Sep 30, 2016

Final Days...

Even when it is cold outside our memories keep us warm.
My mind wanders and I get lost in thoughts of you...

Yesterday was the start of cold,wet and windy weather coming to Chicago. 
 Even so,  I still went out for a little outing and to look for foodies for sniff.  His
 food is not easy to find in regular grocery stores so in the rain and wind I set
 out to several different stores in search of his soft foodies, of course 
I did not come home without foodies for him. Not a chance.

The fact that I was wet was no big deal.  Here in Chicago when the wind picks up,
 and it's raining at the same time and umbrella is pretty much useless.  I tried but
 mine blew away.  I did not really care because I love rain and I took many 
pictures; at the same time it also made for a good cozy evening at home.

Arvid and I have already started to pack.  Yesterday Arvid bought Sniff's ticket.
The ticket agent asked a few questions about Sniff.  First was, "how old is he?"  
Second, "how much does he weigh?" and finally, "what's his date of birth?"

Little Sniff is already racking up frequent flyer miles as my mom used to say
 about Brutus.  Arvid gave me the keys to our Florida home to put in my handbag.  
The first thing I said without even thinking was, "I can't wait to open the door and see 
Brutus' face."  It was always with a great joy Arvid and I would go home to Brutus
 and the first thing we did was pick him up.  I miss him very much.

I am really excited to see how Sniff is inn Florida.  More space for him to run
around and to stay busy.  From the day we got him to today, he has gone
 through quite a lot of changes.  He is finally snuggling up to us.  Sleeping
 close to us and on us at times.  He plays a lot something he never did
when we first got him.  Yes, little Sniff is growing up fast.

Still a little time to go around the city.  Enjoy a few of our favorite before we leave.
I will definitely miss this city one day, but for now I am looking forward to being home.
  Home where Brutus filled every space, every corner and where Shadow also graced
 us with his cuteness and uniqueness.  Home where we will now go with Sniff.

To all a very good day.  Never forget if you want to be happy, be.

There is sunshine in my soul today.
Happiness is not out there, it's in you...


Sep 29, 2016

Summer 2016 Chicago And Some...

People change for two reasons.  Their minds have been open or their
 hearts have been broken.  If there is no struggle, there is no progress...

One of the things we look froward to every week is to Skype with Michelle and our 
two granddaughters. Unfortunately, we have not been able to do so in close to 3 weeks.
 Different schedules and of course being in a different time zone does not help. 
We did Skype today unfortunately I was not able to participate much in the
 conversation.  It was all Norwegian today. Always next time.

 Michelle in Norway is 7 hours ahead of us here in Chicago. At least when we
 go back to Florida it will still be a different time zone but somehow 6
 hours is much better than 7.  That one hour makes a big difference.

Going through some of my pictures taken this summer I smile. I smile because
 we did quite a few interesting things. Arvid and I are just spur of the moment 
kind of people and we made decisions faster Than anyone I know.   

I remember when we decided to buy a condo in Chicago for the second time.  We had 
sold our first one in 2013 due to medical issues Arvid, Brutus and I developed. 
 At that time I was extremely sad about selling, but for me because of Brutus
 mostly; I thought it was the best decision.  Of course Arvid and I
 also needed to be close to doctors a lot from that point on.

We missed Chicago for that one year 2014 we had no place here.  One night in Florida we
 had just come back from listening to the Blues.  It was late but neither Arvid, Brutus nor 
I were tired.  We chatted and I went to brush Brutus.  Arvid said he had to check
 something on his laptop.  Strange because he would never open up his laptop
 at this hour, but I was happy with Brutus so did not think much of it. 
 In about a half hour Arvid came and said, "I found our condo."

Long story short, that is how we ended up with condo number 2 in Chicago. 
Same building and same phone number.  Decision made we visited Chicago that
 weekend and bought the condo.  Now I want to go home.  I love this city, 
but something changed in me.  This was not a good year and I don't 
think I will miss it when we leave this time.  Strange. But true. 

Does not mean it's always the right decision, but it has never stopped us from doing
 anything we want.  I am still "working" at a change in my life.  I still don't have
 any definite ideas as to what that may be, but the fact that I'm trying tells me that 
it will be OK one day. Sniff, Arvid and I are going home to Brutus and Shadow
 in just a few days.  Sunny Florida here we come.  Nowhere like home.

Fall is definitely here already.  I see it.  I feel it and I am really liking the cooler
 temperatures and the change in colors of the leaves.  What a beautiful time of the year.

To all a very good day.  You know they say you can't change the direction of the wind, 
but you can adjust the sails to reach your destination.  Happy Thursday to all.

Somehow we just have to hold it together.  Somehow when you have adversity
it brings along special moments in life.  Hopefully this can be one of them...


Sep 28, 2016

One Of Those Days...

