Mar 5, 2015

And So Another Day Begins...

Each new day has to be better than the last...

Our apartment is geared to being comfortable for Brutus.  He has a bed everywhere.
Sheets, towels, pillows are placed in strategic spots just for his comfort.

Not exactly sure how I am feeling today, but I know that as another day approaches another 
chance we are given.  Thursday almost the weekend already.  Arvid and I are looking 
forward to a little weekend of music.  My heart is not really into it, but it will definitely
 be a welcoming distraction.  Arvid really needs it and he says I do as well.

A bright spot for the day is having company over for lunch.  Gives me something
to do and something to keep me distracted.  Today having Michael, Victoria and Liliana.

It is a beautiful day here at home.  Very warm compared to most of the nation.  My 
sisters are snowed in.  Kids are happy of course because no school today.

They say that sometimes when things are falling apart, they may be actually 
be falling into place.  Better be so.  When it rains it pours but soon, the sun shines again.

Sometimes a hug is all you need to make you feel better...