Aug 15, 2013

I Breathe, but I Can't Catch My Breath....

There is no greater legacy to leave, than a beating heart
 that would not have had a chance, had it not been for you...

Last night I had some time to just sit down and have some me time.  I decided to check out 
Facebook and catch up with friends.  I love seeing posts by Schoep and John 
and was wondering how come I have not seen much of them lately.

Then as I looked further this is what I saw/read.
"I breathe, but I can't catch my breath" 
Suddenly, I knew.  Without knowing why I was just crying and crying.
At that moment I felt all the heartache John, Schoep's dad was going through.

Long time ago the picture that captured the world also captured me.  I wrote my first blog
about them in September 2012 Schoep and John from that moment on
I looked forward to "seeing" them on FB.  Like millions around the world
I followed their lives and their adventures. Was always good to hear how 
Schoep was doing, that's why when I read that he had died in July I was in
shock.  Still am and my heart is breaking,  just like that of millions of people who
though they did not know John and Schoep followed their lives and became involved
with Schoeps daily progress.

What is it about these furry animals that capture our hearts and take over our lives?
Once we bring them into our lives it is impossible to ever go back to a life
without them.  When I was a little girl we grew up with dogs.
I remember two of our doggies dying.  I had never seen my dad cry before,
but when his "son" died my dad was heartbroken.  All of us were, but
seeing your dad cry is not an image that will ever leave you.  He loved Rajah,
our doggie as much as he loves us.  As he said five girls and just one son (Rajah).

I have taken the liberty of using the images from John's Facebook page. 
 It you take the time to visit it,   Schoep.and.John you will see how many 
 lives it touched, and how many have taken to heart the death of Schoep. 
Looking at the two of them together I can't even begin to understand half of what 
he must be going through.  I look at our Brutus and I cannot even imagine a 
life without him.  Just thinking about Brutus not being around is more than
I can bear right now.  

Remember all our furry little buddies are here with us for a reason.
They make our lives better, they make our hearts softer and they
make everything around us more bearable.  Take care of them and never forget
to show them love and more love always.

They say that goodbyes are not forever.  Goodbyes are not the end.
They simply mean I'll miss you.  Until we meet again.
You have both touched many lives so don't be sad because you're saying
goodbye.  At least you have the memories that you will forever CHERISH!!!

I think of you everyday, and I still miss you
Heartbreak is life educating us