May 31, 2023

Wednesday May 31st~

Sometimes life's most important moments 
are quiet, a decision made quick and calm...

 When it comes to basking n the sunshine no one beats Sniff. 
 Wherever there is a ray of sunshine Sniff is right there.  Yesterday the
 sun did not come out too much, but in the afternoon it graced us with 
its presence and Sniff was right there.  All stretched out and relaxed.

My mom and sisters call Sniff the model.  And I can
 see why.  Not only is he perfect, but he is just the most 
beautiful little dude.  Obviously I am NOT biased 😂

With almost no more soccer games to watch, 
Arvid is getting restless.  Thankfully we can watch
 the Florida Panthers vs Vegas Golden Knights 
faceoff in the Stanley Cup finals. 

 Hockey time is here.  LET'S GO PANTHERS!!!
 and just like that, we are halfway into the week.  
Time sure is moving along FAST I will to say.

To all a good day. Well it seems as if I am going to be
 going to have a few more visits with the doctors.  I definitely
 need to get home to Fort Myers.  I need to keep all these doctors
 in one location only.  Already tests are overlapping and there 
is not much I can do about.  Every doctor wants to have their
 own tests performed on me.  I am but a guinea pig here.

I can think of worse things than being used as guinea pigs...


May 29, 2023

Monday May 29th ~

Extraordinary things are always hiding 
in places people never think to look...

 Any day that begins with a sunrise as beautiful as this, is 
definitely going to be a good one.  Feeling good and I look 
forward to the new week.  As always Arvid and I are always up 
for something to do, and he always finds a project.  Keeps him
 busy and happy.  Keeps me from causing trouble as well.

This past week has been really good for us.  Much
 has gotten accomplished.  Arvid and I are still 
smiling and of course Sniff is oblivious of all
 except that he's loved and loved more.

Over the weekend we had another great time at The Landing.  
This time we also had the opportunity to show it to a colleague
 visiting from another state.  As always it did not disappoint.

Back in Fort Myers, Florida,  dad M15 and his boy E22 continue 
to captivate audiences.  They have followers from all over the 
world.  The picture below is taken from their Facebook Page

Happy Memorial Day.  America, home of the free, because of the brave.

All you need is the plan, the road map, and 
the courage to press on to your destination...


May 28, 2023

Quiet Sunday ~

 Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax...

Sunday.  A day to just do as little as possible.  At least we 
will try.  Sniff is already doing his best and succeeding at it.

Sunsets from our deck are also AMAZING.  I took these
 yesterday evening as I was brining in the bird feeders.

Even I am impressed with these pictures.

The day begins beautifully.  Could not ask for much more.  
As I have always said, sunsets and sunrises, no matter 
where we are never disappoint.  Looking forward to
 seeing the sunrise and sunsets in Norway soon again.

A quiet day awaits us.  That is always good.  Arvid has been
working like a madman all week long.  Now he's a bit tired both mentally
 and physically.  Many things going on at the same time of course we like it,
 but it does take its toll.  Today we relax and have our outing later when it 
warms up.  A happy Sunday to all and a happy Memorial Day Weekend.

And I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free. 
And I won’t forget the men who died, who gave that right to me...


May 27, 2023

Saturday May 27th ~

 You don't have to be positive all the time.  It's perfectly okay
 to feel sad, angry, frustrated, scared, or anxious.  Having feelings
 doesn't make you a "negative person."  It makes you human...

It's looking to be a beautiful day here.  The sun will be out 
and the day will be warm.  The nights are still cold,  and yes 
we do still keep the heat on.  Very strange weather we have been
 having.  Maybe that's why my bronchitis is still lingering on 😟, 
but at least my chest x-rays did not show anything too bad.

As far as Sniff goes all is well.  He has no worries in this world.  
He is well cared for and loved every single minute of his life. Arvid 
and I enjoy spending time at The Landing.  Always pretty and the
 many restaurants and shops makes it a great attraction all year long.

We have not tried the Zipline as yet. Who know, 
I might develop bravery before we leave this fall.

The days are beautiful.  Weather is great and being able to go 
to The Landing makes it more enjoyable when in Branson.

