Apr 10, 2020

Friday April 10th ~

First time in history we can save the human 
race by lying in front of the TV and doing
 nothing.  Let's not screw this up...

Since most of our mornings are spent on the balcony, 
I am always ready with my camera to take pictures.  Of 
anything and everything.  Both Arvid and I are getting a little 
tired of this situation.  Just like the rest of the world.  It's been 
long enough now.  Time to go back to "normal" again.

Our newest interest is a young couple and their tiny 
kitten.  The couple goes out and sits on the grass,play some
 games, take pictures of their kitty.  Kitty has a ball running
 around and tumbling all over the blanket.  Kitty is loved.

The days are getting longer.  We fill our time with TV, 
but even that is starting to take it's toll on me.  I read a lot,
 we listen to music and we go for long walks.  Weather is
 beautiful, but already getting very hot.  Yesterday hit the 90's.  
Too hot to walk in the afternoon so we did it in the morning.  

I am awake early again.  Sniff was brushed and is
 back in bed. The day will be long, but hopefully today 
not as long a yesterday. Looking so much to the day 
when life will once again take on it's "usual" path.

The above is me during my NYC EMS days.  Some 
of the best times in my life was spent on the streets
 of New York City.  I never lacked for excitement.

Friday is here.  What do you plan to do today?
What a year this week has been. Keep calm and carry on.

Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to
 be understood.  Now is the time to understand 
more, so that we may fear less...