Mar 18, 2015

American Life...

I thank my lucky stars to be living here today. And I'm proud to be an American 
where at least I know I'm  free.  Where we have choices...

Arvid being from Norway means than many of my friends are also Norwegians.  They visit 
Florida quite often and when I listen to them I realize that many things we take for granted living
 here in the United States are pretty much a big deal for them.  For instance, going to the 
grocery stores here is one huge treat for them.  That I can understand because the 
first time I visited a grocery store in Norway I was very disappointed.  
Compared to the ones we have here in Florida the ones
 in Norway were just nothing to brag about.

Here we have tons of grocery stores.  The isles are paced to the brim. Take for instance
 the Wholefoods store, once you walk into that store you never want to leave.  As one 
of our Norwegian friends has said all the time, "there is so much good food here."

Yes everything here as far as I am concerned is better.  I have not traveled the world, 
but I have been to a few places in Europe, and as far as I am concerned nothing compares
 to being here in the United states.  Every time we go to Norway Arvid is always 
amazed again of how little everything is.  Meaning here we have space. 
 On the roads, in our homes.  Just space to move around.  

That being said, there are beautiful sights to be discovered in Arvids homeland.  
The mountains are amazing.  Something I really like, but Arvid does not.

Here in the US almost every restaurant you go to you will find great food.  Free refills
 for coke and coffee.  Another thing we take for granted, but in Norway there is no 
such thing as a free refill.  One day Arvid and I will have a place once again in Norway.

We will soon be having our second grand daughter.  It is time for me to learn the language 
so I can be able to talk to them.  It is also time to start being more positive about being there.

Every year has been better and better, but I always worry about Brutus and I don't like being
 away from him and from home for so long.  I'm not sure how anyone can be away from
 their pet for so long.  For me it is the most difficult thing to do because 
everyday seems like forever without Brutus.

  It's good to see everyone, but my heart is always home.  This year we get to see Vanessa our
 newest grand daughter and of course ALEAH and everyone else.  That is always
 something we look forward to.  Summer is approaching very fast.

My day started out with a walk on the beach followed by breakfast with Liliana.
It was a perfect morning until I came home and found my computer crashed.  Now I will not
have my laptop for at least 2 weeks.  Luckily Arvid has a spare laptop.  Which I am now using.

Three hours on the beach.  Just Liliana and I while Arvid worked.
  As they say "PRICELESS."

Hope you have all had a good day so far.  I will probably be late posting my blog because
this laptop I am using for starters is very old, very slow and constantly freezes.  All I
 can say I what did we do before technology.  I definitely need my internet
and my gadgets to make for a pleasant day, time and to be happy.

Only in America can someone start with nothing and achieve 
The American Dream.  That's the greatness of this country...