Mar 10, 2012


Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week..

Who does not have a "favorite" day of the week?  Well ours is Sunday.  This is the day we have chosen to be just ours.  We call it our lazy Sundays.  It normally begins with waking up a bit later than usual, probably because Friday and Saturday we did some "partying" as Arvid likes to say.

 During the rest of the week our days are a lot busier so we do not normally have time for a leisure breakfast, but on Sundays we have bacon and eggs and really enjoy sitting and chatting with each other at the breakfast table a luxury we don't usually have.

Sundays are also the designated day Arvid calls his family in Norway.  More relaxing than during the week.  He gets to talk leisurely with each of them without the constant ringing of the phone.  I talk to my family at any given time which makes it really nice also.

We do a few fun chores together then go out and have a very nice lunch and outing somewhere on the water where we can watch the boats go by and enjoy the afternoon.

Have a good day all.  Time for us to get going.

Living up to ideals is like doing everyday work with your Sunday clothes on...