Jun 1, 2013

New Day...

Sometimes when life gives you a hundred reasons to cry,
show life you have a thousand reasons to smile....

It's the start of a somewhat dark, gloomy and wet looking day, but even so Arvid and I have lots to do today so for us it's just a regular working day combined with some fun and some sightseeing.  Yep looking forward to experimenting some more with my photography skills.

Soon we will be heading out to Chicago, so lots of loose ends to tie up.  No matter what, I am excited to be going to Chicago as is Arvid.  As he says, we have no clue how long we will be gone this time.

I wake up early every morning with Brutus, and as of recently I have been wrapping his bad paw with a damp warm cloth.  Somehow he seems to know we are trying to make him better.  He lays and just lets me wrap him in the warmth of the cloth without protests.  We feel at a loss because we really have no idea WHY he is not healing.

Anything for Brutus

Arvid should not be on his knees but something about Brutus brings him to his knees daily.
 Makes me smile always and for a little we forget that Brutus is not well
we just see a happy kitty and a happy mama and dada.

Sometimes you just have to smile,
pretend everything is OK,
hold back the tears and just keep moving forward...