Nov 3, 2012

That Time Again...

Happiness is your dentist telling you it won't hurt and then having him catch his hand in the drill..

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always had a "dislike" for dentists.  Not because the person/dentist was bad, but just the thought of going to their office, getting strapped into that chair and hearing the sound of the drill was enough too put me in a panic.

Not to say we did not have to go.  Mom and dad made sure we had our usual cleanings and regular visits just to make sure all was good.  I can't say that the dentists were bad.  It's just that I did not like going there. There was one time the dentist started with the drilling; I panicked and bit him.  He was really very upset because I also pulled his hand away from me.  At that point he gently told my parents that if this behaviour continued he would no longer see me as a patient.  Have to say I did not miss him.  More followed.

As I got older it seems I developed a love-hate relationship with dentists.  Though, still not crazy about the drilling sound, I never missed taking care of my teeth and their hygiene.  As Arvid is fond of saying, "the amount I have invested in my mouth is enough to cover a down payment for a home."

I continue to go to dentists and as of the last year or so my experiences were getting better and better.  Things were going so smoothly.  Yes, I was spending thousands of dollars, but the fear was disappearing until early this year.
We moved.  I found a dental office closer to home and the nightmares have begun all over.  From a routine visit, I was recommended to have some crowns.  Costly, but what the heck I did them.  Instead of feeling good, I have been back to the office almost every week except for the time we were in Chicago.

A week after the crowns, I was in so much pain.  Diagnosis = Root Canal.  Was not happy but what the heck, no one wants to live in pain so did it.  They had to do the root canal over the crown.  From that point on I have never been completely pain free.

The dentist recommended a night guard.  Got it right away.  Never used it because the darn thing is way too tight.   Tried to tell this to them but everyone says that's how it should be.  Yesterday I told them to either fix it or refund me my money because what's the point of having something you can't use?

Since back from Chicago, started having problems again with the same crowns.  Now it was the second one they did earlier in the year.  The pain is excruciating.  I go to the dentist.  After telling me that no one can do anything because my dentist is not in until Monday, I put up a big fuss.  I asked if they expected me to just walk away and live in pain until Monday?  I'm thinking they would have liked to say yes!
 Trust me dental pain is the worst.

Anyway another dentist takes a look at my teeth.  Right away he saw the problem.  At least an  immediate problem.  Seems that when the crown was put on the bite was not even.  This I did tell my dentist several times and I did go back to the office almost 2X a week to fix the problem.  I guess it was still not done properly.  By that time we had to leave for Chicago.

Well yesterday I was told that my teeth are traumatized because of this uneven bite.  Seems like every time I chewed I was just making it worse by the minute.  Good news, will be needing another root canal soon.  Most likely next week.  Oh yeah, now I remember why I did not like dentists. 
Don't get me wrong, my dentist is very nice.  I actually like the man.  The root canal specialist on the other hand...hmmmm.  Not sure about him.  Too rough for me.  In the meantime, my bite was adjusted.  This brought some relief.  

The weekend is beautiful, but when you are in pain it is not fun.
Well everyone, have a good one and hope you never have to go through dental issues, and yes I will continue on my quest for that perfect dentist...

Some tortures are physical
And some are mental,
But the one that is both
Is dental...