May 8, 2010

Missing You Already...... :(

I cried at first.....and then, it was such a beautiful day, that I forgot to be sad

Today was a beautiful day in more ways than one but, for me it was beautiful because I got to visit my sister and family.   Mala only lives about two and a half hours from me and what I get to see of her and the kids is just not enough for me. 

Now all of a sudden they will be moving and my heart is breaking because I miss them already.  I miss Reshma and Sachin because you see I love them very much and knowing they were always close by was comforting.  Now they are soon gone.  Going to another State and even though I know we will see them I can't help but feel terribly's like as if a part of my life is being taken away...far away.

Every time I have someone living close by they end up leaving.  Of course I know it's for the best but right now I feel like being selfish and wishing we could all be in the same place all the time. 

We are such a big family and so spread out.  Every so often I miss not being around everyone. 

Both Arvid and are will be missing them.  All the kids just adore Arvid and he in turn loves them also.  Today when we arrived at Mala's home Sachin just ran out and straight into uncle Arvid's arms.  It was very touching to see.  Arvid picked him up and just hugged him it seemed like forever.  Will miss this and so will he.

I don't want to be sad because this is a move for the best.  Better for Mala and her husband GoPaul and for the kids and Jaxen (doggie).  Florida is great but it is not the right place for them....too boring and not enough things to do.  You can only do Disney so much.....these kids are smart and they need intellectual stimulus...where they will be going to will provide that in abundance.......but I am missing them and nothing will change that...NOTHING!!!

The word 'happiness' would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness.

You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them.

until next time....