Mar 30, 2015

Monday Morning...

New day.  New week.  New possibilities....

Never thought I would be happy to see the weekend done with.   Sunday was pretty hectic
 for me.  Yes, we had a great time at the Delray Blues Festival, but somehow the rest 
of the day was just rush, rush, rush.  Good thing the evening was quiet and relaxing. 
 Arvid watched his favorite shows and let me tell you there are 
many shows Arvid watches. 

 He actually watches more TV than I ever would.  I spent the evening reading and 
relaxing with Brutus.  Also watched a movie.  Something Arvid not very keen on.
  Good thing is we both had a good time doing what we like.

Everyone asks how I am doing health wise.  I'm good, but the weight is still an issue. 
 Can't seem to get rid of it.  I try and try, but as of now I'm not succeeding in that battle. 
 Give it time the doctor told me.  I'm not that patient of a person,
 but I have to learn to become patient.

My cough is mostly under control with medication, but it seems to be coming back 
every so often.   Yesterday at the Blues Festival I must have eaten the wrong
 kinds of food and drank the wrong drinks.  To much acidity in everything 
so last night I suffered because of it.  My fault I guess.

Very busy week awaits us.  Both Arvid and I have tons to do.  Together and on our own.  
Brutus is a happy kitty these days.  As I have mentioned mo medicines for him for 
another 10 days or so.  Yesterday was a chilly day, but so perfect for an 
outdoors festival.  Back to being warm again.  Yes, a start of a perfect 
day begins.  Don't forget to start each day with a grateful heart.

A brand new week.  Start all over.  Let go of yesterday. 
 Don't worry about tomorrow.  It's called the present because it's a gift.  Live in it....

Happy Monday everyone.