Aug 1, 2012

Day Out...

If years from now I see you somewhere, I will look at you and smile. I will remember all the good times we had together....

Being with my parents, my sister and family is something we are enjoying very much.  My niece and nephew are just too much fun to be around.  My nephew Sachin, who is just 10 years old is a small boy wonder.  He has facts for any and everything.  He and Arvid have found a good rhythm.

Right now Arvid is into stamps and it seems that in Sachin he has found a very good student.  Arvid is teaching him how to categorize stamps and how to look for the values.  Sachin seems to be enjoying this a lot and often has some good inputs.  Both are happy and busy for a long time.

around the neighborhood
We are also having fun with my parents' golf cart.  Both Reshma and Sachin want to drive us around.  We of course do not mind.  This morning we drove around the neighborhood and on the way spotted deers and many family of rabbits.  Lots of fun and maybe we will do it later again and head out towards the pool area.

Some of the best times have been watching Arvid and Sachin interact.  From a little boy living in Florida, Sachin loved his uncle Arvid and the feeling is reciprocated.  Now being able to spend some quality time again with both Sachin and Reshma the bond is still there.  Sachin is a boy and like all boys he loves his guns and rough games.  Arvid seems to also be having a blast.  Maybe it takes him back to childhood, the guns and all:)

Arvid and I are having a great time.  Yesterday we also went to the mall with my sister and kids.  Then it was to the Pet Smart for Brutus.  The evening was more Olympic games.  Lots of relaxation and fun and laughter. Sachin really loves his uncle Arvid...hmmmm should I be worried?

The few hours we spent with all you are worth the thousand of hours we spend without you... 
Hope your day is a good one.