Jan 31, 2017

Picture Of The Day..

The best thing in life are not things, they are moments...

These two definitely have their moments.  Pictures don't often lie.  Every night 
it's bonding time by the TV.  So tuned into each other that they even yawn
 together.  Makes for happy moments and treasured memories.

Appreciate life as it happens.  Moments will soon pass and you will wish 
you had treasured them more.  Good advise for all of us.  I definitely am listening.
 They say that without sad moments in your life you won't know what the happy moments
 are.  As we all know life is not perfect, but sometimes it can have perfect moments.

Good morning everyone.  May today and everyday be 
the day for positive changes in our lives.

Best moments happen when they are unplanned...


Jan 30, 2017

New Week... Here We Go Again

Everyday is a new beginning.  Problems and mistakes of yesterday 
are now just memories of a lesson learned.  I absorb the energy and the possibilities 
of each new day,acknowledge the simple beauty that can be taken for granted, 
and look forward to tomorrows new beginning....

This time last year Arvid and I were in the Keys and Isla Morada.  Right now sounds like a 
long time ago.  Warm weather, sunshine, the waves splashing at my feet and sand 
between my toes.  Yeah, sounds so far away.  For now, but not for long.  I hope.

Looking forward to another week full of promises and definitely good things 
coming to all of us.  My sister after all is a true believer in this Chinese
 New Year, and has told us many of the to do's to make things
 run smoother and better for all of us.  Why not give it a try.  

I have already taken steps to make it better.  I called Liliana and we spoke for a while.  
She also did us a favor.  No matter what has happened, she is still the only one I trust
 with certain things.  She is a good person.  We may not be where we were once, but
 hopefully one day it will be better.  Shadow is still too fresh a wound in my heart.

The next two days are looking good here.  High in the 60's (about 16 Celsius),  
lows in the 30's (3 to -3 Celsius) and 20's for the week. You have to take the
good with the not so good. 60 degrees Fahrenheit sounds like heaven right now.

My friend Anna's kitty Taino is still not doing great.  He has been hand fed, but as 
of now it's just in small amounts.  Still better than nothing.  Anna is living a terrible time 
right now.  Her baby's time with her is limited and she knows it.  That's what's killing her. 

Wishing everyone a good week ahead.  Just remember that sometimes when you
 think you have it hard, there are others living through much worse times.

Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while
 they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step...


Jan 29, 2017

Let's Strive for A Happy Day..

A good life is a collection of happy moments...

Sunday~Funday.  Time spent with the ones I love.

He does look scared.  Truth is he does not like being photographed.  Very unlike Brutus,
 who loved when we picked him up and took pictures of him and with him.  If he did 
not like it he was so used to it he never complained.  Sniff will get there as well. 
 Shadow was to active and still a baby so for him to be still was not happening.

After waking up to a very cold day, yesterday turned out to be pretty nice in 
the afternoon.  Not having the beach to go out for our mojitos, we decided to make 
the most of the weather and do it at home.  While Arvid indulged in an
 adult beverage, I enjoyed strawberries.  One thing about Branson, 
their strawberries are super sweet and delicious.  

Back home in Florida, I was never able to eat many without my mouth 
getting all sore.  Here I can eat an entire package without problems.  I stock up
 on strawberries just about every other day.  Just yummy and very sweet.

Sunday.  Peaceful.  Quiet and with the promise of lots of sunshine.  Yes it's cold,
 but when the sun comes out it makes everything better.  If only we could 
get rid of the wind.  That now will make for so much better times.

Happy Sunday to all.  Someone said, "there are far far better
things ahead than we leave behind."  Time will tell,

You have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of 
your life.  Take time to do what makes your soul happy...


Jan 28, 2017

It's Not Always Easy...

Life is about doing the things that make you happy.
Not the things that please other people...

Yesterday was a bad day for my friend Anna.  Her Taino is not doing well.  
He's not eating and all he does is lay down.  Sleeps and sleeps. When
 I was talking to her all I heard in her voice was the desperation of 
someone who is grabbing on to any lifeline that life throws.  

