Aug 27, 2012

Online Shopping...

There's nothing better than online shopping in your PJ's with a glass of wine with the kids asleep!

For me nothing beats going to the mall, browsing around and just checking out all the new collections that have come into the stores, but now with many of us having very busy schedules going to the mall is sometimes a luxury we cannot afford.

My sisters all have children and with the hectic schedules they have, this is definitely something that does not fit into their lives, so like many they resort to online shopping.  As one of my sister loves to say, "it is absolutely the best.  No lines, no hassles just you and your computer and a few clicks and you have what you need."

In many ways this is absolutely true.  I have a few favorite sites that I shop from and I would recommend them to all of you.  The most hassle free sites I have come across are:

Victoria Secret           

Macy's          Home Depot

There are of course many more, but I can vouch for these.  With Amazon, you order today and in less than 3 days you have your items at your doorstep.  You may even qualify for free shipping in some cases.  Just a few days ago I ordered a few covers for my IPhone and I am already getting them in.  I'm happy

With Victoria's Secret I find it easy because I already know what style and size I am looking for and if I always do the same then it makes shopping so very easy.  Also sometimes the online store has much more of a selection than the mall store.

Zappos is a favorite because they offer free shipping and if for some reason you need to return they send you everything you will need to make the transaction easy.  Quite a few of my handbags are from Zappos.  They have a variety I cannot find in the stores.

I am a fan of Macy's.  I know what I want and I know my size, style and brand.  Makes it easy to just do a few clicks and get everything delivered.  Just the other day we ordered  something for our home and in a matter of a few days, it was on our doorstep.  Right now there is a sale going on and I do not have the time to get there so tonight when all is quiet, I will go online buy me something, courtesy of Arvid.  He does not know this as yet.

Home Depot has just about everything you need and not all is in the stores so online is the way to go.

With all this talking about online shopping I think I need to get off and go do some shopping....

I'm happy
Have a great day everyone!

I like my money right where I can see it - hanging in my closet...
I don't shop because I need something, I just shop for shopping's sake...