May 26, 2016

Always A Good Day To Be Grateful....

Wishful thinking is one thing, and reality another.
I carry your heart.  I carry it in my heart...

I have been extremely LAZY with my workout lately.  I am in a funk of a mood quite often,
 and instead of jumping on the treadmill and burning calories and some of the anger inside
 of me I just seem to occupy myself with other things.  Yes, I have the time to workout.

  I was at one time so consistent, but everything went to hell it seems.  Yesterday for a 
change I was being "good" and I did my workout.  Not even sure it made me feel any better,
 but at least I was less guilty.  My saving grace it that every other day Arvid, and I go 
for a little walk.  Some exercise is better than none.  Then I am a little less guilty.

Every morning I also enjoy watching the boats pass by as the bridge goes up.

Yesterday I was just looking out of the balcony when the bridge was going up.  I had my camera 
with me so of course I was able to capture all the action.  Picture taking makes me happy.

I have been a little stressed the last few days.  More than my usual stress.  I met with Liliana
 for lunch the other day.  It went "OK" but you can tell there was a little tension between us.

 It is very hard for me to forget right now, but she is my friend, and I know we both
need each other if we want to move on.  I know I need her in order to overcome
this grief over Shadow that does not seem to go away.  I  am trying so hard.

The days are getting warmer, more like hotter and hotter.  High humidity.  Arvid is
so ready to leave, and me well not so sure how I feel right now.  I know I love Chicago.

Positive thought for the new day that awaits us all.  I always say that there is ALWAYS
 something to be grateful for.  Yesterday we had proof of this again.  Our family
is grateful for everything even more so after what could have happened yesterday.
 Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Can never say it enough.  NEVER!

We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.
What are you grateful for today?  I know what I am grateful for..