I know exactly what she is going through and I can tell you is in not easy. 
 Every minute is more agonizing than the other.  If only we lived a little closer.
  We could comfort each other, but Anna lives all the way in California.  I hope
 today her Taino is doing a little better today.  Will know in a little.  Little Taino
 is not doing so good right now. Has not eaten since Wednesday

It was another cold day yesterday.  Not much difference today.  Looking forward 
to doing a little Skype with the little ones.  Aleah and Vanessa.  We have been missing 
each other for one reason or another.  Somehow with the 7 hour difference 
our schedules just don't seem to be at odds.  Today fortunately we 
can finally do it.  Good start of the day for sure.  Yes, indeed.

Friday night in Branson was quiet.  Some TV, snacks and of course Sniff Sniff 
laying in his favorite spot between Arvid's legs.  He tries to lay between my legs,
 but I move too much so he get upset and move away.  He's a cute little kitty.

Any day that starts with Lilly Vade's smile is definitely going to be a good day.  
My mom is doing better.  Still hurting quite a lot, but she is not a quitter.  She does
 her physical therapy 3 times a week with a therapist coming to her home and on the other
 days my dad is her therapist.  My dad is just the best.  I have to say I am one of
the luckiest people in the world to have been given the parent I have. 
 We are lucky kids and we never take them for granted.

Happy Saturday everyone.  Just remember that the things you take for
 granted are the exact same things someone else is praying for.

At the end of the day all you need is hope and strength.
Hope that it will get better ans strength to hold on until it does...


Jan 27, 2017

Hello Friday ~ Weekend Mode...

Coffee in hand: check.  Smile on face: check.  Pajamas all day.
If this weekend goes as planned it will not  include any actual plans...

Yesterday was ridiculously cold and windy.  the temperatures never whit more than the 
mid 30's, that is less than i degree Celsius.  I have not been feeling so good.  Not sure it it's
the cold or what but I have had a terrible sinus headache that just won't quit.  Very annoying.

The car was frozen as were my fingers and toes.  Did not stop me from going out for a
 little, but I have to say that it was not that pleasant.  Sunshine and warmth would
 be welcoming right now.  The wind is something that seeps right into your 
skin and bites.  I was told that the wind here can be challenging. 

 Seems that just like Florida with it's hurricane season, Branson has a windy 
season in March.  At least that's what I have been told, but that remains to be seen.

It was so cold that I decided to make some hot chocolate and surprise Arvid.  He 
claims that it's his specialty and with him there is always a lot of preparation 
and planning before making it.  I just made it and said, "let's have some
 hot chocolate."  He was surprised and happy.  Said it warmed him up.

The next few days are not looking to be any warmer, but the weather people
 have been know to be wrong before.  Let's hope they are again.  

Friday.  I wonder what we will be doing today?  Hmmm...music?  Don't think so.
Branson is a very seasonal place.  It has as slow period, tourist wise and that period 
is right now.  December to February.  At least that is what everyone says.  

Right now many of the restaurants, quite a few hotels and all the attractions are closed.  
I guess it's what you would call a ghost town, nut come March as everyone says then 
it will be buzzing.  Will be interesting to see what everyone is talking about.

Well friends, it's Friday again.  What does your weekend look like?
For sure I know we will be going to Home Depot.  Probably Staples.  I need 
a few things for my "office"  And the always Walmart.  Gotta get some cold medicine.

Happy Friday all.  Enjoy the weekend with the people you love.

I will face whatever comes today with a positive attitude.  I have learned 
so much from my mistakes.  I'm thinking of making a few more now...


Jan 26, 2017

5 Moves That Make You Look Cheap..

What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly 

Give without remembering.  Take without forgetting...

Reading the finance news I came across this article... hope you enjoy it.  In our 
lives we have all been "cheap" at some point probably, but when it is to 
the extreme then that can become a very ugly trait.

Thanks to the recent financial crisis, frugality and thrift are increasingly becoming 
positive attributes. But if, like many people, you find yourself looking for ways to trim
 your spending, you may find yourself flirting with what can be a very fine line. 

