Jul 22, 2013

Read Carefully...

Pets are humanizing.
They remind us we have an obligation and responsibility
to preserve and nurture and and care for all life...

Some of the coolest and nicest things I share with all of you are usually sent
by friends or shared by friends.  Today this caught my attention.  Having Brutus
makes this even more important to me.  I would like to make sure 
that as many people as possible realize that a kitty cat is not a playting
for just a short time.

Like children they are part of our lives.  We do not get rid of them because we 
no longer like something they did or because they grew up from a fluffy 
little kitty to a full grown cat.  Would you get rid of your child for these reasons?
Did not think so.

Before you become as Arvid says "the guardian" of one of these
babies make sure you also accept the responsibilities that
like with everything there will be good days and a few not so good days.

 True love stands by each other on good days, and 
stands even closer on the bad days...