Sep 30, 2020

Wednesday September 30th ~

 The most beautiful way to start and 
end the day is with a grateful heart...

The last  couple of days we have had some extreme
๐Ÿ˜’ weather. Howling wind, crazy thunder and lightning 
accompanied by heavy rain. Sniff of course is terrified. 
Sounds he’s not used to are now in play. He's scared.

There were hardly any boats in the water, of course, 
you will always see some one, but nothing like it usually is.
Even the be careful pirate flag is out, warning people.

For morning walks it’s nice and breezy and so far I
 have been lucky to not have the rain when walking.
Even luckier is I see the sunrises.  My favorite part 
of the day.  Well one of.  I also love sunsets.

I still can’t stop smiling because of Loffen, Victoria
 and Michael’s cat. They say hope is the last thing we lose,
 and they never lost hope that Loffen would walk
 right back in. To where he belongs.

 Loffen of course has been calling the shots since 
coming back home. And yes, they love it and can’t do 
enough for him. Soon Loffen will be given a GPS tracker. 
If any kitty needs it it’s him. Now he can’t get “lost” again.

We had a relaxing day yesterday. Lunch with my 
sister and Kimsy. I love PR even more because they
 live here and we get to see them once in a while.

Even though it’s windy, the days are beautiful and
 the skies are blue. Always the prettiest blue skies.
We are enjoying our time in Puerto Rico because I 
never know when it will suddenly come to an end.

Right now we do not miss being in Florida.
 We are very comfortable right where we are. 
The only one still not 100% happy is Sniff ๐Ÿ˜ฉ.

Another crazy weather day here.  Wind is still
 howling,  it makes the ocean look very mysterious
and dangerous. I like it, but not so much Sniff.

A good day to all.  Island life is good to us.

I am blessed with everything I need.  I am working 
hard towards everything I want, but most of all I
appreciate and am thankful for all I have...