Aug 31, 2017

Start Of A New Day ~

Start each day with a grateful heart.
Being happy never goes out of style...

And so begins a new life for them.  The first picture is their last in what
was their home I Virginia for the last 8 years.  From now on it  is no more winters,
palm trees and the sound of the ocean breeze as often as they like.

Hurricane Harvey which devastated Texas has not really brought us much rain.
  Happy for that.  My parents in North Carolina have had many dark
days.  My mom says she has not seen the sun in many days. 
Here the sun is shining and the weather is beautiful.

Here at Almost Home our flower plants and tomato trees have been removed. 
Time to make room for fall flowers.  Soon the pool will be closing, but for now it
is still warm so I plan to not follow the "given" date as to when to close the pool.
Tony says it is usual to close after Labor Day weekend.  Labor Day is September 4th.

Yesterday was another quiet and relaxing day at the hotels.  Sometimes I feel
guilty because I don't think I am doing enough, but then it passes and I enjoy the day
and the company that passes through the office.  Yeah it is a good time right now.

Wishing everyone a good day and never stop believing
that something wonderful is about to happy.

When someone told me I lived in a fantasy land I nearly fell off my unicorn.
Happiness is a way of travel not a destination.  Be happy everyday...


Aug 30, 2017

Quiet Days ~

Some days we just need to turn the quiet up...

Just a very quiet and peaceful day here.  Seems like I should be doing something
more strenuous, not going to complain.  Quiet days are also good days. 
Everything running smoothly in both laces.  Can't ask for more.

Just had lunch with Arvid.  Love these moments we have together.
  Feels like we are on a date.  Very relaxing and we get to share
the days events with each other at least half the days events.

Have an open room at Almost Home, well it was open for less than 24 hours,
but already rented.  late check in today.  Not a 9-5 job that's for sure,
but overall fairly self sufficient most of the times.  Both Arvid
and I just like being present.  In our book everything
runs more efficiently when one is present.

What has your day been like so far?

Quiet the mind and the soul will speak...


Aug 29, 2017

One Of Those Days ~

Sometimes a hug is all you need to make you feel better...

Guess we have found a Pub we can actually hang out in every so often.
  Just like back home, while Arvid has a few cold ones I can have my chicken wings. 
This way makes for two happy people.  New hangout as Arvid says.

Monday was pretty hectic.  Busy day at Almost Home and I at 76 Inn.
Like it that way, before we knew it the day was over.  Soon it will be 10
months since Arvid and I have been here.  10 months as hotel owners. 

All I can say is that it has been and it is still a learning experience everyday.
  We have learnt to manage and del with things better and to take
things in stride.  Not everyday is easy, but still everyday is good.

I love our Sundays strolling along The Landings.  Always something 
to see and to do.  Everyday on my way to work I pass the Butterfly Palace.  
Everyone tells me it is a must visit, but I just don't like the thought of 
butterflies flying all around me.  I can't seem to get over the fact that of what 
they were before becoming that beautiful butterfly.  Call me crazy.

Rima and family made it to San Diego.  They will be spending a few
days there then heading to the place that will be home for a while.
Most likely their final destination will be in some other gorgeous
 California city.  For now they are super happy.

Wishing my sister and family a beautiful life in California.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams...


Aug 28, 2017

New Week ~

I love those random memories that make me smile
no matter what is going on in my life right now...

It was another great weekend here in Branson.  Both Arvid and I had outings
with the people that work for us and we had some good times. He with the
boys and I with Brenda.  Weather was and still is fabulous. Could not
ask for better.  Arvid says that it reminds him of summer in Chicago.

As usual on Sunday we had our special time together. Our place of choice
is always The Landings.  It is downtown Branson and definitely the place to be.
 As always we had dinner by the water and we do get to watch the boats go by.

 Always an enjoyable time.  After dinner we always walk around a bit.
Makes for a pleasant Sunday.  Many a times I also get to do
a little shopping.  Can't complain.  Life is good.

Monday already.  So far all is good. A beautiful day awaits us.  
Once the week begins it just flies by. The mornings are on the cooler side.
 Today Rima and family head to San Diego California.  

A start of a new life for all of them.  They are all super happy and
excited and can't wait to experience life in California.   Suddenly I am sad
and as I told arvid last night, I think I want to go to California also.

 It will pass but a lot of emotions are kicking in right now.  I know it
will pass.but right now the flashbacks are constant.  California. Long time
ago I had a beautiful life and a beautiful home there.  Anna is also there.
 One day soon we will be going to visit.  Can't wait for that.

