Feb 11, 2016


She taught me that life goes on, and that I had a choice. 
To lament what I no longer had or be grateful for what remained...

It seems like the longest cold spell we have had in like FOREVER.  Once again we wake
 up to temperatures in the 40's (7 Celsius this morning).  For many cold countries, and the 
colder States this is probably a warm day, but for us here in South Florida this is COLD!!

Looking forward to having company over today.  Nothing big just a lite lunch.
Liliana was here the other day and as always left with a LOT of food.  Makes me happy 
when I cook and I always cook more than necessary.  Guess I won't change, and what
 Liliana did for Brutus I can never repay.  She was like his second mama.

The next few days are going to be cold, but the good thing is that it will warm up.
Shadow is growing fast.  Yesterday morning he actually came to the bed at 7am, and
 stayed with Arvid and I for about 10 minutes before he took off.  It's a start.

The other day Arvid came to find me and looking very sad he said, "I really miss Brutus."
We both looked at each other and we held each other.  My eyes have been swollen, puffy,
 and with dark circles since Brutus died.  Creams don't help if one keeps crying every day.

One day things will get better.  Maybe the tears will be less and less.  Maybe the heartache
will also be less.  As the days go by I find that I go longer periods being OK, but when 
night comes I am not sure what happens.  I play with Shadow.  I try to hold Shadow,
 but as soon as I go to bed the one I miss and the one I think about is Brutus.  Both Arvid
 and I know that we have to try harder with Shadow.  We both need to love him.

Thursday everyone.  Almost time for the weekend.  Sunday is Valentines day.
Not a big thing here for Arvid and I.  Even so Arvid and I will sure do something special.

To all a Happy Thursday.  Stay warm and stay safe.

In three words I can sum up everything I learned about life:  "it goes on"