Oct 16, 2011


We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have...

mom and dad

I am very happy.  Mom and dad have now been here in Florida a little over a week and we are having a great time with them.  I get to see them a little everyday and at the same time the four of us go out and have great times together.  It is always good to have them around us.  My parents have a way of bringing out the best in everyone around them...they always have and I know they always will.  I am very lucky because they love Arvid and I know he also cares a lot for them.  My dad and Arvid are good buddies and it makes me happy because it is not always that parents get along with the spouse of their children.

We have done so much in the last week and I am looking forward to the next few days with them.  Saturday we enjoyed the day at our place.  We had a good lunch prepared both by my mom and I and best of all we had an excellent time just talking.  It is so comfortable with them.  No stress for anyone...just love it and will miss them terribly when they are gone.  No need to say that our fridge is filled with food cooked by my mom for both Arvid and myself. 

Tomorrow will also be a great day for we plan on spending together all day long as well...yep the four of us, Arvid and I, mom and dad.  It goes with out say that I am lucky and truly thankful for what I have.

Your attitude decides whether you are happy or not. You can change your attitude.

until next time...