Jun 17, 2013

Style Mistakes That Age You...

Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself inside and out...

Just read this and thought it was pretty informing so I thought of sharing with all of you.

Changing up your look through fashion and beauty choices is fun, but there are some mistakes we all make that actually cause us to look OLDER we are. Uh-oh, no one wants that!  Here are some tips from The Thread, host Rachel Perry that will shave years off.

Dark lipstick - Deep shades make any surface look smaller, and that includes lips. Opt for a brighter color and/or a hint of gloss--it will make your pucker seem fuller and more youthful.

Too-sleek hairstyles - This can make your face look drawn and emphasize every pore, wrinkle, and imperfection. Try a more textured, looser option--a loosely pulled-back 'do takes five years off your face! Also, keep in mind that helmet-headed updos can be disastrously aging. Stay away from too-voluminous bouffants.

Over-concealing dark circles - We're all guilty of this one, guys. We want to hide those bags and under eye circles, and sometimes we get carried away. Take it down a notch with a light concealer, applied with a brush only to the dark spots--not the WHOLE under eye.

Cakey foundation - Heavy foundation sticks to and emphasizes wrinkles. Who wants that? Choose a tinted moisturizer instead. Once applied, take a damp sponge to noticeably wrinkled areas. It will remove any excess foundation!

Lower lash mascara - This packs a double aging whammy by bringing attention to crows feet and making eyes appear smaller and more tired. Instead, curl only your top lashes and apply the blackest mascara you can find--it will bring out the whites of your eyes while making them look bigger.

Short necklaces - Chokers are a bad move as they bring attention to your neck--an area that begins to show aging early on. Bring the focus down with a long necklace which will elongate both your neck and your figure for an all-around slimming effect!

All I can say is, do what feels comfortable.  Not because an "expert" tells you this is right or wrong means you have to listen.  Using a little commons sense and some good judgement is sometimes all we need.  Wishing you a good day and why not "play" around a bit as I did with some makeup and judge for yourself and see what works for you! 
Remember, people will stare, make it worth their while.

Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.
Beauty is a self confidence directly applied to the face...