Feb 19, 2020

Wednesday Vibes ~

Eat, drink and love… the rest is not worth a nickel...

Yesterday, just for a short time I had the pool all to myself, 
and best of all I had some time to just sit, relax and read 
my book.  Yes, by the pool. Loved every moment of it.

Today after my workout I also enjoyed a little time 
by the pool.  So peaceful, and very quiet because no one
 was there.  Best of times.  I love my mornings.

The boats are now coming back.  Unfortunately,
 the boat that was docked in front of our balcony is back.  
Blocking most of our view.  Not too happy about that, but 
all good. It gives us something to look at at all times.

Sniff still not eating like he should.  Have no idea why, 
and I am a little concerned.  Hopefully it's just the stress of 
having had so much company lately.  Started with all of
my family coming here.  Sure his anxiety began there.

Wishing everyone a beautiful day.  Remember, 
Nobody can predict the future; the idea is 
to have a firm grasp of the present.

What gives meaning are challenges. A beautiful
 life is a meaningful. Say yes to challenges...