Jul 2, 2024

July 2nd ~

 An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day...

And so begins another beautiful morning here at home, but
 don't be deceived there are also thunderstorms on the way, more 
rain and lightning.  Just a typical summer day in Florida.

Once again I was awake very early.  Truth is,
 I love mornings.  Whereas I am a morning person, 
Arvid is a night owl.  Somehow we make it work😂

The weather is being crazy and Sniff is in constant fear of 
the thunder, but for some reason he does not bolt away.  
He seeks refuge with Arvid.  It's really special to see.

Good morning, world!  Let the beauty of what you love be 
what you do.  I will never get tired of these mornings, but at 
the same time looking forward to a little change of scenery.

 When a new day begins, dare to smile gratefully...