The work day is halfway over and being busy makes everything better. 
I'm thankful that I am always busy. It keeps the memories
at bay.  Most of the time anyway.  All I can ask for.

Happy Monday all.  Hope the week is a good one for all of us.

Sometimes memories sneak out
of my eyes and roll down my cheeks...


Aug 26, 2017

About Last Night ~

I can't focus on today.  Still thinking about last night..

Mojitos, Moscow Mules and Sangrias was what it was all about.

After all of this was over neither Brenda nor I had much recollection
 of anything else. Tonight the boys have their turn, and I'm sure they 
will all be a little happier before the evening is over.

Hope you are having a beautiful day so far.  We sure are.

Yesterday ended last night.  Today is a brand new day...


Aug 25, 2017

Happy Friday ~

Why limit happy to an hour?  When life 
gives you lemons grab tequila and salt...

Today Brenda and I are going out for drinks after work. We have done it
 before and enjoyed it so much that we decided to give it another go. 
 Tonight I will be having a few of those drinks with umbrellas.  
Looking forward very much to that.  Can't wait!

On Saturday Arvid and his guys are going to the pub.  He has 
also done this with them before.  Both of us happy as can be.

I don't know how the weeks are going by so fast, but it seems as if time is 
just flying by.  Today my niece Reshma embarks on a new chapter in life as well.
  Her parents are driving her to her new home for the next few years.
  Yes college life begins for her.  Her mom and dad will be setting
 her up in her apartment.  Seems like all my nieces and 
nephews are growing up way too fast.

We also Skyped with Michelle and the girls yesterday morning. 
 Our granddaughters are beautiful and they are also getting bigger and
 bigger each time we see them.  Arvid and I are missing out on a lot.  They have 
many grandparents living not far from them.  We live so far.  So far.

Another work week soon comes to an end.  Business is good.  Arvid, 
Sniff and I are good. I have days when I miss Brutus so much.
  To this day Brutus is and will always be my baby.  I love Sniff,
 but Brutus took a part of me with him.  I miss Brutus

As I looked at pictures of Brutus and us, in all of them there was Arvid and
I always holding him.  I try to do the same with Sniff, but not happening
as yet. Arvid rarely picks Sniff up. Not because he does not
want to, but because Sniff fights it and tries to bite us.

Sometimes things don't go as planned.  It's called life...


Aug 23, 2017

Hello Wednesday ~

The sound of the rain needs no translation.
Start each day with a grateful heart...

Yesterday we woke up to thunder, rain and dark clouds.  It remained that way
most of the day.  Feels like fall right now in Branson, and I really am liking it.
  As I have mentioned before, I am not crazy about hot weather.

I sure did not want to get out of bed, but little Sniff was hungry and he
made me know that it was time for me to get moving and feed him.

My sister Rima and family are all set to leave for California.
  Yes it's not another country, but we are all missing them already. 
My mom is very sad and cries often.  I am also very sad. I know that we will
be visiting, but somehow it's still hard to come to terms with.  On the positive side,
California will be one of our future destinations.   I will also see Anna more.
Come Monday, California will be home for them.  I am feeling nostalgic right now.

My heart is breaking at the though of Gabby, Riley and Lilly Vade being so far away.
I also have a soft spot for Dexter (Pomeranian)  Don't know Marley so much,
but Dexter slept with me many a times when they lived in Texas. 

Life changes and we all change with it.  I know this is a move Rima and
family are super excited for and of course everyone is happy for them....even so.

Making a big life change is scary.  But, know what's scarier?  Regret.
Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end...


Aug 22, 2017

Thank You ~

My entire life can be described in one sentence,
it didn't go as planned and that's okay...

At Almost Home Lodge watching the Solar Eclipse turned out to be
a little celebration.  Quite a few of us were gathered in front of
my office and together we all shared one set of those special
Solar Eclipse glasses to watch this once in a lifetime event. 

We were not disappointed.  As the sun was blocked the temperatures dipped. 
Few of the tenants complained of dizziness, nausea and headaches. Don't
know if it had anything to do with the Eclipse, but we took it for
granted that it did.  We had a blast, and many shared laughs
and stories as we witnessed this awesome occurrence.

