Feb 2, 2016


Sometimes we don't need explanations.   It is what it is...

When I buy groceries I now have a separate list also for Shadow.  Unlike Brutus, 
he eats people food.  So yesterday as I did some of the shopping I got him his boneless 
chicken breasts, organic carrots and yes, he still gets some canned foods.

Brutus did not eat people food, only exception was his Norwegian shrimp.  
That he loved.   He also liked his fruit and his dry food.  How I miss my Brutus.

Shadow is a hurricane in a storm.  Never in one place for long and always tracking us.
He plays and plays and we both have fun together.  Then suddenly he collapses and snoozes off.

Warm weather is here and it seems like it will stay.  Happy for that we are.  
Today it is mainly a working at home kind of day for me.  

Shadow follows me everywhere.  How strange, because Brutus who I adored and still
do followed Arvid around like a puppy dog.  Brutus was Arvid's shadow.  Now Shadow
 has become my shadow.  Do you think he senses that I am heartbroken?

To everyone a good day.  Time for a coffee break and then time to make lunch.
Today is called for lasagna for Arvid and Alaskan Snow crab for me.  Everyday I 
make 2 different meals.  It has been this way for over 15 years now.  

A great relationship isn't when a perfect couple come together,
but when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences...