Apr 6, 2015

Monday In Vermont...

Time spent with family is worth every second...

Yesterday I woke up to snow in Vermont.  What a pretty sight it was.  Jaxen and I had
the best time ever.  Jaxen loves snow and loves playing catch with the ice.

Was a very fun time with everyone. I made snow balls and threw them to Jaxen
who caught them and ate them all.  Jaxen loves snow, and Jaxen reminds me of my Brutus.

So far I am really enjoying the colder temperatures.  Makes for perfect sleeping and no AC.
The air is clean and the people are super nice and friendly.  Spending time with family is the best.

Soon it will be time to go home, but for now every moment I have with them is special.

Good morning everyone.  Monday morning again.  For me it's another
day to enjoy spending time with the ones I love =  to family.

In a family love is spelled TIME.
Family time is not a matter of convenience.  It's a matter of priority...