The secret of change is to all your energy,
not on fighting the old, but on building the new...

I feel as if I am stuck in one place and can't get out.  This has been the case since
 Brutus died. Here in Chicago, we have a beautiful condo, stunning views,
 and a city that offers everything one can ever wish for, yet for 
me everything changed the day our Brutus died.

I really need a change, but the question is what kind of change.  I am still
 working on figuring it out and hopefully I will.  Hopefully sooner rather than later.  
In a few days we will be heading back home to Florida with Sniff.  I am looking forward 
to checking out our favorite restaurants, doing some actual work away from a laptop,driving 
my own car and just feeling the sand between my toes as I take a few walks along the beach.

This has not been the best of years, but the future is always looking good.
I know that no matter what life is good and there is so very much to be grateful for.

Wishing everyone a very good day, and remember change is inevitable.
It depends on us really on how we adjust to it.  I have not done so good, but I
 will do better, because I know I have to let go of the things I can't change and focus
 on the things I can change.  Easier said sometimes than done, but always possible.

Here in Chicago you can see and feel the change already.  Cold weather is coming.  
Time to pack up and leave.  I am ready to go home back to sunny Florida.

I am on the hunt for who I have not yet become...


Sep 27, 2016

Another Day To Live Life To The Fullest...

There's good times.  There's bad times, but there is still time.
Don't let your mind stop you from having a good time...

Me under Cloud Gate aka The Bean.  Constructed between 2004 and 2006, the sculpture 
is nicknamed The Bean because of its shape. Made up of 168 stainless steel plates 
welded together, its highly polished exterior has no visible seams. It measures 33 by 
66 by 42 feet (10 by 20 by 13 m), and weighs 110 short tons (100 t; 98 long tons).

 The design was inspired by liquid mercury and the sculpture's surface reflects 
and distorts the city's skyline. Visitors are able to walk around and under Cloud Gate'
12-foot (3.7 m) high arch. On the underside is the "omphalos" (Greek for "navel"), a concave 
chamber that warps and multiplies reflection.  Designed by an Indian British born artist

I had some time on my own to really check it out while Arvid was watching soccer 
and before we met for dinner.  There is always hundreds of people there.  Probably 
one of the places I have seen the most selfies taken and where brides all come to 
get their pictures taken.  On this day there were 3 wedding parties and 
3  quinceañeras that I witnessed.  I love this city and yes will miss it.

The days are looking beautiful.  In the meantime Arvid and I will
continue to enjoy Chicago.  Soon our time here will come to an end.  Soon
we will be home where Brutus and Shadow await for us.

This has been so far a very delicious summer.  Still have some more
sampling to do.  Hello everyone.  Wishing you all a good day.

Don't waste your time, looking back on what you've lost.
Move on, for life is not meant to be traveled backwards...


Sep 26, 2016

A Few Good Quotes..

Don’t lеt whаt уоu can’t dо stop уоu frоm whаt уоu саn do.  Sure, there’s
 а lot оf thіngѕ уоu feel уоu can’t do. Thе nеxt bеѕt thіng іѕ tо learn. Learning 
аnd trуіng ѕоmеthіng nеw іѕ а big step іntо conquering thе “can’ts” іn уоur list....

One of my Facebook friends shared this with me not so long ago.  I really loved each and
 every quote and wanted to share them with you as well. Remember to always give 
thanks for what you are now, and keep fighting for what you want to be 
tomorrow, and never miss an opportunity to make others happy, 
even if you have to leave them alone in order to do it. 

 Just never forget,  "Your life is in your hands. No matter where you are now, 
no matter what has happened in your life, you can begin to consciously choose 
your thoughts, and you can change your life". At least give it a try.  Nothing to lose.

If уоu wаnt tо bе happy, be. If уоu аrе sad rіght now, іt іѕ аlwауѕ уоur choice tо bе happy. 
It іѕ аѕ simple аѕ that.  Whatever you are, be a good one. Again, what do we have to lose?

The important thіng іѕ this: Tо bе аblе аt аnу moment tо sacrifice 
thаt whісh wе аrе fоr whаt wе соuld become...


Sep 25, 2016


Make some time for yourself today to relax, reflect and revive your spirit...

Hello Sunday.  Hello cooler temperatures.  I am loving it very much.
One more weekend here before we go back to Florida.  Happy and weirdly a bit 
nostalgic, but yes looking forward to going home and making Sniff happy there as well.

In Florida I am looking forward to taking my walk  down to the beach.  Listening 
to the waves and just having a little alone time.  Relaxing and for those moments peaceful.  
Yes, I am looking forward to going home, but for now we will enjoy the time here.

Chicago life does have beautiful moments and gorgeous scenery.  One of 
our favorite times are the walk we have by the park and the lake.  Always something
 interesting happening.  Yes, the city definitely has something for everyone.

