Dec 9, 2010

Fur House:)

 We're getting close. We're almost there.....
master bed rm.

2nd bed room

Finally it seems that our Fur House is ready to go.  I have accumulated lots of pictures and have made them ready for Arvid to send out in an email blast to all our friends and family.  Hopefully in the next day or so....
swap shop close by

not far:)

For those who are new to Fur House let me say that this is a rental property we have and it will be available for seasonal and or long term rental as of the new year.  We are very excited about this and hope to attract many into our cute and cozy house.  I will say that we have done an amazing transformation of what it used to be:)

Close to tons of shopping, including malls, restaurants, Hard Rock Casino, I-95, The Turnpike and more this makes it a very ideal location to be in "your" own home while on vacation.  Not far from the beach and downtown Fort Lauderdale. 

 When you are there you do not even have to have make-up on.  It is a very relaxed environment, everyone is dressed casually so no need to be always "dressed" up while at Fur can just relax and forget about everything else.

50" plasma TV
 Looking forward to our newest venture in the rental market:).   Fur House is a 2 bedroom one bath house.  Fully furnished,  has a  50 inch plasma TV, cable and wireless Internet:) everything you need and at a price that can't be beat...

We are already expecting of first arrival at the Fur parents.  They will be here until early February hopefully:) then we have Arvid's family:)... and tentatively we have the last week of March and all of April 4 Norwegian girls if things work out:)  Keeping our fingers crossed.

This is very exciting and I am really pleased to be involved in something new the interaction with people.   Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect.  It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections.

Talking about being one is happier than Brutus.  he is having the time of his life just take a look.  When it's cold he gets covered with his dada's favorite T-Shirt...that's what you call a spoilt little scamper:) but we love spoiling him.  He is after all our baby:)

The purpose of our lives is to be happy....

my hand is cold:)
and right now trying to stay warm:)