Apr 29, 2020

Wednesday April 29th ~

As you wait for better days, don't forget to 
enjoy today, in case they've already started...

Yesterday I took Sniff to the vet.  A very different.
experience from what it used to be. We got to the parking lot.
Called the office.  Waited for someone to call and take a
 little history.  In a few minutes, a technician came
to the car and whisked Sniff away.

The vet said Sniff looks great, but she needed to talk
 to me about his weight.  She said the last time he was there,
this was December 2019, his weight was 14.02 pounds.
 Yesterday he was 14.08, and that was not good.

All I said was "this is not an exaggerated weight
gain from December."  Seems like the vet thinks it is.
 Said we have to start counting Sniffs calories.

All of this over the phone because now no one
 is allowed to go into the building.  They came
for Sniff and they brought him back to me.

They took some blood from Sniff to check his
kidneys and liver.  When the vet called me as I was
waiting in the car, all I said was, "please be gentle
with him."  I couldn't be there with him 😢.

All in all Sniff was given a clear bill of health.
 Blood work pending.  He was also given an
 appetite stimulant, because he has not
been eating as he normally did 😢

The stimulant is a gel and I rub a drop on his ear.
  Within an hour, Sniff was begging for food.
 He has a schedule, but he wants more.  Breaks my
 💔, but I need to be strong and not give in.

After his "ordeal" at the vet, Sniff got a lot of
 extra love and attention.  As you can see in the above
picture, he is resting in his favorite spot.  Between
Arvid's legs is where Sniff is most happy.

One more day closer to the end of this lockdown
we are living in.  One more day closer to better days
 ahead.  Good morning everyone.  Let's make
today and everyday a memorable one.

Wednesday already.  Here's to better days.  When you
 feel out of sorts, remaining positive is easier said than 
done. Although everyone is not up to making lemonade 
when life delivers lemons, it’s important to remember that
 the setback is temporary. Realize sunny skies are ahead.

If you were a quitter you would have given up on 
life a long time ago. The fact that you're still here 
proves that you're a fighter with hopes of better days...