looking forward to seeing someplace different 
in Norway for years.  Seems like it is finally happening and I could 
not be more excited.  I can't wait for the treat that awaits us.  

The most I have seen in Norway has been Arvid's home town 
and some nearby areas.  Not bad, but I know there is so much more 
to this beautiful country, and finally I will experience some of it.

Norway is beautiful and finally I will be able to see some of it.
For me this is one of the most exciting trips to this country.
Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.

Wishing you all interesting and happy times.

You might want to decide fast. We live in a 
dangerous world.  If you see a chance to be happy,
 you have to fight for it, so later you have no regrets...


Jul 16, 2018

It’s Different In Norway~

Today I feel like putting an out of order 
sticker on my head and going back to bed...

It been a hectic week since getting to Norway.  Granted
it’s nice to see everyone, but all we do is run from one place
 to another.  This is a hectic way to spend our “vacation”
Being on the run all day long is definitely not “vacation” 

As Arvid told his mother it more like work.  We are tired. 
Very tired.  Have not had a single moment to do much of anything
 on our own.  Well not true. We do get to go to Fishland in the
 afternoons and just sit back, relax and have a little restful time.

I am having a good time seeing everyone.  Love the
grand kids and all, but this is just exhausting. I am ready to
be at home in Branson with Sniff.  I’m tired. Very tired
 and when I get tired all I can think of is going home.
 Having alone time and some peace and quiet.

We will be having 2 days away on on own. I am extremely
excited about it.  No running from one place to another.  I’m
just tired. Those 2 days in Norway will be the "vacation"

When I'm tired I miss home.  I miss Brutus like crazy.
 I miss Sniff and I miss my family.  And now I'm tired and
I am missing all of it.  I know tomorrow is another day, but all
it means is we do the same thing all over again.

We don't call it homesick.  We call it missing home.
There's not a sickness involved.  It's a state of mind.

Wishing you all a good day. Life in Norway is
 not as exciting as life in the USA. That’s a fact.

Sometime you just need to disconnect 
and enjoy your own company....


Jul 15, 2018

Summer Days~

Every summer has a story...

Norwegian roads are scenic as well.  There are tunnels all over the place. 
 Quite interesting and different our homes in Branson, Missouri
 and in Florida.  makes for a scenic and interesting change.

I find it pretty, but Arvid seems to not care.  
Says he saw too much of it growing up.

Our first days here so have have been perfect.  Weather is good
 and seeing everyone always is good.  Arvid's mom is doing
 great.  For a lady who is 90 years old she is amazing.

Not sure what we expected, but she's much more 
movable than we thought and that is very god to see.

Our granddaughters are gorgeous.  Grown up and as loving as can be. 
 We are super happy to have this time to see them and to send with them.

Michelle's wedding is in less than 2 weeks.  I'm getting excited.
Michelle is baking cupcakes and making her own cake. The 
girl is super talented and she does and amazing job.

For the next few days we will be enjoying time with family.  I 
even get to have kisses from Chico, their doggie. We also enjoy
a few outings on our own.  Especially in the evenings, which is a 
very good time to relax and unwind from the days activities.

Greetings to all.  Looking forward to our summer days here in Norway.
I am missing our little Sniff a lot.  I know he is well cared for, but at the 
same time I know he is wondering why we are not there with him.

Summer.. take the time to soak up the sunshine in your life...


Jul 14, 2018

Life Is To Be Lived ~

Life is made up of special moments which make it worth living.  
There are many cherished moments that are missed due to the
stress and fast pace of daily living.  We must slow down and
 remember how precious it is to be alive and to be loved....

 It has been extremely hot in Norway, and the fact 
that there is no air conditioning in most places have
 made the nights and days pretty much unbearable.  

Yesterday evening for a change we had some colder air 
while sitting on the balcony.  Arvid’s mom, Molly has an 
amazing view and it was quite enjoyable to just sit there watch
 the boats go by and enjoy a cup of coffee.  While she 
and Arvid spoke I read and enjoyed the view.  

We had a good time the other day with the 2 granddaughters.  
We had them for a couple of hours in the park.  As all 
little kids do, they have a limitless amount of energy.  

Both Arvid and I were tired but content.  It’s good to see them, 
be with them and enjoy time with them.  Even if we are worn 
out we also find in us lots of energy to keep up with them.

Arvid’s mom who we were told was not doing so good 
is actually doing very good.  As Arvid said, “ she’s
 doing much much better than we expected” 

 She sees better than we do and she hears pretty good.  
For a 90 year old woman she is very fortunate because she’s 
much better off than many 10-20 years younger 
than she is.  This makes us happy. 

 Another sign that she’s is great health is her appetite.  
As Arvid said to her, “ you sure have a healthy appetite.  
You eat all day long.”  These are all good signs.  Molly is
 still strong and healthy.  Good news all around.

As for me, I miss our Sniff.  I have not started yearning
 to go home as yet.  When Brutus was alive I wanted 
to go home the very next day.   I know Sniff is healthy
 and well cared for.  I’m a little more relaxed.

I do look forward every morning to hearing
 from his pet sitter and getting a picture of Sniff.  He is
 a good good kitty and I love him so.  My mom also gets 
updates about Sniff.  He's covered by all f us.

Just talked to my mom for the longest of times and I 
miss her-very much.  Also miss taking to my sisters, 
but fortunately I can call them anytime I like.  Thank 
goodness for international cell phone plans.

We are staying with Arvid’s mom as I mentioned before.
  Not bad, but I would much rather stay on our own.  
I miss having a little alone time with Arvid.  

We have gone out to Fishland and as always that as 
he says is one of the the best of times.  As always he meets friends
 from his childhood days.  They catch up on each other’s life.  
So really we have not gotten much alone time as yet.

When in Branson, the week goes by so very fast. 
  Norway is beautiful.  I enjoy spending time with the 
2 little ones, Michelle, Emil, Molly, Victoria and
 Michael.  Had it not been for them Norway
 would hold no attraction to me.  

We went to Victoria and Michael's.  As usual this was one 
of the highlights of the trip.  We had delicious food, 
spent time in good company and had a very good
 time with them.  Yes. One of my favorite 
times in Norway is at their home.

Victoria and Michael never disappoint.  Victoria 
is glamorous in every aspect of her life.  The 
minute you walk into their home everything is
 perfectly arranged and everything matches. 

 I have never seen anyone anywhere set a table the way she does. 
 Every single detail is accounted for.  Sometimes it feels
 wrong to eat and ruin such a perfect table setting.  
Of course the food never disappoints either. 
 Needless to say, we had an amazing time and
 a delicious meal.  We always do.

It has been another good day, and yes it's another day 
closer to going home to Sniff as well. I miss the little dude 
and his meows.  Mama loves you Sniff Sniff.

It’s all about the little moments 
that make life a big adventure...