We have a pretty full day ahead of us.  Best to get an early start.  
To all a very good day and may you always live in interesting times.

Happy Sunday to all of you.  Remember to take some time for you and get a new 
perspective on life,let yourself relax and enjoy each and every moment as it comes your way.

Take a deep breath and just enjoy your life.
Relax it's your time.  Soak your troubles away...


Sep 24, 2016

Autumn Is In The Air...

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.
Goodbye summer...hello Autumn...

One of the many things we enjoy while living in Chicago is the ability to walk to 
just about everywhere and to everything we want.  We are centrally located
 so it's only a matter of stepping out of our building and just going.
Something we do not usually do when we are in Florida.  

A favorite of ours every week is the fresh market.  Every week Arvid and I go for fresh
 baked bread and fresh vegetables.  Being Arvid, he is fussy about his bread.  No store 
bought bread for this man.  Claims that it's too soft.  Has no texture as he puts it.

It feels like the cool weather is about to make its appearance.  I am happy about that.
 Tired of the hot temperatures and hope to experience even a little of the cool down before
 going back to Florida.  Summer here in Chicago has lasted long this year.  Everyone
 seems very surprised (pleasantly) at how warm the temperatures have been.

We have been enjoying the days.  Doing a little of this and a little of that.
Making most of the gorgeous weather.  Arvid had a little run in with the geese.
 He started feeding them and before you knew it they were hissing and trying to bite us.

He had to really run from them.  That left me in the middle with them
taking pictures.  Boy they sure got aggressive fast once the food was done.
Looking forward to feeding them soon again.  I like the challenge.

The day has started out a little on the cooler side.  Love it.  Looks very much like
 fall right now.  For the days we have left, I am looking to enjoy cooler temperatures.

Autumn paints in colors that summer has never seen...


Sep 23, 2016

And So The Weekend Begins...

Nothing in the world is more expensive than the woman who is free for the weekend...

For many it's the day we wait for all week long.  Seems that when Friday is here it
 makes people feel more relaxed.  Tempers soften and attitudes become more relaxed. 
 Yes, Friday is a day when we let loose, we loosen up and get ready for a few days
 of pure relaxation and we forget about work and stressful situations.

Though I am not a drinker it seems like on Fridays I occasionally look forward to
either a Pina Colada or as of recently a Margarita.  Mojitos are also good, but
since I only do one I like a frozen drink with the whole umbrella thing.
 Seems appropriate, being that it's still summertime and all.

What I like best about the Margarita is the salt.  Yummiest part for me.  This 
weekend we do not have definite weekend plans.  We will just decide and then 
we head out.  That to me is the fun of it.  Not knowing exactly what is
 going to happen, but knowing something will definitely happen. 

Our time in Chicago it's nearing it's end.  All of a sudden I feel a little nostalgic.
Both Arvid and I will definitely miss this beautiful city we call home for 4 months every 
year.  As you all know I am OK with going back to Florida now.  This has not been 
the best year for me, I am sure next year will be better.  We do so love this city.

 Have a great day everyone and remember whatever you do do it in
 a grand scale.  Life is one so enjoy it to the fullest!  Arvid and I have been having
 a good time.  No matter what, where, or who we always make the most of our days.  

That moment when you wake up with a hang over and say i'm not 
drinking anymore…until the following weekend approaches...


Sep 21, 2016

To All A Good Day...

Life is good. Small things make me smile; good people make me laugh; 
and Arvid and Sniff fill my days with happiness.  Yes, life is good...

Sniff is becoming more and more used to me picking him up.  I do it everyday several times.
  When we got him in March, he hated being picked up even for a few seconds, but the
 same we did with Brutus I wanted to do with Sniff and it is finally paying off.  
Granted he is not as happy to being held for long, but everyday I am sure it 
will get better.  Both Arvid and I miss the routines  (among other things) we
 had with Brutus. We miss carrying him around whenever we wanted.  

Yesterday I went to breakfast with my friend, who also happens to be one of
 the sitters for Sniff.  The conversation centered on Sniff.  She and her daughter adore
 him and they think that Sniff  is just so very smart and so human.  Now how can I 
disagree with this?  Because of Sniff they will probably be getting their own Kitty.

It was another very beautiful day here in Chicago.  Arvid did some work in the
 apartment, more painting and then we had a little outing.  Amazing weather right now.
I know when we leave I will miss this city and it's beauty, especially on days like today.

My sister recently upgraded to the Iphone 7 Plus.  Has anyone "tested" it?  Just curious.
I'm happy with my 6, but always curious about what's new.  I am especially
 interested in the camera.  If you have, you know how to get hold of me
and give me some feedback.  Appreciated.  Thank you!

Wishing everyone a very good day.  Remember, if you don't start out the day
with a smile it is never too late to practice for tomorrow.


Sep 20, 2016

Chicago Life...

