May 31, 2021

Monday May 31st ~

 Every morning is a fresh start.
Wake up with a thankful heart...

Memorial Day today.  Let's not forget the one's 
who died to protect our freedom.  America, home 
πŸ’“πŸ€πŸ’™ of the free, because of the brave πŸ’“πŸ€πŸ’™

This nation will remain the land of the free 
only so long as it is the home of the brave...


May 30, 2021

Sunday May 30th ~

 Sundays, sleep until you're hungry,
 then eat until you're sleepy...

No walk today, even though I want to just get
 out to feed the kitties I don't.  I feel that by feeding
 them twice a day I may not be doing them good in the
 long run.  They need to find their own food after all.  
One day I won't be here, and then what 😿?

I was still awake early.  Enjoyed quiet time
 just relaxing, having my cafe and reading. 
 Both Arvid and Sniff like to sleep in.

Once Sniff is awake he wants foodies 😍and he 
"demands" brushing.  Of course I brush him.  He's
 just too adorable for me to refuse him anything.

To all a good day.  Beautiful sunshine awaits us.

Memorial weekend in full swing here.  Families having 
a good time, thanks to those who gave their lives.

We don't know them all but we owe them all...


May 29, 2021

May 29th ~

 When you focus on the good the good gets better...

Mornings on the balcony.  The sunrise was beautiful,
 but now the rain comes.  That's what it's like to be living
 on an island.  The rain is always your companion.

Weekend is here.  Happy one to all.

Sniff says hiihi and to have a good time today.

Act as if what you do makes a difference.  It does...


May 28, 2021

Friday May 28th ~

 Never measure your progress using someone else's ruler...

So yesterday Arvid and I went into San Juan.  As usual 
an unplanned trip.  Arvid got a call and next thing you 
know we are taking off.  Sure does not give me time
 to get ready properly, but I used to it so all is good.

We met up with a friend.  Had coffee and a little 
social time. Always nice to get out and meet people. 
Who knew we would know so many people
 in Puerto Rico in such a short time.

Friday. Balcony time and moon gazing time 
later this evening. The moon has been spectacular
 these last few days. Blood moon as it’s called,
 and from the balcony we have a perfect view.

We have been waking up to sunny mornings, 
but the rain always comes. Seems like it
 has rained a lot since we came here. 

Also the seaweed has become a big problem. 
A stinky one that is  The water is full of seaweed and 
the smell carries everywhere.  Not too pleasant.

Not much planned for today. Did my morning 
walk. Enjoyed my quiet time and now to enjoy 
the rest of my coffee. Soon Arvid will be up 
and you never know what the day can hold.

This afternoon we will probably go for a walk
 along the park and beach. Looking forward to seeing
 Beachboy who by the way is named Tiger 🐈

 He “belongs” to to Marina at El Conquistador. 
At least he gets good and shelter everyday.  Yay!
 Unlike the so many roaming around the island.

Sniff is good. He’s been acting up a little again. 
He’s not eating his foodies like he should, but I am
 not stressing it.  That’s what I tell myself. He’s healthy. 
He’s loved he has food and shelter.  Sniff is my
 happy place.  Happy Friday everyone.

Never let the sadness of your past, and the fear of 
your future, ruin the happiness of your present...


May 27, 2021

Thursday May 27th ~

 And then they were gone.  Just like that...

Not many might understand this, for sure Arvid 
does not.  He is Arvid and as he said, "this is
 what will happen when they live in the wild."  

That I know, but what he does not understand is 
that I became attached to all the wild kitties I find
 on my path in the mornings.  Two have "disappeared" 

 The last time I saw Fluffy was Friday the 22nd in
 the morning.  He did not show up for his afternoon
 foodies and has not since.  Of course I'm worried.

Another kitty that always greets me in the morning
 is Leo.  Well Leo has not been around since Monday
 the 24th.  That's not usual.  I can't stop wondering 
what happened to them.  Fluffy loved his foodies
 and he loved waiting for me.  Now he's also gone.

I am not supposed to get attached to them.  I will NOT 
get attached to them.  Not tell that to my heart. I saw
 this today and it's true.  You can't teach your heart.  

Thursday already.  Guess it's time to get busy.

In one lifetime, you will love many times 
but one love will burn your soul forever...


May 26, 2021

Wednesday May 26th ~

 I've got a great ambition to die of 
exhaustion rather than boredom...

Not much to tell.  Today I am exhausted.  I did not fall 
asleep until 3 A.M and was up by 5 A.M  After all, the kitties
 are waiting for foodies, and my body has gotten used to being
 awake at that hour.  Now I just want to collapse in bed, but 
I still have some thing to take care of before that happens.

I am so tired that even my tiredness is tired...


