Dec 20, 2010

Life Is Good:)

The living moment is everything...

our sunset
Our time in Eleuthera is soon coming to an end.  We have had a much needed vacation, rest and are now totally relaxed ready to face the craziness of life in Florida:)  Don't get me wrong we enjoy both lifestyles...when in Florida we are constantly on the go...hardly stopping to take a breath.

loves it here also:)

totally relaxed:)
 When in Eleuthera we relax, go for walks, enjoy sitting on the deck watching the sunsets, reading a book or just gazing into the blue skies and let our senses take over.

Arvid LOVES being here.  It is as if when he's here everything is better and he has no worries.  He loves the fact (more than me) that he does not have to get phone calls nor does he want to make phone calls.  We enjoy just walking the beach and together we just collect shells and do absolutely...NOTHING:)  The only other place we are this relaxed is in Chicago:)

happy here:)
This trip we did not bring Brutus because we needed official papers for him which Arvid went and got in Nassau.  As of next time he will be coming with us and we plan to spend much more time in his beautiful island....something like 2 weeks in Florida 2 weeks in Eleuthera....

Our next visits are actually already planned.  January we have a customer coming to look at the island.  He has some lots up North and hopes to one day be able to also come more to the island:)  January - February already booked for Eleuthera:)

good food always:)
March we also have another batch coming so we will also be here with them for 2 weeks with Brutus of course....

Life is good we have the perfect balance.  When things get hectic in Florida we come to Eleuthera..when we have relaxed and de-stressed we head back to Florida:)  Enjoy life everyone for we never know what tomorrow holds:)

Why live for tomorrow and not be enjoying today.......Live with no excuses and love with no regrets

until next time....
Happy Holidays:)