Nov 10, 2012

Wedding In NY..

Once in a while, Right in the middle of an ordinary life, Love gives us a 
fairy tale...
My cousin has already been married for a few years, but has never really had an "official" wedding ceremony and has decided that they would like to have one now with all the relatives.  I am ecstatic because this means I get the opportunity to see all my relatives, and I'm talking lots of aunts, cousins, cousins of cousins, cousins get the picture.

The "party" itself is a three day event.  Starting on a Friday with everyone gathering at my aunts' home.  Mother of the groom.  This will be just a "small" gathering of maybe 30 to 50 people.  Mainly close relatives.  Of course there will be lots to eat, drink and who knows what else to follow.  Definitely, a GOOD time is store!
On the girls side there will also be another gathering with her close relatives.  Probably 50 plus people.  Also with food and drinks.  Everyone will have a merry time and for all you know this will go on until the wee hours of the next day.

Today, Saturday is the Indian wedding.  Like everything Indian this will be a huge celebration followed with food and festivities. For those who have never experienced an Indian Ceremony, this is one awesome tradition.  Granted it sometimes can take too long.  This part I do not care for, but what I do love are the colors of the outfits.  Nowhere have I seen such display of colors.  One of the most beautiful sights.  Just a little sample below.  If you are more curious check the link below and feast your eyes on something beautiful.

Sunday we have the Christian ceremony.  Very traditional and also a pretty occasion.  This is followed by a reception in a hall.   I am looking forward to all three celebrations and for a chance to dress up.

Going to New York City is always a fun time.  I love New York.  It was once home to me and as cities go this city is a must see!

As usual looking forward to having a very good time.

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person....