Apr 19, 2011

~ Curly Hair ~

Hair brings one's self-image into focus; it is vanity's proving ground. Hair is terribly personal, a tangle of mysterious prejudices...

Like many of you, I have very curly hair.  From the time I was a little child my hair was always "different" from that of my sisters.  They had these straight locks while mine was always going crazy all over the place.

I never minded the curls but almost everyone else did.  Seems it was not "normal" in my family to have such curly hair.  It was difficult to comb and to keep tidy.  Most of the times it was frizzy.

As I grew older I discovered that curly hair was actually considered glamorous, sexy and very appealing to the opposite sex...at least that's what they told me and what Arvid continues to tell me all the time...  Not to be vain, but people stop me all the time just to tell me how gorgeous my hair is...I love the compliments, especially after growing up in a culture where it seemed curly hair was not acceptable....  Still I was having a difficult time managing it.

I have tried everything from cheap to expensive nothing  worked.  Just the other day I received another inquiry from a friend asking me what it is I do to keep my curls looking so beautiful....here is what she said:

Nadiya... Hola espero que estes bien... I would like to know what is that you use to keep your curls looking GREAT NOT FRIZZIE... do you mind sharing your beauty secret...cuz your curl always look good... Thanks!! Mayra

The reason I am writing this is because I have discovered a very good product made especially for curly hair.  I have been using these products for a while now and I can honestly say that it is the only thing that works for my kind of hair.  They are from Ouidad and made especially for people with curly hair.  Just check out the link.   http://www.ouidad.com/curly-hair-guide

The Ouidad climate control gel is my favorite.  Leaves my hair shiny and with beautiful curls...not FRIZZY like all the other products I have tried.  I will say the products are a little on the expensive side, but if you are like me and would try just about anything to have soft, manageable, shiny luxurious hair then this is the product for you.  I love it and I use it all the time...as the advertisement says "because I'm worth it"

Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent....

until next time.. ..