You know: the one between making smart financial choices and being outright cheap.
 In fact, in many cases it's a line between thrift and outright thievery. You know you've 
hit it when your savings become someone else's loss - or your own.
 Here are a few common examples where thrifty become
 downright cheap. How far would you go?

Thrifty: Buying Items That Are on Sale
Cheap: Only Buying Items That Are on Sale

Seeking out sales can be a great way to help make groceries, clothes and virtually any 
other items you need fit into a tight budget. At the grocery store, for example, you
 might choose the cereal that's on sale, rather than the one that's on your list.

When people cross the line to cheap, however, is when they refuse to buy anything that 
isn't on sale. This can often backfire by causing you to buy things that might be of
 lower overall value or that you wouldn't have even considered buying otherwise. 

You may find yourself spending more than you would have had you just purchased 
what you needed. It can also put shoppers out of touch with the value of what
 they're getting for their money - and isn't that what thrift is all about?

Thrifty: Tipping According to Service
Cheap: Never Tipping at All

Common etiquette requires that customers provide tips for certain services. As a result, 
some of these service providers are actually paid considerably less by their employers,
 because they expect that tips will make up the difference. In some states, this may 
even be less than minimum wage. If you get rude or indifferent service,
 it may be fair to leave nothing, but if you never tip, ask yourself why. 
Is it really because you feel your waiter or taxi driver makes plenty 
of money, or is it just because you can't bear to part with it?

Thrifty: Putting Money Aside for Savings
Cheap: Saving Everything and Living on Nothing

Living a very Spartan lifestyle can a great way to achieve a big goal, but it's no way to live.
 If you're working toward retiring early, buying a house or taking time off work to spend
 with family, travel or pursue other goals, digging deep to make this happen just 
might be worth it. But if you find yourself saving nearly every penny 
and scrounging to make ends meet, it may be time to ask yourself
 just what you're saving for. If you don't have an answer, 
you've probably gone too far.

Thrifty: Taking Advantage of a Good Deal
Cheap: Taking Advantage.

If you find a great way to stretch a dollar, there's nothing wrong with making
 gooduse of it. For example, if you're in a coffee shop that provides free refills,
stick around and enjoy a few cups if you're in the mood. But please, don't
keep the cup and come back later (or every day thereafter) for more.

 A couple of extra cups of coffee probably won't put a dent in a business's  bottom
 line, but if more people follow your lead, it might just quash its free refills.

Thrifty: Cutting Out Internet and Cable
Cheap: Stealing It from Your Neighbors.

If you start cutting costs, you'll soon learn that you can get by with a lot less. But if you want
 to be able to brag about your frugal living ways, you have to actually do without. If you
cut out your Internet but then log on through your neighbor's wireless signal, you're
 about as enviable as the guy who parks a Prius in his driveway
but keeps a Lexus Convertible in the garage.

The Bottom Line

If you've cut your budget so far that you need to resort to taking advantage of others,
 consider yourself cheap. The same is true if your sense of frugality begins to look
 more like austerity or self-denial. Budgeting and saving money should be a
measured approach to reach a financial goal or survive tough times, not an
 end in and of themselves. While being frugal may be trendy right now,
taking this trend to its extremes may be no better than falling prey
 to overspending. After all, neither approach leads to living well,
 which is what smart financial planning is all about.

Nothing wrong with wanting the best deal available...who doesn't? However,
it is possible to go too far...and this can definitely be a turn off rather than an asset. 
 Like the article says there is a fine line between being thrifty and being downright CHEAP!!!

The two most generous people in my life

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by 

what we give.  If there is one thing I have learnt from my 
parents it is to give without expecting anything in return. 

 In my life my best example will always be my mom and
 dad.  They live their lives the way many only wish 
they could.  Simple and always thinking 
of others.  Sometimes too much. 

 A a child I remember my dad taking the shirt off his
 back only because someone said they liked it and give
 it to them.  He did the same with his watch.  Just because 
as he put it, "someone needed it more than I did." 

