Apr 25, 2012

Boat For Sale....$17,500

Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Give him a fishing lesson and he'll sit in a boat drinking beer every weekend...

2007 Triumph For Sale
115 Hp Yamaha with only 30 HOURS
Perfect condition

There are those who are boat people and those who are not.  Not sure what category we fall into.  We enjoy a boat ride just like anyone else, but when it comes to owning a boat that's a different story.  We have had 2 boats in the last few years.  In the beginning we loved it, but then it became work.  Of course we either traded for something else or we sold it.  The day we got the boat we were so happy.  The day we sold it we were happier.  Go figure, but there is no denying Arvid is always tempted to get another one.  What is it about a boat that makes a man almost purr with excitement?  Have to say I am also liking the idea a lot
Brand new stereo system
What we have discovered is that we rather go out with friends for a boat trip or rent or own boat, but the bottom line remains the same being on a boat on the beautiful canals here in Fort Lauderdale is one of the best times we have experienced.  Gorgeous views, restaurant hopping and just completely relaxing.

checking out the boat
time to test it out

perfect boat day, perfect boat for anyone
To be absolutely true there is nothing like that perfect boat trip on that perfect waterways...here in Florida everyday of the year is perfect for that....

If you boat a lot, you're known as a boating enthusiast. I like to boat, but I just don't want to ever be referred to as a 'boating enthusiast'. I hope they call me 'a guy who likes to boat....