May 29, 2013

Soon Time To Go..

The decisions we made and the way we behave 
are what ultimately shape our character...

Soon it is time again for Arvid, Brutus and I to leave for Chicago.  What is usually the time I look forward to the most suddenly isn't.  Not because I don't care for Chicago.  It is still my favorite city, but things have now changed.

our view from our home in Chicago
Now I worry about Brutus all the time and his paw that does not seem to want to get better.  Here in Florida we have our vet almost right across the street from us.  Can walk if I wanted, but don't because I know Brutus will be too stressed.  Thing is the vet is close by and we have our car.

In Chicago the vet is a taxi ride away.  Not a problem, but since Brutus has been requiring treatment almost 4 times a week it will become quite stressful for him and for us.  This I do not look forward to and it is with a great sadness that we have decided on this being our last year in Chicago in a city we both love.  In my mind I have already left and going back now is only a matter of taking care of business and selling our apartment.  

I also know that should Brutus get sick and requires additional extended treatment we will fly back to Florida immediately.  So many thing I love about Chicago.  We walk everywhere, we are constantly out doing something, listening to music, going to so many places that is within walking distance of where we live.  In Chicago we never needed a car still don't, but with the Brutus situation... everything has changed.

This year we also do not go to Norway.  Very unfortunate because this was one year both Arvid and I were looking forward to going.  We were looking forward to seeing Aleah.  In a way, also doubted it would have worked out going to Norway with all that going on with Brutus as well.  I really don't want to be away from him for so long.

Going away for 4 months means seeing friends and saying goodbyes.  Also means putting on a few extra pounds if we continue the trend of meeting for lunch all the time.  While very delicious, the extra weight is difficult to shed, but I'm having fun and that's what matters.  Today was Spanish/Cuban Cuisine.  A favorite of mine.  Flanigan's a favorite of Arvid's and some other Norwegian friends of ours is on Friday.  Looking forward to seeing them and having a good time.  

a few of our favorite place..a last visit before we leave
For now it is so many thing to take care of.  Seems that things always happen in the last moment.  No complains, but it going to be some crazy days coming up.  We are ready and we always look forward to the challenge.

Seems like our last few days here are going to be filled with rain,
and with so much to do. At least everything looks clean,
but if it continues we will soon have to travel by boat rather than car....

Remember everyone.. keep it simple.
Have a good day and stay dry.

When you have to make a hard decision
flip a coin.
Because when that coin is in the air,
you suddenly know what
you are hoping for....