This from a man who grew up dirt poor and who 
at the time also did not have much, but as he said he 
probably had more than the other person at the time.
The generous man enriches himself by giving; the cheap man hoards himself poor.
A miser grows rich by seeming poor;  an extravagant man grows poor by seeming...


Jan 25, 2017

Hello Wednesday...

You don't always need a plan.  Sometimes you just need 
to breathe, trust, let go, and see what happens...

Weather wise it's strange here in Branson. For instance yesterday morning
 started out in the 30's by 3 pm it was closer to 70 degrees and sunny
 as can be.  For sure I did not know how to dress.

I had a little outing to the outlet mall and just walking in and out of stores
 was enough to work up a sweat. It was that warm.  I don't miss the 
Florida heat but I miss the sunshine, blue skies and the water.

One of the things I like about this cold weather is the change I have noticed in my hair. 
 Most of the times I'm happy with it. It's much tamer.  On the other hand I have 
lost most of my curls.  Oh well not complaining because now I don't have to 
do anything with my hair.  Does not even require gel products.

Yesterday was such a beautiful day. It felt good to be in my Florida clothes. 
 Miss those days of tank tops and flip flops, but hopefully not for long.

If one were to see Arvid and I living in these colder temperatures you'd think we have been
 doing this for years. The cold has not bothered us much. Yes, we say it's cold but then
we just go on like nothing.  I think it's odd. Us, who always lived in the warm climate. 
 My family are so surprised at how well we have adapted. My sisters and parents 
keep asking, "Arvid's not cold?"  What can I say?  We're as surprised as them.

I'm getting used to Walmart shopping. Have not really missed Publix much but every 
once in a while if I'm honest with myself nostalgia kicks in.  I try not to think of
 our home in Florida because then I think I will just pack up and go home.
I was the one who asked for a change.  Arvid listened and we made it.
  Now I just have to stick it out and make the most of it.

Our routines have not changed much.  The scenery on the other hand is something I am still
 not used to.  Dry. Brown. Gray and dull.  Some days I see rabbits running in the front 
of the house next to the trees.  One day as I was driving home from the store I 
saw 7 deers.   I like all of that, but when evening comes and we are watching 
TV everything is dark.  I miss the sight of boats passing by!

We still do our Sunday outings, but maybe I'm spoilt.  It is still taking some time 
form me to get used to the restaurants here.  I will honestly say that the restaurants at
 home are better.  On the other hand Arvid says that the food here is very good.  
Go figure.  We have agreed to disagree.  On may as of things lately.

Sniffer is doing well. He loves it here. His favorite part of the evenings is sleeping 
between Arvid legs as we watch TV.  During the day he sharpens his hunting skills.  
I think he would make a good outdoor kitty.  So unlike Brutus.  

Brutus was an indoor boy.  Outside life was not for him. He was afraid of flies.
  My Brutus.  How I miss him.  I know Shadow would have also made an excellent hunter.
  He was fast and fearless.  My heart just can't seem to let go.  Memories fill my days. 
Sometimes it's overwhelming.  Last night I hardly slept. I just kept rewinding everything
 about Brutus.  How I miss him.  Arvid does as well.  Lately he talks about Brutus.

As a new day begins, I have no clue as to what it holds as yet.  That's good because
 right now I want it to just be quiet and relaxing. No running around.  Not that cold either.
Happy Wednesday, already halfway through the week.  Almost Friday.  Yay!!

Two things prevent us from happiness.  Living in the past and observing others.
In life yo keep your balance you have to keep moving, no matter what....


Jan 23, 2017

New Week Again...

One small positive though in the morning can change your whole day.
New Monday.  New week.  New goals.  Let's do it...

Somehow Sunday was a very long day. It was wet and gloomy, and Arvid and I
 finally decided it was time to assemble my desk.  Yes, I needed a new desk
 for my office.  The one I have is very flimsy and had no cabinets to
 store anything. As we opened the box it freaked me out to see how 
many parts there was. Hundreds of pieces and even more
 hardware.  Yeah a job that lasted most of the day.

