Sep 11, 2011

Just Sad....

Heartbreak is life educating us...

Like many I read the news about the death of this beautiful Tiger.  Like most I have never seen him and like most it touched me deeply.  More so because we have a pet and it brings into focus reality.  Life is fragile and the outcome unexpected.

Tiger from San Diego Zoo kills mate at El Paso Zoo...I read this article to Arvid and this was all he said "females are fierce and always so envious of each other look where it good"

This is what the article says:

A Malayan tiger from the San Diego Zoo on loan to the El Paso Zoo has killed her intended mate in what is being described possibly as a love-triangle involving three tigers.

Three-year-old Seri killed the 6-year-old male Wzui.
Seri may have been jealous of Wzui's attention toward the 15-year-old female Melor, according to media accounts.

In June, a zoo news release noted friction between the three tigers: "The male tiger Wzui likes both females, but the two females don't like each other."

Seri reportedly grabbed Wzui's neck in her jaws on Thursday and bit down. By the time keepers were on scene, Wzui was dead.

Seri was born at the San Diego Zoo in April 2008 and sent to the El Paso Zoo in July 2010 for breeding.

"Wzui will be greatly missed," said El Paso Zoo Director Steve Marshall.

The Malayan tiger is a subspecies of tiger found in the Malay Peninsula and is considered an endangered species.

Our pets are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole...
until next time