Apr 19, 2013

Men and Cars....

I know a lot about cars, man.
 I can look at any car's headlights 
and tell you exactly which way it's coming...

The thing about Arvid is that he can't resist cars nor boats.  Why is that I just don't know,
because as soon as he has them he wants to get raid of them.  Why is that?
Something that always has me intrigued.  His latest:

This beautiful Monte Carlo is looking for a new home.  I am really quite taken by it and would love to drive it around and use it for a bit, unfortunately I don't think this will happen.

The Corvette is also in need of a good home, but for now hopefully we can play around with it a bit.
No matter where we go Arvid is always on the lookout for a classic car.  Many of his friend in Norway also love the same kind of car so in a way we always have a job to look for cars for them.  Makes every outing a potential business deal also.  Could not be better than that.  Having fun and making some money at the same time.  

Wishing you all a good start of the weekend.

Make today ridiculously amazing...
Make each day of the week like Friday 
and your life will take on new enthusiasm...