Feb 2, 2010

“I love her and that’s the beginning of everything.”

Island woman, island woman
Making me forget who I am
Island woman, island woman
Making me forget who I am

These are the words to a very popular song...one of my favorites and at the same time these are the words Arvid says to me when we are here in Eleuthera.

Arvid is a very romantic man...something I find very unsual in most men (feel free to correct me if I a wrong).  He remembers all the dates that are special to us.  Never forgets our anniversary, my birthday and most important has never forgotten Brutus' coming into or lives nor his birthday.  We have both been fortunate to have found each other.  Life has given us a second chance and we are making the most of it....every day!!!

When I first met Arvid the first thing that struck me was his lack of warmth more like he's holding back, not towards me but in general.  Don't get me wrong this was just because I was comparing him to the way I am.  I grew up surrounded by people who loved to show their feelings, loved to touch, hug and kiss in general not afraid to express what they feel...same as him but in my case we heard the words "I love you" from our parents and other loved ones all the time.  I know he did also because his parents are very kind and warm.  We also always had hugs from everyone around us and we loved giving and receiving these tokens of affection.

For me this was normal as I would think for most people also.....but in Arvid's case it wasn't.  He was not used to or not comfortable with being touched. Not sure why because there is a lot of that going on in his family.   When he first met my parents and my sisters (I have 4)....they hugged him and it has never stopped.  He was not sure what to do.  Now when he meets them there is no hesitation he will just go up to them and give them all a hug and even a kiss.  I also see this when he is with his family.  Much more hugs and warmth going around for everyone.

This may sound unsual to you but believe me it took him a while before he was able to freely give and receive hugs.  I will say that my influence and that of my family has made Arvid a much warmer, open and more relaxed person.
I jokingly always like to remind him that since I came into his life he has learnt to live more, to enjoy the little things that life has to offer and to take the time to appreciate it.  He has always been a workaholic and he still is to a certain degree but now we take time just for ourselves.  We do the things we want to do now and do not put it aside for one day in the future......we do not know what the future will hold so we enjoy today....it is now he who is always wanting to do more and more.....seems like he is catching up for the things he did not do before.......of course I am loving every moment of it.
I know that I have brought happiness into Arvid's life...just like he has brought to mine.  When I met him all he ever did was work and work.  Not enought time for fun and play.  I have always been fortunate to have enjoyed everything I have done.  I have made mistakes, I have seen tragedy upfront and close and I have bounced back....but I enjoyed every moment ......everyone that came into my life has been special and in their own way has taught me a little more about myself......I consider myself a lucky person.

Aside from me (ha!ha!), Arvid's other passion in life is Real Estate (of course there is Brutus and family as well)......he lives and breathes it every moment of everyday.  He is most happy and most comfortable talking Real Estate...and he is GOOD!! at it. 
It is with this in mind that we have invested quite a lot in the Island of Eleuthera.....a decision we do not regret.  Together we make an unbeatable team......and yes I am not shy to say it.

We own quite a few properties (vacant land) and a house in different parts of the island....and we have also sold quite a few.......both here in the USA and in parts of Europe.

We have oceanfront, beachfront, lakefront, lakeview and some interior lots.  In total we have a little over 100 lots and a house.  This is me infront of the lake lots...called Lakeview Estates.
Clicking on this link will guide you to our website where you can view additional information on these properties.   Lakeview is a huge saltwater lake with high and low tide connected to the ocean underground.

Arvid and I have taken a boat out there a few times and we saw so many beautiful fish and turtles.  Many others also enjoy fishing in the lake and water activities.
All of these pictures were taken from our lots...be it the lake front lot or the beachfront lot  (where Arvid is walking and me laying)
We are finally settled in Eleuthera.  This is our 2nd home and we are really enjoying it.  While here we are at the same time taking care of business and promoting the sales of our lots......

Buying real estate in any country is a challenge. One must thoroughly investigate the legalities, and the overall general safety of doing so. The Bahamas, and Eleuthera in particular, has long been a safe, secure place to do so. Back in 1992, the government changed the laws to encourage more investment in Bahamian lands by foreigners, and, since then, many foreign investers have come to Eleuthera and benefitted for a variety of reasons:

1) Safe: low crime, especially in Out Islands, like Eleuthera

      2) Good infrastructure: roads, health facilities, restaurants, monetary system, banks

3) Taxes: low taxes, no capital gains tax

4) Good attitude of government toward foreign investments

Like in any country, one should hire a local attorney when buying any real estate, especially in a foreign country, and ONLY buy land that has title.

  "Life is short, don't waste time worrying about what people think of you. Hold on to the ones that care, in the end they will be the only ones there."

until next time