Aug 6, 2013

Last Night...

How lucky we are to have something 
that makes saying goodbye so hard... 

Our last day is here.  Tomorrow we leave for Florida.
The furniture is all gone and the apartment is EMPTY!.

No more bed.  Arvid's to sleep on Danielle's blowup bed.
We saved this for her hoping she would make it this summer, unfortunately
she could not come.  Really missed her.

In all of this packing mess, Brutus has never been
ignored nor neglected.  As Arvid said, "Brutus is irreplaceable and
no money in the world can make up for him"  Yes, Brutus is always
well cared for.  Right now he is sleeping.

Today we gave away his condo and he was not very happy.
As a last treat we will go to the park and have a last toast for
all the good times we have had here in Chicago, and for all
the good times we hope to continue to have when we visit!

Thank you for the good times,
the days filled with pleasure,
and for the fond memories we will cherish forever...