Feb 11, 2011

Valentine's Day Fashion Tips:)

 You know when you have found your prince because you not only have a smile on your face but in your heart as well.....

Everyone looks forward to Valentines day even if you are or aren't in love it gives us hope that something special can happen on this so called most romantic day of the year..... so with that in mind here a few tips I read about that will help to make it even more special for you....there will be people who say, love is not based on external looks but the truth is that if one comes specially dressed for you and wears your favourite colour, it adds on to the mood of the day. Thus, fashion is the need of the hour, as cupid is just round the corner.

1. A Cute Dress – This day is a the day you spend together and are in complete ease, away from the hustle and the tensions of life. Thus, flashy fashion is not for Valentines Day's. Be yourself, wear some thing cute. A T and a skirt, a frock, a pair of jeans with a cute top etc. Look feminine with your cute dress and relive the admiration of the first day once again.

2.  Accessories – Simple and sleek jewelery will suit your cute dress the best. A bracelet which rests elegantly on your wrist and a chain which lays beautifully around your neck, adds on to your delicate beauty. Jewelery brands have loads to offer this season. Accessories both for hair and matching your dress is now available.

3.  Footwear – Footwear fashion tip for Valentine's Day is to follow the high heels trend. Heels make you look elegant and also matches your cute dress. Footwear's are also going retro this season. Polka dots, strips, bright colours include in the fashion tip for Valentine's Day.

4.  Hit The Beach – The best place to be on this day is on a romantic beach. Wear hot pants, with a tuck in shirt, shades and red jewelery. Look stylish, sexy and cool on the beach with your guy holding your hand beside you.

5.  Light Make-up – The last but not the least fashion tip is to be yourself. Flaunt your natural beauty and preserve it from all the heat and sun, with a light makeup. Keep your make up to the minimum. As for lip colour, stick on to a light colour lip gloss. The lip colours in trend are peach, pink etc. Nude Make-up is the fashion tip this Valentine's Day.  Go easy on that eye makeup. 

Follow these tips and and get ready for the most romantic day of the year...  For my valentine's for life ( Arvid) I say to you:

Grow old with me!  The best is yet to be......