Dec 30, 2012

They're Gone...

 Even though we are distance apart I still think of you, and feel you and your smile...

It seems like it was just yesterday my sister and Kimsy arrived for their Florida trip. Today together with J, my nephew they left and it feels very lonely without them even though they were not staying with us.

We saw them everyday and we took them around.  It was fun.  Arvid and I were their private chauffeurs and I loved it and I have to say he also had quite a good time with them.

J is 20 years old.  He is tall and he is a man on his own studying in Boston and zipping around the globe at any given time.  A three day trip to Europe is not unheard of just so he and his dad can drive cars like crazy in the autobahn.  Yet at heart he is that little boy I remember.

Kimsy and I
Yesterday, as we were with them for the last few hours, Arvid was quite amazed when he heard J say to my mom, "grandma you forgot to give me love this morning."

This meant that my mom would rub his back as he lay faced down on the bed.  From the time J was a baby his mom and dad "gave him love"  So did his grandma and grandpa.  My parents.  At 20 years of age J is still that boy who wants his love.

Arvid found this very tender and very touching.  For me it was J.
I loved every moment spent with them.
On Saturday we all did the mall thing.  It was so nice to just walk around and just have lunch together, do some shopping, have coffee and just bond.  I took Kimsy to Victoria's Secret.  Had to introduce her to the wonders of their bras and to get her a few.  I know that from now on she would always go back to them.

I love treating my nieces and nephews to little things.  It makes me happy, happy.
As Arvid and I dropped them off at the airport, I was sad to see them go. The hugs lasted quite a while for both Arvid and I.  I LOVE the fact that my nieces and nephews hug Arvid as hard as they hug me.

I come from a warm and loving family and I am glad that Arvid is always experiencing their warmth as well.

They're gone and I miss them.  I feel a little sadness inside of me.  I know we all have our own lives.  I will get over it.  Arvid comforts me like he always does.  Then he says what he always says, "it will be good to be just the two of us and Brutus again."  Does not matter whose family it is...Arvid is Arvid and for him the best is the three of us together.

In the heart misses Kimsy, J and my sister.

The best thing about having a sister was that I always had a friend...