Good morning world.  Sniff's basking in sunshine.

Dear mind please stop thinking so much at night, I need sleep...


May 26, 2023

Friday May 26th~

 Yesterday ended last night, today
 is a brand new day.  And it's yours..

Fridays make us happy, not as if it's different than any
 other day, but for us it means that the "work week" is over, 
although in our case that is never so.  Just makes it feel like we 
can take off a little on a Friday evening and do some fun stuff.
Never need a reason to celebrate, but when there is on 💙

On Fridays we like to go to The Landing, walk around a
 bit and have a little nibble and something to drink.  I go for
 the drinks with umbrellas and Arvid sticks to beer.

When in Fort Myers we go downtown.  Both Arvid and I miss our Friday pizza.

A good day to all and may the weekend be filled with 
all things good.  Whether you are looking forward to a relaxing
 day, heading out for an adventure or have a big night planned, 
make sure you have a good time. For many this is a three
 day weekend.  Happy Memorial Day Weekend.

It’s not necessarily the amount of time you spend at practice
 that counts; it’s what you put into the practice.  Hockey,
 another thing Arvid introduced me to 💛 Happy.

Every weekend should be a three-day weekend. 
 The only thing better than a long weekend is 
that it’s followed by a short work week...


May 25, 2023

Thursday May 25th ~

The truth is you don't know what is going to happen
 tomorrow.  Life is a crazy ride, and nothing is guaranteed...

I follow an Eagle family in Fort Myers.   I am so in love with
 them that it's not funny.  Their story is one that has survived many 
a difficult times, including Hurricane Ian.  Tragedy of course is at
 the core of it, but over all it is an amazing story of an AMAZING
 Eagle family and of one SUPER dad M15.  SWFL EagleCam

And because of that I had to share it once again.  Soon the cameras 
following them will be turned off.  That will be a really tough day 
for SW Florida and so many following this family.  Me included.

Yesterday was back to doing lab works and chest x-rays. 
 I'm sure it's nothing serious, but I'm really tired of being tired.

As the new day begins Arvid, Sniff, and I are excited to see what it brings.

Good morning all.   Live your life from your heart. Share from
 your heart. And your story will touch and heal people's souls.

Life consists not in holding good cards
 but in playing those you hold well.,,


May 24, 2023

Wednesday May 24th ~

 It doesn't matter what's been written in your story so far, 
it's how you fill up the rest of the pages that counts...

Wednesday again.  Halfway through the week and little by 
little we are starting to see the results of Arvid's hard work.
  I just know that he will soon need to start a new "project" just 
to stay busy.  For a man his age, Arvid does not know what the
 word slow down means, and I don't say this in a bad way.  It's 
just that sometimes it's nice to want to relax and take it easy.

May is about over.  Good riddance.  Once June begins our time to go to 
Norway gets closer and closer.  I look forward to it.  I would love to give
 Victoria and Michael a big hug and to make them feel better.  If I can.  
We look forward to seeing and enjoying good times with everyone.

I do stress about leaving Sniff for so long, but I know he
 is well cared for.  Peace of mind is always good.  He's my baby.

He cheers me up and makes me laugh when I am down.  
Together with Arvid I am fortunate.  I don't know what I would
 do if something happened to Sniff.  Brutus' death shattered me.  
Shadow's devastated us.  I want our Sniff with us FOREVER!!!

It's back to a few doctors appointments again.  I just don't 
understand it, but ever since getting to Branson I have not been 
feeling good.  I need to go back home soon.  I want to have all my doctors
 in one place, at least until I know what is really going on with me.

As the new day begins we "forget" that what we 
take for granted, someone else is praying for.  Somewhere out
 there, there is a sadness and an anger that haunts many
 until hopefully one day it becomes bearable.

Never apologize for doing what you have to do in 
order to maintain your happiness and peace.  In 
your life you need to come second to none...


May 23, 2023

Tuesday May 23rd ~

 Sometimes it takes only one act of kindness
 and caring to change a person's life...

Life teaches you lessons all day long.  Be it good or bad,
 you always learn something along the way.  At least one hopes so.