It is still not done, but we needed to go for lunch so hopefully today we will finish it. 
 I still am amazed at how many pieces there was.  Usually Arvid is very vocal when
 doing stuff like this, but it seems that life in Branson has tamed him down.
  His vocabulary is less colorful.  Even I am amazed at the change.

Here in Branson most of the people we have been out with just drink sweet tea. 
 Nothing wrong with that but so strange that no one has ever ordered a beer or
 any other drink.  Soon both Arvid and I might probably be drinking 
sweet tea as well. That's how much Branson has changed us.  Hmmm

I really miss the occasional pina colada or mojito. For instance, yesterday we
 went to a steak restaurant with a "friend".  Usually Arvid would have a beer or two,
 but not anymore. The most Arvid ever has these days is a beer on Fridays.  I miss
 our Florida days, but not for long.  Florida is calling and I'm listening.

So far no one has visited us in Branson. The first ones will most likely be
 Victoria and Michael.  This March.  Mom and dad would have come already, 
but mom had surgery and it's not a good idea to travel right now. 

 Mom is back home but she's hurting very much.  I want to be there with her as
 do my sisters, but right now both her and my dad think it best that no one comes.  
That I understand. If we were there it would just put more pressure on both of them.

Another week begins.  My mom is doing physical therapy everyday 
and though I know she hurts a lot I also know she is not a quitter.  
Guess her 5 daughters got that from her and our dad.

Sniff has been having an amazing weekend. Rain falling means leaves falling.
 Drives him crazy to see all of this. As if that were not enough there was a 
little butterfly that snuck in the house as I opened the door.  That kept
 him awake for hours until I chased the butterfly away

Many things to do this week same as last week.  No matter what or 
where we are we are always busy.  Sometimes I'm so tired I just want
 to stay in bed. Cover up and not get up so early.  Sniff always has other
 plans for us and because of that I'm always awake early.

Hope your week ahead is a productive and exciting one.  We sure have lots to do,
 and in there we have a few pit stops to Home Depot.  The temperature has
 been warmish but the days have been wet, gloomy and mostly dark. 
 Today I will just pretend I am back home in Florida walking on the
 beach and letting my thoughts take me wherever they want.

Yesterday I spoke with Liliana. I really miss that girl   Maybe one day we will 
mend our friendship and be the way we once were.  Yes when we get back to Florida I
 look forward to that.  I won't lie I still am very angry and hurt but time they say heals. 
 Working on that.  Time has not healed the sadness in y heart over the loss of Brutus. 
 I will never ever stop wishing he was here with us.  I miss our Brutus everyday.

Happy Monday all may this be the start of wonderful things ahead.

Monday is the perfect day to correct last week's mistakes.
Good morning.  Today will be fabulous...


Jan 22, 2017


And although I like to relax and have fun, my passion is constant move...

Sunday morning and all is good.  As usual, Sniff was awake at 5 am hoping we would 
get out of the bed.  Same routine everyday.  He tries, but today I was not ready to
 get up this early.  Forget about Arvid he is a "late" riser and he is definitely
 not getting out of any bed before 7:30 am, and that's an if.

When Brutus was alive he wanted us to wake up and go with him to his foodies.  
Stand and watch him while he ate.  Something Arvid did many many times during the day. 
 Some routines are engraved in ones heart.  The routines we had with Brutus are something
 we miss very much.  Just the other night Arvid said to me, "with Brutus I was able to 
sing to him as he ate his snacks before he fell asleep.  Now Sniff just gobbles and runs.
  Brutus ate, and stayed asleep in his bed after he was done with snack."

I will not lie.  We both miss Brutus very much.  It's not often Arvid would talk about him, 
but when he does it is with a sadness I see and I feel.  Brutus changed us.  He definitely
 changed Arvid and made him a better person.  I miss our Brutus so much.  Yes, we
 love Sniff.  He is a good kitty.  Shadow...breaks my heart.  He was just a baby. 

It's not usual for Arvid to get up before I do, but on those very rare days when he does
 he turns on the coffee maker and once I'm up coffee is all ready.  Today was one
 of those rare days.  Guess he did not want to miss the soccer game.

