Jan 13, 2010

Glimpse of Island Life

The day so far has been great.....

Woke up later than usual due to this unusual cold weather we are experiencing in Florida....for the past 2 weeks we have experienced temperatures in the low 30's. Too chilly for our liking but it is now gradually warming up.

My parents are in town so we are having an excellent time together. They were here today and we all went to lunch together and had a great time. They live in North Carolina so I am very happy to have them here for a while.

Though we live in Fort Lauderdale we also have a home in Eleuthera. It's called the Lil Red House ( pictured here) and it is our getaway from the daily stress of our live here in For Lauderdale. We go there once a month and it is like being in another world all together. We LOVE!! it.

As Arvid was mentioning to my parents, in Eleuthera we are all alone away from everyone and just relaxed and happy. I believe that this new lifestyle we have will extend our lives for many more years. The best part of having a home in Eleuthera is that it is only about 1hour and 10 minutes plane ride from Ft. Lauderdale.
What best describes this island is the following:

The moment your toes touch sand and your gaze meets water, you know you're in The Islands of The Bahamas. It's the comfortable ease, the instant sense of belonging. It's finding that your departure from everyday life is also your arrival at an extraordinary place within yourself. WELCOME!!!