Dec 12, 2011

12 Biggest Remodeling Trends...

Whether you are completely remodeling your home or using some of the readily available low-cost adaptive products, creating a safe, comfortable and accessible environment is not planning for disability - it's planning for continued independence....

If you are planning on remodeling your home or just buying and fixing up to make a fast buck here are a few things to keep in mind.

Here are 12 top remodeling trends:
1. Save Money:  Remodel Your Bathroom
Bathrooms are the hottest project, most likely it's due to the economy. Baths cost less than a kitchen or addition and most houses have more than one bath, so there are more available to be remodeled.

2. Must-Do Remodeling Projects:
Rather than going through major renovations, next year people will continue to only complete the projects that need to be done, like repairs to siding or roof leaks.

3. Warming Up The House.
Warmer tiles and colors are coming back. People tend to be moving away from minimalist, white designs in favor of cozier, earth tones. The trend, however, is not rustic. Instead, it's a mash-up of earthiness and modern design.

4. Getting Decked Out.
More and more people are building outdoor spaces for themselves. "It appears that people want to sit outside again and are staying at home more frequently. Many pools are also being built in the neighborhoods.

5. Hiring A Great Contractor: 
"Consumer diligence" is on the rise. "Folks are finally getting the message that it is important to look closer at the companies they are considering for their project. They are asking the questions they should have been asking a lng time ago:)

6. Paying in Cash.
Rather than taking out loans for renovation projects, homeowners are using cash for projects.  Homeowners are giving themselves a budget and picking and choosing what projects they can do with the money. One way to save money is by updating features, like cabinets, but not remodel an entire room.

7. Opening Up Rooms:
Open floor plans are in, so people are removing interior walls and opening up the spaces in older houses to modernize them, this gives the impression of more  square footage than they already have:)

8.Bronze Age:
Along the with warmer tones in homes are warmer tones in metallic features...such as hardware

9. Going Green.
Bamboo floors, grass thatched roofs, and bark siding may sound like something from "Jungle Book," but they are just a few of the newest green home products. In addition, people are getting energy efficiency upgrades. Upgrades on glass will be continue to be big, and people are even asking for tri-pane (windows)!

10. Industrial Flair.
Exposed beams will continue to be popular, but so will stainless steel cable and architectural products.  With so many people working from home, home will take on more of an industrial or commercial look to enforce business credibility...

11. Creating Relaxation Space:
With home values still falling in many areas and a new prediction of three more lousy years of real estate, homeowners are more stressed than ever. So it's no surprise that when they are developing new spaces, tranquility comes to mind. Many people are asking for "zen-like" bathrooms.  The bathrooms don't have to be big-but they have to be relaxing and soothing. They seem to prefer showers with the works-steam, seats, body sprays, etc....
12. Planning ahead:
"We are seeing many clients thinking about their retirement years," says Jillian Renner of Golden Rule Remodeling & Architecture, Inc. Her clients-even those far from retirement-are putting in easy-opening cabinetry, hand-held showers, and more accessible kitchens and baths. Renner adds, "Even though the clients don't need those things right now, they are planning for when they might find them needed."
Are you planning a remodeling project this year? How much are you planning to spend?  Arvid and I have remodeled our home and did a bit on two of our other homes.  It was a challenge, but in the end the results were worth the hard work..

Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe...

until next time...