Well my coffee is still warm.  Sniff has already found his favorite napping spot for 
this time of the day.  Breakfast is soon ready.  Sundays are very relaxing.
As always Arvid calls his family, catches up with their week.

For us the biggest decision right now is, "what shall we do?"
Whatever it is, I know it will be a relaxing day.  Sundays usually are.

I don't really make plans and I just want to be happy and 
continue with my business and take care of my loved 
ones I want to sit back, relax and enjoy life...


Jan 20, 2017

Happy Friday...

I've learned that no matter what happens, or how bad it seems today,
life does go an and  it will be better tomorrow.  It has to...

Some days I need a little extra pick me up to jump start my day.  Lilly Vade's smile
 never fails to brighten it.  Combined with my other nieces and nephews, I think my
 day is already looking better.  Little things are the things that make me happy. 
Seeing Lilly Vade so happy doing a manicure-pedicure with her mom and
 just that big smile makes the world already a better place.

Looking forward very much to the weekend, one of its best moments is when we 
Skype with our two grand-daughters.  They also make my world a better place.  
Their smiles are also contagious.  Missing them very much sometimes.

Seems like another cold (colder) front in coming this way.  Got to say Arvid and I are 
doing extremely good in this weather.  Neither of us has had any major complaints about it.
  I find it extremely strange.  For those who know us, you know that we love the warm weather. 
 Yet for some reason we are flourishing in the cold.  Very bizarre.  Even I have to say so.

To all a very good day.  Wake up each day and be thankful for life.

I was smiling yesterday.  I am smiling today and will smile tomorrow simply 
because life is too short to cry for anything.  Make today ridiculously amazing...


Jan 19, 2017

A Woman Of Substance...Our Mom

A strong person is not one who doesn't cry.  A strong person is one who 
cries and sheds tears for a moment, then gets up and fights again...

Tuesday was really a stressful day for our family. You see our mom had surgery.  
Not being there with her made it even more stressful.  We had some very tense
 hours while surgery was taking place. Fortunately everything went well. 
She's still in the hospital and will be there until Friday but the worst is over.

  Mom is in a lot of pain, but she never ever complains.  I have never seen anyone 
in my entire life deal with as much pain as she has for so many years and never ever
 complaining.  I sure did not take after her in that sense.  I'm so not tolerant to pain.

Our dad was with her throughout the entire time.  He never left the hospital even 
when there where hours of waiting knowing that he was not going to know anything.
  My mom is his entire world and he hers.  Yes though it was my mom in the hospital 
I was also worried about my dad.  I just wished I was there right now with him to 
give him a big hug and to let him know how much he and my mom are loved.

He spends all day at the hospital from early in the morning until late in the evenings.  
I'm sure the house is extremely quiet without her there.  They have a huge house.  
I think way too big for just the two of them, so I can only imagine how quiet is
 for him.  The nights must be very long.  Very long. I miss them this moment.

As for us five girls we noticed our moms "absence" immediately.  There was a void. 
 We usually text constantly on messenger and yesterday messenger went very 
quiet.  Mommy was not there.  It's always her who keeps us chatting 
away.  Mostly nonsense but nonsense we really missed.

Finally yesterday she was able to do some chatting with us, and as soon as she woke 
up  she called me.  It was the most beautiful sound I heard.  Her voice.  One 
by one she called all five of us.  When she was done I knew she was
exhausted. Even so she never complained.  She never does.

Our lives without her even for a day was too quiet.  Felt empty and we all felt a little 
lost without her.  Just happy she is recovering and will soon be back home with our dad. 
 They belong together now and forever.  For weeks to come she will be in a lot of pain, but 
hopefully it will get better.  There is no one stronger and more courageous than my mom.

To all a very good day.  Today our family is very relieved and much more relaxed than we were
 two days ago.  Our mom is going to do good and will soon be back home with our dad. 

Many may relate to this quote: 
"I am a strong woman because a strong woman raised me."

The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd.
The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before...