It felt like one big happy family.  I enjoyed it very much and I am very
happy when I'm at Almost Home.  It feels just right.  Everyone is  part of this
family.  Feels good.  Arvid of course did not "see" anything nor did
he care to.  The man is a workaholic and even if there is not
 much to do he finds things to do.  Gotta admire him.  I like
 to have some fun in the work day.  We always do.

There are days that I miss home very much, but then there are moments
 like today that make me realize how fortunate I am.  How fortunate we both are.
  We have a good life.  We may not be travelling and going places as we
 did before, one day it will happen again.  For now we are experiencing
 something different, and I am liking it very much, and I am grateful.

How was your Solar Eclipse?  Remember, life might take us
down different roads, but each of us gets to decide which one we take.
Happy Tuesday all.  Our day is looking stormy.

Life has so many different chapters.  One bad chapter doesn't mean it's the
 end of the book.  Sometimes you need to look at life from a different perspective...


Aug 21, 2017

The Day ~

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts...

Known as The Show Me State, Missouri is in for a great show today. 
Yep!  One of the best places to see the Solar Eclipse and we are in the spot.

It is estimated that the center line in Missouri is the closest destination for 31
million Americans! Traffic is going to be super backed up according to the
news,on the other hand Missouri is in for the show of a lifetime.  Of course
you need the right glasses to watch it.  Had a glimpse already!!
The Great American Eclipse is about to happen.

Had a great weekend.  Ready for the new week.  I think I am.

Everyone at Almost Home is brimming with excitement.  Not often
we get to witness a Solar Eclipse.  Next time it happens I sure won't be around.

 To all a good day and enjoy the Solar Eclipse. 
Be safe and hopefully not too many blind people tomorrow.  

Never let success get to your head,
and never let failure get to your heart...


Aug 19, 2017

To A Good Day Ahead ~

Isn't it funny how day by day nothing changes,
but when you look back everything is different....

There are days when I wish there was a mall with a Macy's close to me.
  Here there is an Outlet Mall.  My favorite store there is the shoe store and
sometimes I do find a cute little top in one of the others, but my most
favorite is Macy's and its about an hour form us.  Not impossible to get to,
but with work and all just not the most convenient place to get to.

What they do have in abundance here are Craft Malls.  More like
an indoor flea market is what it reminds me of.  Lots of Thrift Stores as well. 
Just not what I am really keen on, but I have to say they are always packed.

My drive to and from work looks something like this.  Some days I find it relaxing
to be part of this big open space.  Other days it's just a boring scenery I see.

But no matter what everyday I see something interesting.  Be it
deers or some other "creature" I would not encounter in Florida on my
daily drive from home to the mall for instance.  Completely different scenarios.

Yesterday I went to my favorite Indian restaurant.  The buffet as I 
always mention is super delicious.  As always I eat way too much when there. 
But was I happy while doing so.  Unfortunately afterwards I did have some
acid burning.  OH well while it lasted it was delicious and of course
I will be there again as soon as I can. As in next week. Maybe.

The rain is here again.  Truthfully I don't mind right now.
People tend to stay in more and there is less commotion going on.
At least I think so. For now a good day to everyone.

Life is a one time offer.  Use it well.
Live life to the fullest, and focus on the positive...


Aug 18, 2017

Life ~Is To Be Lived ~

The older I get, the more I realize
that it's OK to live a life others don't understand...

We have had quite some rain these last couple of days.  It rained so much
the other night I thought we were in Florida again.  Florida has heavy
rains that lasts for about five minutes and then suddenly it clears
up and the skies are blue again.  Had some of that right here
in Branson this week.  Reminded me of being home.

The last couple of days I have been feeling a little bla.  Nothing is wrong,
so not sure exactly why.  All is good at the hotels, at home and
with us, but even so I was awake for most of the night. 

Thoughts and more thoughts going through my head, and yes, Brutus was
a big part of those thoughts.  Then all of a sudden Sniff came on the bed and
curled up next to me.  As if he knew I needed to feel him.  Then I fell asleep.

Arvid had his milkshake after all and was happy.  I had an Appletini and
I was happy as well.  Not often that I do this, but on this day I thought it was
the right call.  Temperatures are still on the cooler side here.  Leaving
the doors open for a few hours feels good.  Nothing like fresh air.

Our Fridays, Saturdays and our every days are very different from what
it was. Sundays, no matter where we are is always the same. Arvid
and I spending time together over a good meal and enjoying  beautiful
sceneries. The where we are does not matter.  What matters
is that we are together and for that I am always grateful.

To all a happy start of the weekend.  Remember if you 
can't change a situation, change your mind.