A good life is when you assume nothing, do more, need less,
smile often, dream big, laugh a lot and realize how blessed you are...

Life in Chicago is very good.  We have beautiful weather, a spectacular view 
and a city that offers us any and everything we could ever want, yet I 
am counting down the days until we go home to Florida.  

I have friends from NYC visiting right now, and they are staying in the Keys.  
Though they like it very much they told me that Florida was not for them. 
 According to the husband, "After a shower and feeling fresh I come 
outside for 5 min and I'm sweating like a pig. Oink"  

Yes, summers in Florida are definitely humid and not the place we want to be in.
  That's why we stay in Chicago, even so this year I am ready to cope with humidity.
Weather wise we could not ask for more beautiful days than what we are having.  The skies 
are blue, the air is fresh and the sun is shining and right now there is no humidity.

Arvid and I continue to do all the things that we enjoy.  We take long walks.  We 
feed the ducks.  Every so often we stop out and have a little drink.  I like the frozen ones,
 and there are many places along our walks where we can find something we both enjoy. 
 We enjoy eating out and we enjoy the music scene.  We use the pool and the hot tub
 every so often and makes for very good times.  Sniff is always happy as well.  

Everyday we have beautiful views.  The sunsets are spectacular and it's definitely a 
favorite of mine; everyday.  I wait for the right moment and the right picture.

Sniff is comfortable and happy with us.  When we travel he losses his fur on his back. 
 Since we came back from Norway he was getting a bald spot.  The exact spot Brutus
 also lost hair.  How strange.  Now that we are home, his hair is growing back.

There is a lot to sample and a lot to do.  Why not???

Picture taking is a hobby of mine.  Just about everything and anything.
Last night I had fruit loops for dinner.  I think I enjoyed taking the
 pictures as much as I enjoyed eating that sugary treat.

When Brutus was alive there was not a day that went by that I did not take pictures of him,
 and with him.  For that I am so grateful, because I have thousands and thousands of 
pictures of him.  Shadow was so little, he did no like to be held for long so I do 
not have many of him and I, but even so I still have thousands with him.  
Now it's Sniff's turn..and yes I take pictures of him everyday.  

Good morning everyone.  Hope it's a good one.
Remember, life isn't perfect, but it has perfect moments.

Plenty of people miss their share of happiness, not because they 
never found it, but because they did not stop to enjoy it...


Sep 19, 2016

Monday Blues...

Often the best gift you can give yourself is time alone.
Some time to ask yourself questions and to listen for answers.
Start everyday with great thoughts, to have a great day...

 Each day is a gift to us, let us never forget that and always
 remember to be thankful and grateful that we are able to wake up 
to have a fresh new start every day.  Good morning everyone!

I have learned it is not what I have in my life, but who I have in my life that
 counts.  It's now a new day.  Monday is looking good.  Hope you all have a 
good one and remember whatever you do do it well or don't do it at all.

There comes a time when the world gets quiet and the only
thing left is your own heart.  So you'd better learn the sound of it.
Otherwise you'll never understand what it's saying....


Sep 18, 2016


It is amazing how quickly your mood can change, how deep your 
heart can sink and how much a thought/image can affect you...

I am ready for some cooler temperatures, but somehow Chicago seems to be 
having a prolonged summer. Everyone is happy.  Me too, but would really 
like to have a little bit of that fall feeling before we go back to Florida.

I thought that living in Chicago I would need more warm clothes than I do in  Florida, 
but the opposite is true. Here because we walk to almost everywhere I find that I need much
 lighter clothing here than in Florida. In Florida we drive to almost everywhere so you're
 stepping out from one air conditioned place to another. Bottom line I need more sweaters in 
Florida than here in Chicago. Weird. In Florida when you go to restaurants and you
 sit inside, you freeze. Here the temperatures are more moderate and I
 rarely need a sweater.  Sounds strange but that's how it is.

Arvid has made his calls to family already.  Now he is setting up to watch soccer
 matches. As he said there are quite a few games on today.  Sometimes even
 Sniff gets in the mood or more like in the way, but it's always very cute.

I'm not sure what happened, but suddenly I am having the Blues.  I feel sad and there is
nothing I can pinpoint to having caused it.  It comes and goes this missing Brutus.
 Right now is not the best moment I'm having.  I was chatting with my sister and she
 is missing her Jax a lot as well.  Grief over losing a pet.  It's not so easy.

Some days are just a little harder that others.  Somehow today seems to be one
 of those days.  I know it can only get better.  That day will come for Mala and I.

It's a beautiful day here in Chicago as you can see from where I am sitting.
There is really nothing to complain about.  I'm not.  I'm just ready to back to Florida.

To all a very good day.  May it be filled with sunshine, love and laughter.

Be strong because it will get better.
It may be stormy now, but it can't rain forever...