At some point in all our lives tragedy will touch us.  There is
 no "saving" us from it.  I just wish that it didn't touch the ones
 we love.  I just can't think of someone I love hurting, crying.  
I just can't because I know how it feels and it's not good.

Staying busy keeps the mind occupied, most of the time.
Wishing everyone a day filled with all things good.  May each
 day bring you a little more peace and acceptance. 

 It took me years and years to get there, and some
 days I do go back to square one.  But life is a work in 
progress and we each heal and cope differently.

When a dear person in your life loses their cat, it can be hard
 to know the right words to say. The loss of their perfect pet has
 left them with a hole in their heart that will never fully heal. 

Losing your best little friend teaches you patience, strength, 
and rebuilding your life.  A cat's love forever graces your heart...


May 22, 2023

A New Week Begins~

The greatest discovery of all time is that a person
 can change his future by merely changing his attitude...

 Sundays are quiet relaxing days.  Perfect for a drive around town
 with the top down.  You never know what you will come across.  
We or Arvid was happy because he came across a car he used
 to have many years ago.  Of course we stopped and looked.

We spent several minutes looking.  Arvid of course had
 to circle around the cars a few times to admire it.

Not much happening today.  I did go to the doctor last 
week for my allergies which led to bronchitis.  The meds are 
doing their job, but I still think the bronchitis is lingering.  I know 
I need to give the meds time to work.  I'm impatient.

Good morning everyone.  A new week begins with it we have new 
hopes, new goals to look forward to.  Let us always remember that each 
sunrise brings a new day with new hopes for a new beginning.

Arvid and I used to go to the Florida Panthers games 
when we lived in Fort Lauderdale.  Makes us happy to see 
the Panthers in the playoffs.  Let's GO PANTHERS.

“The best journey of life that you can take is inside yourself
 to discover your new thoughts, new ideas, and new hopes...


May 21, 2023

Sunday May 21st ~

 Time may heal all wounds, but it does not erase the scars...

For us here at home in Branson, Missouri another 
beautiful morning begins.  In another part of the world reality
 is settling in.  Time alone will heal one's anguish.  No matter what 
I or anyone say, it does not really matter.  Your best friend is time, 
and I know that does not sound good enough.  But that's
 all you have right now on your side.  Time.

Yesterday we took our former maintenance guy and his wife from 
Almost Home out to lunch.  As always we had a very good time. 
 Robert is a character and both Arvid and I like him very much.

Today we work in the basement.  It's been Arvid's chore
 ever since we bought the house in Branson.  Everyday 
it is looking better and better.  To all a good day.

Keep smiling, because life is a beautiful 
thing and there’s so much to smile about...


May 20, 2023

Saturday May 20th ~

 Disbelief becomes my close companion, 
and anger follows in its wake....

My day begins with my Sniff by my side, and I am happy for 
that, at the same time I can't help put picture a girl and a boy in 
Norway whose day begins without their Loffen.  If I could, I would 
do anything to take away their pain, that grief that tears you apart. 

 I go about doing what needs to be done, but every so often 
my mind goes to Victoria and Michael and because I know what 
they are going through I just can't help being heartbroken all 
over again.  Victoria said it well, "the worst day of my life."

If there is a kitty heaven I hope Loffen finds our Brutus, 
Shadow my other kitties, Annas babies and all the furbabies 
and my PR kitties.  Hope they play together.  Words only, 
but sometimes it's  just OK to hold on to something.

Good morning everyone.  Take the time to hug your
 furbabies a little tighter today for we have no idea what 
tomorrow holds.  The same goes for your loved ones.

We try to tell ourselves that it's a bad dream, a nightmare.
  That we will wake up and our little furbaby will be by our side. 
 We try, but with each new day this nightmare we are living 
becomes our reality.  Unless you have lost, you will not really 
understand.  Lucky you.  All we carry now are memories.

It's a typical morning here at home.  Elsewhere
 someone's heart is shattered.  Life as they say is 
under no obligation to give us what we expect 💔

There is no greater sorrow that to recall in
 misery the time when we were happy...