Apr 23, 2015

Arvid's Birthday...

I love you for the man you are, I love you for the things you do, 
I love you for the things you say. But most of all I love you
 because you love me for the woman I am for the things I do
 and for the things I say. 
I love you Arvid Hvidsten...

Most people look forward to their birthday as a special day.
Arvid being Arvid just wishes it will go away.

Getting him something for his birthday is always a difficult task.  First he always claims to not
 want nor need any thing.  I have had a hard time convincing my parents to NOT buy
him anything.  They find it strange.  I have since learnt that the best thing I could
do for him is to take him out to a very nice dinner.  Just the two of us...

This year we actually had an early birthday dinner at our favorite restaurant in Miami.
Both Arvid and I love going to Monty's.  As we said this is our special place.
Went there last Friday and we had as always the most relaxing time.

Today we don't plan on any big celebration, but I do plan to take him out for a drink.
Again no big parties for us.  Just time alone together with our Brutus.  Best of times.

Immature love says: 'I love you because I need you.' 
Mature love says 'I need you because I love you...