When you find peace within yourself, you become
the kind of person who can live at peace with others...


Aug 17, 2017

Thursday In Branson ~

Because every picture tells a story...

On my way to work I find it sometimes difficult to not stop and take pictures.
  Don't ask me why.  I have many of the same, but as far as I am concerned
everyday the same thing looks different.  As I have mentioned before,
the wheel is one of my favorite attractions to photograph.

I get it from all angles and to this day I am never bored or disappointed with it.
Maybe because it came from Chicago?  Whatever the reason, it  never 
ceases to make me smile and to brighten and cheer up my day.

Most of these attractions are closer to 76 INN.  Arvid's hotel.
Have not really been into any of them, but I still like to pass by and
get pictures. Arvid and I are not one to "do" the attractions. 
No matter where we go. At one time we did, but then we decided
we were not cut out for it.  Making lines is not our thing.

The other day we tried out a "new" place for lunch.  Burgers any which
way you want them.  Arvid loves his burgers and was not disappointed in it,
but when we were done eating he said to me, "how come you did not order
the milkshake?"   Guess next time I will have to get him his milkshake.

The restaurant reminded us a little of Roadhouse in Fort Lauderdale.
The peanuts were there for taking.  When Arvid's daughter Michelle was little 
she loved going to Roadhouse.  She did not eat much, but she loved the peanuts.  All
she used to order at that time was macaroni and cheese.  Now she's a mom with 2 kids.

Just got our deliveries from Pepsi and Coca Cola for the week.  
Everyone is happy and all is good here at Almost Home and 76 Inn.

Happy Thursday to all and may you always live in interesting times.

Just because I post something doesn't mean I am
going through it.   I may just like the quotes...


Aug 16, 2017

Just Another Wednesday ~

 In terms of procrastination, today has been wildly successful.
Rainy day, good book, coffee, perfection...

Waking up to theses cooler temperatures in the middle of August 
just feels so good.  Temperatures in the 60's and throughout the day
 it gets to the high 70's maybe 80's.  Does not get any better
 than this.  Factor in no humidity and it's just perfect.

My sister in Florida keeps telling me how hot and how humid it is. 
 She has never had a summer in Florida as yet, and to say the least, 
she does not like it at all.  I keep telling her that come winter 
she will be loving it.  Yes come winter it is the best place to be.

My sister and family will be heading to California by the end of August.
  Their home is a mess right now in Virginia.  Packing and packing is
 what they are doing and trust me I know the feeling. 

Yesterday has been one of those days that because of the weather,
 I felt as if I should have been home with a good book and 
some hot chocolate.  The day was foggy and cool.  Love it.

Almost Home and 76 Inn are quite full.  Both places are super quiet
 and calm.  Just like it should be.  The pool is in full swing for at least
 another month maybe a tad bit longer here at Almost Home.  Once 
fall comes it's time to close up and prepare for the cooler temperatures.  

Today is one of those days I really don't feel like doing much. 
 Blame it on the weather.  Makes me want to stay in 
bed and just curl up with a good book, Arvid and Sniff.
 Looking forward t those days one day again.

Today sister number 4 celebrates her birthday.  Together with her family
 they spent it in Puerto Rico a few weeks ago.  Was celebration 
time for both her and her husband whose birthday fall
 in August.  Though she is far away, I always have
 her well being at heart and think of her daily. 

 To all a good day, and if you don't have to head out..well take
 a lazy sloth day.  Move minimally. eat slowly, enjoy life. 

I am seriously having a very very lazy day today.. 
It's only Wednesday and I just don't feel like moving too fast...


Aug 15, 2017

Dark Clouds Rolling In ~

You're not going to master the rest of your life in one day.
Just relax.  Master the day.  Then just keep doing that every day...

No matter how you look at it the day is filled with dark clouds.  The air is cooler
and right now it is quiet and very relaxing.  I'm having a very good day.

This is looking across the street from Almost Home.  A favorite of
mine on a Friday.  Any day is good, but somehow on Fridays it is even better.

Sniff slept close to me.  How I love that.  Waking up in the mornings with his
warm body tucked next to me is one of the best way to start our day.

My day is not as busy as Arvid's is.  Arvid like to be on the move and
run around no matter what.  I don't think he wants to have a non
busy day. Arvid has more energy in him than someone half  his
 age.  I love him, but sometimes wish he would slow down.

Happy Tuesday all.

Women and cats will do as they please,
men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea...