Apr 7, 2013


A beautiful day is awaiting for you.
Walk with aims.  Run with confidence.
Fly with your Achievement.  So get up, and make this a lovely day...

Good morning to all and hope you have a great Sunday.

All good here.  Arvid on the phone catching up with family.  Always a good thing.
As usual, being Sunday breakfast is a little later.  
The day is cloudy, but hopefully will clear up soon.

Looking forward to maybe some music later on, if it does not rain (so far does not look so good), and a lunch with friends. We have a new place close to us and we have already been there a few times, so looking forward to it again:)
Sundays are always good days.  It's one of the few days there is not much running around.  Since getting back from Mexico, it seems we have been on the move.
I don't know what it is, but seems every time we go on a little vacation things happen.
Have been telling Arvid we have to go away more so that when we come back we can be really busy.  We love it both ways.  The hectic way and the relaxing way...

Brutus is all ready for his Sunday.  After sniffing the flowers my sister sent he developed an allergy.  You see my sisters' flowers keep coming everyday.  Seems like the people got the wrong order, so lucky me I get a fresh bunch of flowers until the "right" ones show up.  In the meantime I love them all as does Brutus.

Yep, going to be a good day. Hope yours is also.

Each day I am thankful for; nights that turned into morning,
 friends that turned into family, 
dreams that turned into reality and likes that turned into love...