May 25, 2021

A Day In Our Lives ~

But what are you going to do about the people
 who are cursed with both hearts and brains... 

Our days pretty much follow these patterns.

Mornings I go for walks.  I love love my mornings.  
I see and feed the kitties, watch the sunrise, listen to the 
birds and just have a peaceful alone time.  I love it.  One
 of the many things I love about Puerto Rico.

There are wild dogs running around our complex.  
A lot of "wild" homeless animals everywhere 😒
 The kitties have been afraid to come for food. 
 They choose to be safe rather than to eat.

Recently there has been no other person out walking
 in the mornings.  I like it this way.  I like talking to people, 
but I think everyone enjoys their quiet time when out in 
the mornings.  My new friend, Stacey is soon moving
 into their new home.  Not far from where we live.

Sniff has been good with his foodies lately.  Now he has
 problem with the placement of his litter pan.  It's always 
been in the same place, but suddenly he goes to it and for 
some reason sniffs it and runs away like a bat outta hell. 
 Sniff gets his litter changed weekly.  So it's clean.

Puerto Ricans love their island and of course
 their flag.  From what I was told, ever since hurricane
 Maria the flag has been painted everywhere.  Makes 
them feel even more patriotic if possible πŸ’“πŸ€πŸ’™

Yesterday Arvid and I decided to go to El Yunque National Forrest.
  Spur of the moment thing.  Like almost everything we do πŸ˜‚  
Unfortunately, this time it did not work out that great.

  Because of Covid, one must now have appointments to 
get into the Rainforest.  You need a pass/ticket.  Of course
 being a spur of the moment thing we had no such thing.

When we were young growing up in Puerto Rico El Yunque 
was one of our favorite place to go to.  Always so green, and 
always so much colder there.  Loved it then and hope to one day
 rediscover it again with Arvid.  Arvid does not like mountains. 
 Says it reminds him of Norway.  I love the mountains.

Hello to all and a good day also.

Sometimes you gotta listen to your 
brain just to save your heart...


May 24, 2021

Monday Blues ~

Don't ever make yourself so important to
 any other person that they can't live without
 you or you can't live without them...

Someone is missing her home.  Wonder who  that could be?  

Not much going on.  saw a few things online that caught my attention.

Having the Monday blues of all things.  Seems like I
 am having daily blues lately.  I wonder why

Drove around the beach a little yesterday after dinner. 
 Sailboat is soon out of the picture. I would say definitely out.

Walked this morning hoping Fluffy would be in his spot
 waiting for me and for his foodies.  He was not there.
  The last time I fed him was Friday morning.  Telling 
yourself to not get attached does not work 😿

Monday.  New week and time to make plans for it.  
Wishing everyone a great productive one.

Monday can either be the start to a struggle week,
 or a fresh reminder that this week, you will be strong...


May 23, 2021

Today ~ Sunday May 23 ~

Some days are like this...

Where has my sunshine gone?  Not a great start of the day, 
but hopefully will be getting better as the day progresses.
This is looking out from the front towards my trail.

This is looking out from our balcony towards the sea and the marina. 

 Sundays I don't go walking, but I usually look out for little 
Fluffy.  Too much rain today so was not happening.  Fluffy 
has not been coming for food since Saturday afternoon.  Now 
he has missed three feedings.  Counting this mornings 4 😭

Sniff is not taking too much to this gloomy ☔
weather either.  He usually basks in the sunshine every
 morning behind the cortinas.  Not happening today.

Still raining.  Does not look like it's going away anytime soon. 
 In the meantime, I think I will cozy up with Sniff and enjoy
 my reading.  Sundays are relaxing days after all.  Actually 
everyday is a relaxing day.  I want a non relaxing day soon.

Each new day is better than the last...


May 22, 2021

Saturday May 22nd ~

 Be the reason someone believes 
in the goodness of people...

I am so torn between wanting to go back home and
 knowing that when we do, and wondering what will become
 of the kitties I feed.  And yes, they can survive in the wild, but 
now that I have gotten to know many I feel as if they 
won't.  Little MacGyver, growing stronger every day

Reshma officially graduated yesterday.  It was lived stream
 and Arvid and I saw some of it.  We waited until Reshma showed up. 
 Cheered her and made us happy.  She's officially entered into the 
world of grown up, even though she has been in it for years.

Sniff is sleeping in late again.  No surprise here.  
Today he is all covered up on the bed.  Sniff loves towels and 
blankets everywhere.  Our home  is full of them everywhere
   Every chair, sofa everywhere has a sheet or towel πŸ˜‚.

The boat is officially sinking.  Either the owners know 
nothing as yet, or they have really good insurance.  Who knows 
maybe they got tired of boating, or just want a new boat.

Saturday.  The pay is looking good and possibilities abound.

So much of life, it seems to me,
 is determined by pure randomness...