Jun 20, 2013

Being Arvid...

Apparently we love our own cell phones but we hate everyone else's...

Earlier in the week I went to AT&T and the Apple Store to get a few accessories for my phone and other gadgets.  I love gadgets and for me it is always a fun time.  I love to check out the new products and to see what kind of upgrades I am entitled to.  Fun! 

This day was no exception.  I got what I needed and some stuff I did not.  As I was waiting around another salesperson came and asked me if I needed anything.  I looked at him and said, "what can you give me for free"?  I mean almost every time I go to the store there is some sort of promotion and I always end up with a free something.  Unfortunately, not this time.

Not wanting to leave I continue to browse around.  Now I am asking about upgrades for Arvid.  Anyone who knows him knows he has one of the oldest models of a phone.  Truth is, he is very happy with it and anytime the subject of changing his comes along he just says, "why?  I like my phone and unlike your phone, I can actually make a call on mine".  Arvid claims my IPhone is good not nothing.

I got some pretty good deals on phones for Arvid, unfortunately he specifically told me NOT TO BUY him any!!  said he did not want nor need a new phone that his worked just fine.  Left the store, but in the back of my head I was already wondering how to get Arvid to upgrade.  I knew it would not be a Smart Phone.  He refuses to even think about it.

Once home I showed him my purchases. Was not really that interested anyway.  I brought up the subject of a new phone.  Nope!  Not for him he said.  Yesterday, I brought it up again and told him that he could actually have his same phone, but a newer version.  His "old" phone is 6 years old.
He said that as long as he does not have text, email or any of that "nonsense" he would consider it. 
After a lot of convincing we went to the store.  One would think he was being forced into something very unpleasant by the way he was reacting to having a new phone.

Long story short, we got the "new" phone but as we left he continued grumbling saying he does not know why he did it because his phone worked just well.
See Arvid hardly turns on his cell phone.  Arvid hates when he receives a text.
He never reads it, deletes it and get annoyed at whomever sent it.

He says all he needs a phone for it to make calls and nothing else.
Arvid is Arvid.  Definitely does not embrace change.
As I said to him many a times rmember
life is trying things, new things
and seeing if they work..

Change is never easy
you fight to hold on
you fight to let go...