Sep 25, 2020

Friday ~ September 26th

 The art of being happy is to be satisfied with what you have...

Friday and the day is looking beautiful.  I woke up to a
 little drizzle.  Didn't stop me from having a good walk 
nor enjoying the morning sunshine and quietness.

From Monday to Thursday we usually have the building 
all to ourselves, come Thursday the owners start to come in. 
 This is just their weekend home so on Sunday they all leave again. 
 Usually there are no cars in our parking lot.  This morning 
we had a few more.  today will have some more.

Yesterday we changed cars.  The rental we had 
was too big.  We no longer needed a little minivan.  
Now we have a cute little car.  Like it very much.

We are all enjoying our time in Puerto Rico.  It's Friday
 and looking forward to going to our new Friday spot again.  
Those pina coladas are calling, and I am listening 🍹

No post is complete without a picture of my Sniff.
He makes me happy and because he's here with us, life is better.

You can't reach for anything new
 if your hand is still full of yesterdays...