Oct 15, 2011

Want to Look Younger? Please, Don't Do This with Your Hair...

Hair brings one's self-image into focus; it is vanity's proving ground.  Hair is terribly personal, a tangle of mysterious prejudices...

Interesting article in the beauty section today....if there is one thing that can really alter the appearance of a person be it for good or for bad it is ones hair.  A haircut, hair coloring...just have to be careful because we all want to enhance our natural assets and not let it make us look older and more haggard.  Hair style is the final tip-off whether or not a woman really knows herself. 

Be aware all for these haircuts and these hair colors:

It's too dark
Really dark, solid brown or black hair can look harsh or false, which ultimately makes you look older. Why? Because we tend to lose pigment, moisture and elasticity in the skin, hair, and eyes as we age.  To counteract that loss and restore the appearance of youth, it's best to warm up the hair with light to medium browns and highlights. Don't want to spend big bucks at a salon? Dye it at home using a no-muss/no-fuss kit.

I have seen many a young girls these days with beautiful hair except that their color choice has left them looking old and washed out...obviously many believe they look great, but sometimes it is hard to say "you look awful" and to be kind you tell a white lie and you say "it looks all right", this way everyone feels better..win-win.  A fine head of hair adds beauty to a good face, and terror to an ugly one. 

It's too light

Similarly, if your hair falls on the other side (we're talking platinum blonde to white), you can look washed out. Consider natural-looking shades that are somewhere in the middle of the color spectrum, or adding deeper lowlights to your blonde. Another tip: Avoid using too much bleach or lightener; it can give you an unnatural "frosted" effect, which also tacks on the years.

It hasn't changed shape since high school

Remember that blunt (all one length) cut with bangs you had when you were in high school? Still have it? If so, it's time for an update. Dated hairstyles definitely age you. So pick a new style that's modern and best fits your face shape. Need a little help? Head to the salon.
It's dragging you down  

This can be a common problem for people who are either growing out their hair or have very long hair to begin with. If your hair becomes too heavy for its cut, it can create the illusion that your features are sagging. Also, the older you get, the less shine your hair tends to have -- and very long hair just draws attention to that. To avoid this, have your stylist trim and reshape your cut so it better fits your face shape while it's growing. If you have very long hair, break it up with some modern-looking soft layers or side bangs.
It looks like death

And by death, I mean ashy. Unless you have a lot of warmth in your hair -- meaning yellow, red, or orange undertones -- steer clear of cool, ashy shades, which have blue, green, or purple undertones. Ditto if your hair is already cool gray or white; you could end up with an undesirable pink, blue, or purple tint. Surprising tip: Smokers tend to have a lot of yellow in their hair.

I am very happy with my curly hair...not so much when i was a little girl growing up with sisters who all had very straight hair.  people wanted to know where I got so much hair from and so curly.  Today I know my hair is beautiful because I feel comfortable with it and that is all that matters.  It does help that Arvid loves it and just about anywhere we go I get compliments on my curls...Yes, I love my hair today...There is a saying that goes "Gentlemen prefer blondes... but gentlemen marry brunettes"

Women.... Who made 'em?  God must have been a... genius.  Their hair.  They say that the hair is everything, you know?  Have you ever buried your nose in a mountain of curls, and just wanted to go to sleep forever?.....

until next time...